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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 8 Summary

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

  • Episode 1 - Aberdeen - Amanda

    This show's culinary competition comes from Aberdeen, and first to host is 37-year old Amanda Westlake.

  • Episode 2 - Aberdeen - Rick

    It's day two in Aberdeen, and the turn of Rick Breckenridge, manager of Aberdeen's premiere gay nightclub. He's determined to wow his guests with his exotic menu.

  • Episode 3 - Aberdeen - Laura

    Care worker Laura Rojales plays host and she's desperate to win so she can go visit her two kids back in the Philippines. In the meantime she brings a taste of her homeland to Scotland.

  • Episode 4 - Aberdeen - Bob

    It's the final day of the competition and time for publican Bob Calder to show his worth. Bob's been happy to criticise everyone else's food this week, confident that his meal is the winner

  • Episode 5 - Luton - Alison

    It's day one in Luton and B&B owner Alison makes dinner for salon owner Luigi, bachelor Martin and the glamorous Noorani, who unfortunately finds a rogue hair in her trifle

  • Episode 6 - Luton - Luigi

    It's the turn of Luigi in Luton, who has asked his guests to bring their swimsuits so he can serve them pudding in his garden hot-tub while they're serenaded by a rat pack-style crooner

  • Episode 7 - Luton - Martin

    It's day three in Luton, where so far Alison and Luigi have struggled to live up to the high standards of ultra picky Noorani. Next in her firing line is Martin.

  • Episode 8 - Luton - Noorani

    Last to host in Luton is 41-year-old Noorani, who offers her guests a game of hunt the pineapple in her massive back garden, with a winning prize of a holiday at her villa in Spain!

  • Episode 9 - Blackburn - Kelly

    First to host in Blackburn is super-competitive Kelly Barlow. She's organised in the kitchen and confident of producing a winning dinner, but her taste in art turns the guests' stomachs.

  • Episode 10 - Blackburn - Steve

    Wine connoisseur Steve hopes to wow his guests with a specially chosen bottle for each course. Will the party atmosphere continue once the booze has dried up?

  • Episode 11 - Blackburn - Michelle

    It's the third dinner in Blackburn and Michelle Brandon's top tip for cooking is: get it out of a packet. Can Michelle really get away with her corner-cutting antics in the kitchen today?

  • Episode 12 - Blackburn - Stephen

    It's the last day in Blackburn and Stephen's in the kitchen. Things start well, but he panics when Michelle fails to be impressed. Can a last-minute charm offensive boost his chances?

  • Episode 13 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Linda Barker

    First up to try and dazzle her guests in this celebrity special with an evening of home-made touches is interior designer Linda Barker who's so keen to impress that she's sewing her own napkins

  • Episode 14 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Lee Ryan

    It's day two of the competition between four famous foodies. Ex-Blue heartthrob Lee Ryan puts his culinary prowess to the test.

  • Episode 15 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Michelle Heaton

    It's day three and today's host is pop princess Michelle Heaton who has never held a formal dinner party before, and is a complete novice when it comes to cooking

  • Episode 16 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Peter Stringfellow

    It's the final day of the competition, and last to host this week is legendary ladies' man and nightclub impresario Peter Stringfellow

  • Episode 17 - Royal Berkshire - Helen

    It's the first day of the culinary contest in Royal Berkshire and the host is energetic fitness instructor Helen Kent. But the conversation round the table gets a little bit fruity.

  • Episode 18 - Royal Berkshire - Tony

    In Royal Berks it's the turn of Tony, who has never hosted a dinner before, and who has a body piercing in a sensitive place that Helen is very keen to see

  • Episode 19 - Royal Berkshire - Fred

    Belgian-born food snob Fred takes his bow in Royal Berks, and starts his day with a visit to celeb chef Anthony Worrell Thompson for tips. But will Fred's steak tartare prove a bit risky?

  • Episode 20 - Royal Berkshire - Sarah

    It's the final night in Royal Berkshire and the guests are expecting big things from Sarah's horse-racing themed menu. Will Sarah overtake the others and gallop off with the prize?

  • Episode 21 - Bournemouth - Claudette

    Outspoken pastry chef Claudette Brady is the first host in Bournemouth. She's so eager to win that she is making two starters and two desserts either side of her main course.

  • Episode 22 - Bournemouth - Sonia

    Sales exec Sonia Peck thinks she has the perfect combination for a dazzling dinner party: good food and a magician called Darrell

  • Episode 23 - Bournemouth - James

    James Dean is out to impress with a seafood supper. His starter and main course are both fish-based, but two of his guests have an intense dislike of fish.

