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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 30 Summary

More competitive cooking and intriguing entertainment as strangers compete to win £1000 - and to be crowned best dinner party host.

  • Episode 1 - Southend - Julie-Ann

    This week's competition is in Southend-on-Sea and first to host is dog-mad executive PA Julie-Ann Rayner. She has high hopes that her Taste of the Sea menu will have her guests hooked.

  • Episode 2 - Southend - Carol

    It's Carol's turn to host. She's pretty confident in the kitchen, and her menu includes scallops and roast lamb. Her dress code is 'Dress to Impress,' and everyone's making a special effort.

  • Episode 3 - Southend - Damian

    It's night three of the competition in Southend, where science teacher and self-confessed geek Damian Loneragan hosts. But how will his guests take to his chilli-heavy menu?

  • Episode 4 - Southend - Steph

    It's the penultimate night of the competition in Southend and all eyes are on barmaid and self-confessed airhead Steph Barrett as she hosts in the hope of winning the £1000 prize.

  • Episode 5 - Southend - Scott

    International DJ and Jack-the-lad Scott Langley has decided to serve fried pigeon for his main course. His dress code is 'outrageous,' and the guests go to town with their outfits.

  • Episode 6 - Inverness - Gillian

    First to host is proud Scot Gillian Sutherland. Gillian's hoping her Touch of Tartan theme, with traditional Scottish menu and bagpipes galore, will win over her guests.

  • Episode 7 - Inverness - Melissa

    It's the turn of Melissa Kirby, in Inverness, who has not only taken cooking lessons from one of the best local chefs, but has also got him to make her gravy and crumble.

  • Episode 8 - Inverness - David

    In Inverness, property tycoon David Edes hosts a nautical evening. David is a teetotaller and plans a menu of 'basic but wholesome food' - making his guests wary.

  • Episode 9 - Inverness - Zarina

    Rock 'n' roll hairdresser Zarina Ainslie is the latest to host in Inverness. The tattooed party girl claims to be an amazing cook. Could she be the dark horse of the competition?

  • Episode 10 - Inverness - Jamie

    It's the final night in Inverness and ex-professional footballer Jamie Tulloch has gone to town making sure his ingredients are all as fresh and local as possible.

  • Episode 11 - Lincolnshire - Amanda

    First to host is university lecturer Amanda Sherratt, who is taking a risk with a full Japanese themed evening, including a raw fish starter and sumo wrestling for entertainment

  • Episode 12 - Lincolnshire - Ali

    It's the turn of retail manager Ali Roberts, who is confident that her night of gourmet cuisine and elegant fine dining will win her the prize

  • Episode 13 - Lincolnshire - Chris

    Farmer Chris Moore plans to win over his guests with his beetroot themed dinner party, managing to inject beetroot into every part of the night

  • Episode 14 - Lincolnshire - Jack

    Jack Stone's 'creative' evening in Lincolnshire, including self-catering for the guests, is overshadowed by Alex's shocking outfit

  • Episode 15 - Lincolnshire - Alex

    The week of competitive dining concludes with proud Geordie Alex Coxon taking a turn as host. Alex's menu includes dishes called 'wey-aye-man!', 'a taste of toon' and 'a canny little dessert like'.

  • Episode 16 - Lichfield - James

    First to host is business consultant James Herbert, who has high hopes for his complex Italian menu. He also has some fun photo frolics planned.

  • Episode 17 - Lichfield - Ronnie

    Ronnie Imlah hosts, with a menu inspired by dishes she's eaten at friends' parties. But a revelation about her past leaves the guests in shock.

  • Episode 18 - Lichfield - JP

    JP Goodyear-Martinez is the latest to host in Lichfield, treating his guests to a mix of Jamaican food, tight lycra outfits and a drag queen.

  • Episode 19 - Lichfield - Tim

    It's the turn of football coach Tim Travers to host, and Tim is determined to prove his worth in the kitchen, with his mum on the other end of the phone to help him out with his American-themed menu

  • Episode 20 - Lichfield - Amanda

    It's the final night, and there are high hopes for Amanda's evening. But an accident at the table has the guests in hysterics, with straight-talking Ronnie describing it as her 'worst nightmare'.