  • Episode 24 - Bournemouth - Clive

    The final host in Bournemouth is eccentric cafe owner Clive Page, who believes the key to a successful dinner party is to make sure he is looking hot

  • Episode 25 - Devon - Karen

    The first host in Devon, supermarket boss Karen, knows how to have a good party but she's not so good in the kitchen. Five pavlovas later, one gets thrown across the room.

  • Episode 26 - Devon - Deborah

    In Devon, pig farmer and lady of the manor Deborah is sourcing most of her ingredients from the grounds of her enormous manor house, including pheasant for the starter and pork for her sausages

  • Episode 27 - Devon - Sarah

    Self-confessed perfectionist Sarah's salmon and mackerel roulade and dessert are immaculately presented, but her compulsive pre-planning backfires when her potato rosti turns brown.

  • Episode 28 - Devon - Darren

    IT consultant Darren has struggled to make himself heard all week and he's not got on with Karen either. He hopes to win all his guests over with a fun-filled Mexican-themed dinner.

  • Episode 29 - Norwich - Zara

    Kick-starting the culinary competition in Norwich is clutter-crazy, car boot sale-fanatic, single-mum Zara Davies, who rates herself as a great cook and host

  • Episode 30 - Norwich - David

    Hairdresser David Knight hopes dinner in his immaculate flat will be a cut above the rest. He wants to create a light and elegant touch, but it doesn't take long for the arguments to begin.

  • Episode 31 - Norwich - Seamus

    Birthday boy and part-time property developer Seamus Farrelly spares no expense as he throws his money at the finest ingredients

  • Episode 32 - Norwich - Wendy

    After three nights of squabbling and tension, Wendy Holdsworth whips up a traditional meal, and the winner of the £1000 prize is revealed

  • Episode 33 - Newcastle - Lee

    Party-loving Lee Eley kicks off the culinary competition in Newcastle with a James Bond-themed evening. He hopes his golden touch will stir his guests as he cooks up some beef Wellington.

  • Episode 34 - Newcastle - Brian

    Conservative Party member Brian Moore is determined to show that you don't need to spend big to serve good food, by dishing up a menu made of ingredients from a low-cost supermarket

  • Episode 35 - Newcastle - Rebecca

    Organic food lover Rebecca Hambley is cooking up a Moroccan menu, but the guests are sniping at each other. Will Rebecca's spicy Moroccan fare add fuel to the fiery atmosphere?

  • Episode 36 - Newcastle - Brenda

    It's the final night of the culinary competition in Newcastle and tough-talking Brenda Mallam is making her bid for top spot with a Spanish paella

  • Episode 37 - East Yorkshire - Wendy

    Episode 37 - East Yorkshire - Wendy

    The competition comes from East Yorkshire, with the first contestant to put their hosting skills to the test being 50-year-old beauty salon boss, Wendy Spencer.

  • Episode 38 - East Yorkshire - Andrew

    Episode 38 - East Yorkshire - Andrew

    It's Ferrari fanatic Andrew Smith's turn to impress his fellow diners with a traditional menu done with a twist. He's cooking a leg of lamb, but unusually he's baking it in hay.

  • Episode 39 - East Yorkshire - Sandra

    Episode 39 - East Yorkshire - Sandra

    The competition continues and 57-year-old market researcher Sandra Brooks, is out to prove that her Tupperware saleswoman background is just the thing to bag her the 1000 pounds prize.

  • Episode 40 - East Yorkshire - John

    Episode 40 - East Yorkshire - John

    It's the last day of the competition in East Yorkshire and farmer's son John Beachell is confident he'll serve the best food, but his guests are more preoccupied with bickering.

  • Episode 41 - Sheffield - Susanne

    Sheffield businesswoman Susanne Bell is determined to serve up a tasty menu in sumptuous surroundings, accompanied by an endless stream of fine wines

  • Episode 42 - Sheffield - Chris

    The second host in Sheffield is artist Chris Crossley who spent the previous evening flirting with Susanne and reckons there's a connection between them, but the feelings are not mutual

  • Episode 43 - Sheffield - Hazel

    Clothes shop owner and glam gran Hazel Glossop has a secret weapon up her sleeve: her home cooking, and particularly her ox-tail belly buster

  • Episode 44 - Sheffield - Ollie

    The final night in Sheffield may be 22-year-old Ollie Baxter's first ever formal dinner party, but he's absolutely convinced he can pull it off, in spite of a mishap with the chilli sauce

  • Episode 45 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Jonathan Ansell

    X-Factor star and tenor Jonathan Ansell reckons the secret to his success will be his chocolate pudding as he throws a dinner party for Lynsey De Paul, Tamara Beckwith and MC Harvey

  • Episode 46 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Lynsey de Paul

    Seventies songstress and vegetarian Lynsey de Paul is convinced that a meat-free menu will win over her guests. But meat-loving MC Harvey is baffled by his first ever encounter with asparagus.

  • Episode 47 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Tamara Beckwith

    Socialite Tamara Beckwith is so cool and calm about entertaining that she has enough time to get her hair done, but when she finally gets round to doing some cooking, her pudding sinks

  • Episode 48 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - MC Harvey

    It's the final night, when the winning celebrity will be decided. Rapper-turned-actor MC Harvey is going back to his Caribbean roots for his meal, which means plenty of seasoning.

  • Episode 49 - Plymouth - Natalie

    The first host in Plymouth is good-life enthusiast Natalie Jaspers, a home-cook extraordinaire who brews her own wine and beer, grows her own veg, and makes everything from scratch

  • Episode 50 - Plymouth - Carla

    Carla Wisdom Grey prides herself on her relaxed approach to cooking. She has selected dishes she's familiar with in the hope she'll stay cool, calm and collected.

  • Episode 51 - Plymouth - David

    Having been picked on during the last two meals, David Martin hopes that as host he'll finally command some respect from his guests, but he knows it will be an uphill battle

  • Episode 52 - Plymouth - Sharon

    Sharon Robbie has boasted throughout the week about her cooking and entertaining skills, so her guests' expectations are exceptionally high. Will she be a winner?

  • Episode 53 - Blackpool - Liam

    It's day one of the competition in Blackpool, and Liam Bird hosts with a traditional British menu of a breakfast-style starter, chicken surprise and a choice of nursery desserts.

  • Episode 54 - Blackpool - Andrea

    It's day two in Blackpool and Liam's cross with Cass for last night, while hotel manager Andrea hopes her plans for a do-it-yourself flambé dessert will give everyone a bit of a lift

  • Episode 55 - Blackpool - Simon

    It's the turn of drag queen Simon Green to cook dinner, and Liam's feeling nervous about what his host will wear. Meanwhile Liam's still giving Cass the cold shoulder.

  • Episode 56 - Blackpool - Cass

    It's the final night and Cass throws a south east Asian dining experience with plenty of spice and even some Bollywood-style dancing!

  • Episode 57 - Newport - Nick

    Rugby-loving drinks rep Nick Payne kicks off the culinary competition in Newport. The self-confessed blagger serves up an ambitious French influenced menu.

  • Episode 58 - Newport - Tony

    Vegan campaigner Tony Wardle wants to convert his carnivore guests to the joys of tofu and show them that vegan food can be just as tasty as meat, but he has his work cut out for him.

  • Episode 59 - Newport - Sam

    Self-confessed fussy eater Sam Mallet serves up a hearty home cooked menu of stuffed peppers, pork fillets and raspberry sorbet with ice cream.

  • Episode 60 - Newport - Jan

    Feisty grandmother Jan Taylor spends a massive ten hours in the kitchen making her menu from scratch, but will all her hard work be enough for her to win the £1,000 prize?

  • Episode 65 - Coventry - James

    Pub landlord James Payley is the first to host the culinary competition in Coventry. In true pub tradition, ambitious James gives his guests a choice of dishes for each course.

  • Episode 66 - Coventry - Vera

    Scientist and writer Vera Phillips Griffiths doesn't get off to a good start when she burns the veg and can't remember if she put sugar or salt in the dessert

  • Episode 67 - Coventry - Jon

    Even though he has a hangover, Jon Bramley is determined to pull out all the stops. Fancying himself as a creative cook, he goes out on a limb, customising recipes.

  • Episode 68 - Coventry - Marie

    Dinner party veteran Marie Hughes Price hopes her wealth of experience will bag her the prize. The preparation goes like clockwork, but not all the diners can keep the food down.