  • Episode 21 - Harrogate - Jane

    Fifty-two-year-old fun farm-girl Jane Steele is the first to host in Harrogate. She plans a meal featuring twists on classic dishes and some fancy wine to wash it down.

  • Episode 22 - Harrogate - Cassy

    Horse enthusiast Cassy Bell hopes her jockey-themed evening will put her in the running to win the £1000, confident that her gastro-pub food is just the ticket

  • Episode 23 - Harrogate - Cathy

    Veteran punk turned cupcake seller Cathy has decided to go back to her Irish roots, with a menu including homemade soda bread, cockle soup, oysters, roast lamb and stout-infused toffee pudding

  • Episode 24 - Harrogate - Simon

    Photographer and all round cool cat Simon Meyer takes a laid-back approach to hosting in Harrogate. Simon's chicken soup starter goes down almost too well.

  • Episode 25 - Harrogate - Alasdair

    On the final night from in and around Harrogate local toff Alasdair Moore tries to impress his guests with smart wines and 'proper' dinner party food

  • Episode 26 - Winchester - Ptol

    Livewire Ptol Slattery is first to host in Winchester and is convinced his high quality food and fine wine make victory inevitable. Sadly Ptol's menu leaves his guests underwhelmed.

  • Episode 27 - Winchester - Patricia

    It's the turn of DJ Francis Leigh to try and dazzle his guests. Francis plans a Thai meal with a twist, including sunburnt chicken curry and a dessert simply called 'sticky'.

  • Episode 28 - Winchester - Francis

    It's the turn of waitress Patricia to see if she can win over her guests with her Peruvian food and Latin-themed dinner party, including a traditional dance that involves a candle and a donkey jaw

  • Episode 29 - Winchester - Georgia

    Care-home worker Georgia Groves plans a black tie affair for her evening in Winchester, with red carpet, posh frocks... and a spray-tan booth

  • Episode 30 - Winchester - William

    William Tilsley plans a vegetarian menu and a blind food-tasting game for the last night in Winchester. Later on, Patricia does an impression of Ptol and spits her wine all over another guest.

  • Episode 31 - North Kent - Yvette

    Clairvoyant and medium Yvette Tamara is first to host in this competition in north Kent, where the night gets off to a spooky start

  • Episode 32 - North Kent - John

    Data analyst John Tower is latest to host in North Kent. What will his guests make of John's Filipino fatty pork stew and psychedelic dessert?

  • Episode 33 - North Kent - Yemi

    Project manager Yemi Christopher-Soares hopes her guests will lap up her Nigerian-inspired menu and share her fondness for spice.

  • Episode 34 - North Kent - Jono

    Jono Simm is convinced his wholesome and hearty menu is a winner. Sadly, two of his guests aren't convinced by the cooking.

  • Episode 35 - North Kent - Lisa

    It's the turn of cheeky, party-loving Lisa Townend, with her menu full of mysterious French fancies - including coq surprise. Her innovative entertainment is human roulette.

  • Episode 36 - Merseyside - Danielle

    First to host is Danielle Greenwood, who has high hopes for her down-to-earth menu and her warm welcoming style of hosting

  • Episode 37 - Merseyside - Steven

    Pastoral care manager Steven Booth is a mega Tina Turner fan and has named each of his courses after one of the diva's songs

  • Episode 38 - Merseyside - Jade

    Glamorous PR lady Jade Chantelle is convinced her guests will be blown away by her night as host, which features a high class menu, lashings of champagne and a game of roulette.

  • Episode 39 - Merseyside - Anna

    Primary school teacher Anna plans a fairy-tale evening, featuring a Mad Hatter's soup, a pork dish cooked three ways, and baked cheesecake. Will her menu prove too childish for grown up palettes?

  • Episode 40 - Merseyside - Jamie

    As the week in and around Merseyside draws to a close, it's the turn of 36-year-old Michael Bublé impersonator Jamie Somers to host. Can Jamie and Jade put their differences from last night aside?

  • Episode 41 - Cardiff - Nicola

    On the first night in Cardiff, dog-mad shop manager Nicola Steele serves prawn cocktail and meat-free lasagna. She also has some doggy surprises and unusual entertainment up her sleeve.