  • Episode 69 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Nancy Sorrell

    Nancy Sorrell's guests are Jimmy Osmond, Nicky Clarke and Caprice, who are introduced to Nancy's secret weapon, a bumbling butler (played by her husband Vic Reeves)

  • Episode 70 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Caprice

    Model-turned-lingerie-designer Caprice hosts this evening's meal and she has a few surprises in store for her guests

  • Episode 71 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Nicky Clarke

    Hairstylist-to-the-stars Nicky Clarke is preparing a whole salt-baked sea bass for his main course, which is bad news for Jimmy Osmond and his delicate constitution

  • Episode 72 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Jimmy Osmond

    Singing legend Jimmy Osmond plans to overwhelm his tired guests with four courses, including some ice-cream from Harrods that has been specially blended for him

  • Episode 73 - Bath - Sarah

    The West Country plays host to the culinary clash, where the first host is Kenyan-born Sarah Hillman. Her menu, which includes zebra and ostrich, could be too exotic for some...

  • Episode 74 - Bath - Simon

    Bachelor Simon Goddard Palmer is so confident of his cooking abilities that he's found time to go on a pheasant shoot, although he's not quite the hot-shot that he thought

  • Episode 75 - Bath - Adrian

    Town crier and publican Adrian loves traditional food, so his menu includes Stilton and celery soup and jam roly poly, washed down with scrumpy cider

  • Episode 76 - Bath - Annie

    Show-jumping fan Annie Todd has some high hurdles to clear, as Simon is looking for revenge. She criticised his food so he's determined to turn the tables as the culinary clash culminates.

  • Episode 77 - Glasgow - Wendy

    The first host in Glasgow is Wendy Ockrim, from Essex. 'I know deep down I am the best,' she says, but has this showy student bitten off more than she can chew?

  • Episode 78 - Glasgow - Jane

    Aspiring comedian Jane Morton isn't worried about losing friends; she's out to win, and after Wendy's impressive trio of desserts, Jane is turning this into a battle of the puddings

  • Episode 79 - Glasgow - Mabel

    Mortgage manager Mabel Wong hopes to woo her guests with authentic Chinese cuisine. Mabel doesn't believe that less is more, and is cooking a mammoth 10-dish menu.

  • Episode 80 - Glasgow - Benito

    Spanish competitive cook and hotel manager Benito Gundin is dressed like James Bond and serving traditional Jewish potato cakes called latkes, which he hopes will win Wendy round

  • Episode 81 - Wolverhampton - Farida

    It's day one of the competition in Wolverhampton and bubbly beautician Farida Khalifa is planing to immerse her guests in authentic Indian culture.

  • Episode 82 - Wolverhampton - Natalie

    It's the turn of half-Spanish host Natalie Middleton to shine and she's serving up a feast of gazpacho soup, paella and crème brulee, washed down with authentic sangria, and plenty of it

  • Episode 83 - Wolverhampton - Lee

    The battle of the sexes rages on in Wolverhampton, as the first of the men sets out to prove himself a better host than the ladies. Cocky salesman Lee Pritchett is confident he'll win.

  • Episode 84 - Wolverhampton - Michael

    Know-all biker, Michael Brett is pulling out all the stops in a bid to impress his fellow diners. He's sure he's got all the ingredients to be a winner, but can his food match his hype?

  • Episode 85 - Oxford - Greg

    The competition comes from Oxfordshire and Greg Miller plans to delight his guests with an exotic South African menu of wildebeest and smoked snoek. Not everyone's cup of tea...

  • Episode 86 - Oxford - Juliet

    Juliet Harbutt, who doesn't suffer fussy eaters gladly, has her work cut out for her as all the diners find something to complain about

  • Episode 87 - Oxford - Adish

    Devout Hindu Adish Vadivale is determined to show her guests that meat- and alcohol-free meals can be delicious. She plans to dazzle her diners with a smorgasbord of 12 different dishes.

  • Episode 88 - Oxford - Tom

    The finale of the competition in Oxfordshire is hosted by banker and semi professional footballer Tom Smith. He's determined to win, but does he have what it takes?

  • Episode 89 - West Yorkshire - Ben

    Interior designer Ben Huckerby hosts the first dinner party in a West Yorkshire castle that he doesn't own. Will his guests be impressed?

  • Episode 90 - West Yorkshire - Linda

    Self-appointed Queen of Caribbean cooking Linda Lennon is convinced her West Indian menu is a winning one. It has a few unusual touches, which may prove to be a gamble.

  • Episode 91 - West Yorkshire - Jon

    Jon upsets Linda before his evening's even started, when she discovers he's also cooking West Indian food. She reckons he's got no chance, but his clam chowder and key lime pie is a hit.

  • Episode 92 - West Yorkshire - Jo

    Trainee science teacher Jo Mills provides a Spanish-themed menu with seven different tapas for her starter, including fried octopus