  • Episode 42 - Cardiff - Jerry

    King of the name droppers Jerry Lockett is second to host in Cardiff. Jerry holds his night at his cousin's mansion and serves up dollops of food with a huge side order of celebrity.

  • Episode 43 - Cardiff - Rachael

    No-nonsense army wife Rachael Smith is third to host in Cardiff. Competitive Rachel fully intends to win the prize, and things might get ugly if she doesn't.

  • Episode 44 - Cardiff - Sam

    Flamboyant costume designer Sam Clarke hosts a Mexican themed night for an evening that is full of sizzle and spice. Two of the guests fight, while a game leaves everyone crying.

  • Episode 45 - Cardiff - Andrea

    Child-minder Andrea Grainger plans a traditional Welsh menu and a warm welcome. And if this doesn't work she has some fun and games lined up to help her win the prize.

  • Episode 46 - Rochdale - Tanya

    Fitness instructor Tanya Manock hosts a stylish Mediterranean feast for her guests at the start of a week of competitive dining in Rochdale

  • Episode 47 - Rochdale - Rod

    Business coach and passionate foodie Rod Tonge is determined to impress. But he has already offended glamorous fitness instructor Tanya, and HR manager Claire Lemon predicts fireworks at the table.

  • Episode 48 - Rochdale - Claire

    HR manager Claire Lemon hopes to compensate for 'imperfect cooking skills' with her bubbly personality and superior hosting ability on day three in Rochdale

  • Episode 49 - Rochdale - Dean

    Psychic medium Dean Fox plans to put his supernatural skills to good use on Day 4 in Rochdale. His main goes down very well, even with Tanya, only for the pudding to bomb.

  • Episode 50 - Rochdale - Sadiya

    It's the last night in Rochdale and the turn of feisty mum Sadiya Hussein to host. Will the tension between Sadiya and Tanya finally explode?

  • Episode 51 - Northamptonshire - Jules

    Makeup artist Jules Osmany hopes that her Indian/ Moroccan fusion menu and laid-back attitude to life will win her the prize

  • Episode 52 - Northamptonshire - Peter

    Funeral service manager Peter Pickering is dead set on hosting a traditional dinner party reminiscent of the 1920s. But his guests don't much like the thought of his bread-and-butter pudding.

  • Episode 53 - Northamptonshire - Stephanie

    Stay-at-home mum Stephanie Reeder's nerves are evident from the outset on her night in Northamptonshire. She's planning to serve classic fish and chips with a glamorous swishing session for fun.

  • Episode 54 - Northamptonshire - Lauren

    Tweny-six-year-old business planning manager Lauren Oxlade is an organised and passionate cook and has a few surprising friends who she's invited along to her party. Could she be the dark horse?

  • Episode 55 - Northamptonshire - Carl

    Managing director and proud Northerner Carl Johnson plans a menu that includes gammon cooked in two litres of cola. But what will the guests make of his lumpy chocolate mousse?

  • Episode 56 - Exeter - Steve

    New Zealander Steve Levy is first to host and has gone to town with his home inspired menu, cooking prawns, fish and two desserts.

  • Episode 57 - Exeter - Richard

    Music-mad foodie Richard Kaye is second to host in Exeter and is confident he can impress his guests with his culinary know-how. He especially hopes to dazzle one guest in particular.

  • Episode 58 - Exeter - Glen

    Self-assured PR/marketing bod Glen King is confident she will be the 'hostess with the mostest' in Exeter, and has gone all out to impress, even co-ordinating her dishes with her surname.

  • Episode 59 - Exeter - Sarah

    In Exeter, Sarah Wallis is ready to explode out of her shell with a hilarious evening including a terrifying greeting and some rather unusual cocktails.

  • Episode 60 - Exeter - Estelle

    It's the final night in Exeter and singleton Estelle Macrow is keen to discover whether she has it in her to successfully host a dinner party.

  • Episode 61 - Dundee - Bill

    First to cook in Dundee is alarm company owner Bill Black, who plans a belt-busting menu for his guests

  • Episode 62 - Dundee - Alex

    Architectural technician Alex Pithouse is second to host in Dundee and plans on giving his guests an education in fine dining with a complex menu and some fine wines

  • Episode 63 - Dundee - Hannah

    Vegetarian cat lover Hannah Wilson is cooking Italian in Dundee and has a cunning plan to win over her carnivore guests - dish up some meat with her starter.

  • Episode 64 - Dundee - Phil

    Fourth to cook in Dundee is self-styled food critic Phil Petrie, who has been less than impressed with the standard of food so far...

  • Episode 65 - Dundee - Kim

    On the final night in Dundee, Kim Gillespie plans a 'Yorkshire-themed' menu featuring dishes from Spain and Thailand, accompanied by a Scottish choir singing American songs!

  • Episode 66 - Peterborough - Warren

    First to host in Peterborough is salesman and wannabe rapper Warren Temple, who believes his Spanish menu is good enough to win him the prize

  • Episode 67 - Peterborough - Donna

    Hippy entrepreneur Donna Trafford is second to host in Peterborough and plans a colourful evening of delicious food and relaxed fun.

  • Episode 68 - Peterborough - Susie

    On the third night in Peterborough, glamour model and columnist Susie Hutson is out to prove she's not the dizzy blonde some of the guests assume she is

  • Episode 69 - Peterborough - Vicki

    It's the turn of straight-talking business woman Vicki Culverhouse to host in Peterborough. She surprises the group when she unleashes some poetry at the table.

  • Episode 70 - Peterborough - Robin

    Veterinary nurse Robin Hills is the final host in this new competition in Peterborough and hopes his animal-themed night will be a big hit with his guests, as well as his well-presented cuisine.

  • Episode 71 - Yeovil - Emmy

    First to host in Yeovil is 28-year-old PR manager Emmy Webster, who hopes to impress her guests with locally sourced produce and a main course of Somerset pork

  • Episode 72 - Yeovil - Steve

    Disc jockey Steve Carpenter is second to host in Yeovil. Raconteur and quick wit, Steve hopes that sourcing the finest ingredients for his 'country style' cooking will secure him the prize.

  • Episode 73 - Yeovil - Mel

    Hosting the third dinner in Yeovil is diminutive fork-lift driver Mel Dunford. With an exotic menu, Mel hopes to prove her doubters wrong. And if the food doesn't work, there's always her singing...

  • Episode 74 - Yeovil - Alan

    Business owner and muscle man Alan Bunter hopes that his enthusiasm for all things Japanese will brush off on his guests and propel him into the lead

  • Episode 75 - Yeovil - Andy

    Last to host in Yeovil is 50-year-old used car dealer Andy Neil, with a swanky home and a selection of six amuse-bouches for his starter. But who will win the £1000 cash prize?

  • Episode 76 - Cheltenham - Oli

    First to host in Cheltenham is hotel consultant Oli Delaunoy, 46. Oli plans to wow his guests with his posh scallop starter and meaty main, but it's his loud and vivacious personality he's banking on.

  • Episode 77 - Cheltenham - Jan

    Nurse Jan Blomer hopes to impress with her good honest home cooking: chicken with sun dried tomatoes for her main and home-made ice cream for dessert

  • Episode 78 - Cheltenham - Zak

    Super-competitive events director and body building fanatic Zak Roby cooks Thai tien of crab served with fashionable micro herbs and a duo of duck main

  • Episode 79 - Cheltenham - Kimberley

    Aussie admin assistant Kimberley Thomas aims for a sophisticated evening, and hopes to impress with her meaty starter of pork belly and apple salad and her pie main course

  • Episode 80 - Cheltenham - Paddy

    It's the final day of the competition in Cheltenham and the turn of stay-at-home dad Paddy Castledine to host

  • Episode 81 - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire - Andrea

    First to host is marketing manager and proud village dweller Andrea Nichols, whose garden has been decked out with straw and stuffed chickens. Will her cottage cheese mousse prove her undoing?

  • Episode 82 - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire - Penny

    Kitchenware saleswoman Penny Peklivanas is confident her majestic house will impress her guests. But her croissant-based main and bragging prove controversial.

  • Episode 83 - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire - Tim

    Twenty-five-year-old IT analyst and music producer Tim Lawson plans to wow his guests with ingredients brought back from Morocco.

  • Episode 84 - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire - Nicola

    Dance instructor Nicola O'Donnell plans a Caribbean-inspired night. But while her guests are expecting very little from the night, Nicola's determined to prove them wrong.

  • Episode 85 - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire - Andy

    It's the turn of DJ Andy Harvey, who plans to pull out all the stops in his house in Stevenage, with extravagant food and mind-blowing entertainment, including a luminous underwater disco.

  • Episode 86 - York - Rachel

    It's the first day of Christmas in York and host Rachel Speight-McGregor plans to wow her guests with a full-on Christmas night including carol singers on arrival.

  • Episode 87 - York - Gyles

    The second Christmas host is laid back junior doctor Gyles Morrison, who serves up a uniquely Caribbean take on a traditional Christmas dinner.

  • Episode 88 - York - Nicola

    It's the third day of Christmas in York and vegetarian host Nicola Gregory hopes to convert four carnivores with her completely meat-free festive menu.

  • Episode 89 - York - Harry

    It's the fourth day of Christmas in York and 23 year-old host Harry Baines wants to prove to his fellow contestants that his youth doesn't mean he can't hold his own in the kitchen.

  • Episode 90 - York - Estella

    It's the fifth and final day of a festive week in York, and pub landlady Estella Nicholson hosts Christmas dinner in her own boozer. But who will win the prize?

  • Episode 91 - Come Dine with Me Christmas

    This celebrity special features former Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding, Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, TV personality Jennifer Ellison, actor Alex Carter, and Mrs Moneypenny from SuperScrimpers

  • Episode 92 - Come Dine with Me Christmas

    This festive celebrity culinary competition features Rav Wilding, Rebecca Adlington, Jennifer Ellison, Alex Carter and Mrs Moneypenny from SuperScrimpers

  • Episode 93 - Come Dine with Me Christmas

    This festive celebrity special features former Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding, swimmer Rebecca Adlington, TV personality Jennifer Ellison, actor Alex Carter and Mrs Moneypenny from SuperScrimpers

  • Episode 94 - Come Dine with Me Christmas

    This festive celebrity special features presenter Rav Wilding, Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, TV personality Jennifer Ellison, actor Alex Carter, and Mrs Moneypenny from SuperScrimpers

  • Episode 95 - Come Dine with Me Christmas

    Festive celebrity competition features Rav Wilding, Rebecca Adlington, Jennifer Ellison, Alex Carter and Mrs Moneypenny

  • Episode 96 - Welsh Valleys: Kerry

    Dog lover Kerry Bolwell-Williams keeps the food simple while welcoming her guests with a full Welsh choir. But how will Kerry respond when a guest alleges that her home has a whiff of dog?

  • Episode 97 - Welsh Valleys: Dave

    Confident foodie Dave Morris hopes his home-grown herbs, hand-picked fruit and complicated menu will win him the prize.

  • Episode 98 - Welsh Valleys: Tasnim

    Shop owner Tasnim Sardar hopes her Pakistani-inspired party will bag her the prize. Financial advisor Gill Leonard likes her curries - and her men - to be hot and spicy...

  • Episode 99 - Welsh Valleys: Ryan

    Man about town Ryan Woodward has put a lot of thought into his dinner party and yet each of his courses goes wrong. From a bread blunder to a clam crisis, his cooking goes from bad to worse.

  • Episode 100 - Welsh Valleys: Gill

    It's the final night and the turn of financial advisor Gill Leonard to don the oven gloves. Later, Gill makes a remarkable revelation to her shocked guests.

  • Episode 101 - Eastbourne - Kirsty

    First to host is 27-year-old trainee teacher Kirsty Davenport. Will opting to keep her food simple prove a wise move by Kirsty? And will she and the other guests tire of Russell's constant jokes?

  • Episode 102 - Eastbourne - Anne-Marie

    Ann-Marie Hamilton plans to reveal her fun side by singing in her garden. Joker Russell Turnbull can't resist throwing in some funnies, but serious foodie Adam Holt isn't amused.

  • Episode 103 - Eastbourne - Becci

    It's Day 3 in Eastbourne and hairdresser Becci Moloney's outdoor bar is a hit with Kirsty and Ann-Marie. Russell and Adam don't know what to make of Becci's collection of recycled toilets.

  • Episode 104 - Eastbourne - Adam

    Food aficionado Adam Holt takes his turn at hosting in Eastbourne, and expectations are high. But some guests are surprised by a menu that doesn't amount to much more than posh bangers and mash.

  • Episode 105 - Eastbourne - Russell

    Funny man Russell Turnbull hosts the final night in Eastbourne. Russell's played his cards close concerning his culinary skills and some of his rivals are intrigued to discover he plans a fancy menu.

  • Episode 106 - North Devon - Hector

    Eco campaigner Hector Christie hopes to wow everyone with a selection of raw food delights and home grown produce. However the guests are more amazed by Tapeley Park, the stately home he lives in.

  • Episode 107 - North Devon - Kirsten

    Former cabaret queen and make-up artist Kirsten Brend hosts a Danish themed night. Her traditional Danish menu goes down a treat.

  • Episode 108 - North Devon - Damion

    Slate salesman Damion Fearnley aims to impress his guests with a carefully crafted menu of restaurant quality food

  • Episode 109 - North Devon - Jenny

    Theatre nurse Jenny Fox hopes to execute her evening with medical precision. But eco-campaigner Hector takes exception to her choice of main course and bad feeling between Viv and Kirsten continues.

  • Episode 110 - North Devon - Viv

    It's the final night in North Devon and hosting this evening is retired housekeeper Viv Foster. She's going all out to impress with a butler, silver service and her favourite recipes.

  • Episode 111 - Essex - Tony

    First to host is 43-year old trucker and keen foodie Tony Houston. He's hoping to wow his guests with his scallops on black pudding with pea puree.

  • Episode 112 - Essex - Anthony

    Second to host is cheeky sandwich shop owner, Anthony Street. After annoying everyone with his cutlery obsession and questionable table manners, Anthony's got his work cut out impressing his guests.

  • Episode 113 - Essex - Claire

    The host is no-nonsense driving instructor Claire Kelly. The flirty mum-of-two is a bit of a 'chuck it all in and see' type of cook, but this doesn't dampen her confidence.

  • Episode 114 - Essex - Richard

    It's the turn of entrepreneur Richard Harris. But not everyone's impressed to discover he's had professional help with his foraging. Can a choral performance soothe the atmosphere?

  • Episode 115 - Essex - Kerrie

    It's the final night in Essex, and teacher Kerrie Brinkley-Whittington's hosting is under fire. Her rhubarb dessert could be just as controversial. Can she still walk away with the prize?

  • Episode 116 - Wigan - Geoff

    It's Viva Espana in Wigan as the competition kicks off with first host, hospital theatre practitioner Geoff Conway, who is attempting to wow his guests with an epic nine-course tapas feast

  • Episode 117 - Wigan - Natalie

    In Wigan and the second host is 27-year-old hairdressing salon owner Natalie Crompton. Natalie loves a party and she has high hopes for a fun-filled evening, with some very special treats in store.

  • Episode 118 - Wigan - Alan

    Music teacher and funeral singer Alan Gregory attempts the performance of a lifetime with an evening of what he hopes will be great Greek grub

  • Episode 119 - Wigan - Simon

    Simon's hoping for a celebration, because not only is it his turn to host but it's also his birthday. Simon's hoping his posh menu will be enough to dazzle his guests.

  • Episode 120 - Wigan - Caroline

    Nurse practitioner Caroline Heaven is hoping to end the week with a bang by showing her Wigan guests a 'proper' Lancashire night

  • Episode 121 - Woking and Weybridge: Vincenzo

    Ice cream man Vincenzo Ferlita stays true to his Italian and Sicilian roots, creating a home-made feast. With a wealth of family recipes, including a big Sicilian sausage, what could go wrong?

  • Episode 122 - Woking and Weybridge: Sarah

    Canadian craft-maker and housewife Sarah Maynard is second to host, and her guests are in for a bit of a surprise as she won't be serving up maple syrup pancakes, but a three course Turkish feast

  • Episode 123 - Woking and Weybridge: Steve

    Steve Carvill hopes a night of fine food and fun will score him big points and is taking no prisoners with his menu, making home-made pasta and white chocolate panacotta from scratch

  • Episode 124 - Woking and Weybridge: Sara

    It's the turn of dog-mad gardener Sara Gilding to host, for what will be her first dinner party for over 20 years

  • Episode 125 - Woking and Weybridge: Kelly

    It's the last dinner and the turn of children's entertainer Kelly Cummins to host. The guests are hoping that dog-loving Sara Gilding does not return to her critical ways.

  • Episode 126 - Dumfries and Galloway

    Dairy farmer's wife and self-confessed Disney princess Charlene Fry-Henderson kicks off the competition in south west Scotland

  • Episode 127 - Dumfries and Galloway

    It's the turn of carefree, horse-mad banker Olive Melville to show off her culinary skills. Can Olive impress with her risky crab starter? Or will it be a claw too far?

  • Episode 128 - Dumfries and Galloway

    Local radio DJ and funnyman Tommy Jardine tries to impress his guests with chicken stuffed with haggis

  • Episode 129 - Dumfries and Galloway

    It's the fourth night in Dumfries and Galloway, and the turn of trainee teacher and DJ Josh Jones to take to the kitchen. If the food doesn't blow his guests' minds then the entertainment might.

  • Episode 130 - Dumfries and Galloway

    Can Tammy Rice's traditional Scottish fare and a side order of straight talking help her secure the top spot on the last night in Dumfries and Galloway?

  • Episode 131 - South London: Michelle

    Divorce lawyer Michelle Camacho plans a 1970s menu including duck a l'orange, 'psychedelic coleslaw', groovy veg and bloody Mary sorbet

  • Episode 132 - South London: Matt

    Pub manager and artist Matt Wren struggles with disasters in the kitchen. And while Michelle and Licia spat, Raphael Steele finds himself charmed by Charlotte.

  • Episode 133 - South London: Licia

    Print manager and livewire Licia Snow plans a laid back evening with a few rustic and homely touches. But there's fat chance of this happening, the way she and Michelle bicker.

  • Episode 134 - South London: Raphael

    It's Raphael Steele's first ever dinner party and he plans some ackee, saltfish and curried goat, with steel drums for entertainment

  • Episode 135 - South London: Charlotte

    Swedish businesswoman Charlotte Sundberg hopes a night of schnapps, Swedish folk song singing and some classic Swedish cuisine will win her the prize on the last night in South London

  • Episode 136 - Vale of Aylesbury: Natalie

    Natalie Dixon plans an Asian fusion menu. Her guests are cabbie John Feore, food regulation lawyer Greg Pearson, football club MC Mike Botto and sales manager Bekki Jones.

  • Episode 137 - Vale of Aylesbury: John

    John Feore treats his guests to a taste of Ireland, cooking a traditional roast with all the trimmings, but has he bitten off more than he can chew with the challenge of timing his meal?

  • Episode 138 - Vale of Aylesbury: Bekki

    Competitive sales manager Bekki Jones is determined to win with her perfect hosting and delightful dinner

  • Episode 139 - Vale of Aylesbury: Greg

    Greg reckons his foodie knowledge will help him bag the grand. But Bekki's out for revenge after Greg caused a fuss about her lemon tart.

  • Episode 140 - Vale of Aylesbury: Mike

    Mike Botto hopes his Italian evening will be a winner, including spag bol and a Pavarotti impersonator to sing for his guests.

  • Episode 141 - Boston: Annika

    In Boston, Lincolnshire self-confessed hippy Annika plans country fayre and game for her guests - farmer's wife Carolyn, electrical engineer Adrian, Polish national Sylwia and glamorous mother Katy

  • Episode 142 - Boston: Katy

    Competitions fanatic Katy is convinced her organised approach will help her bag the prize. But what will Katy's guests make of her savoury profiteroles?

  • Episode 143 - Boston: Adrian

    Adrian is on the charm offensive with some impressive spicy food. But his final surprise of the evening could be one step too far.

  • Episode 144 - Boston: Sylwia

    Polish-born carer Sylwia plans some top notch cooking that takes her guests on a tour of all the places she's lived in the world. There's also some strangely European entertainment in the pipeline.

  • Episode 145 - Boston: Carolyn

    The fox hunting hard to please Carolyn plans on bringing her nice side to the table after a week spent criticising her fellow contestants