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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 3 Summary

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

  • Episode 1 - London - Linda

    Cooking for four complete strangers in London is anthropologist Linda Shanson, starting off the five-dinner challenge with 16 dishes from around the world

  • Episode 2 - London - Jonathan

    It's meal two in London and fishmonger Jonathan Norris is the host. He's passionate about all things fishy, but will his menu see him swimming into the top spot?

  • Episode 3 - London - Patricia

    It's the turn of 70-year-old opera singer Patricia Varley who's hoping to impress her guests with a retro menu of dinner party hits straight out of the 70s

  • Episode 4 - London - John

    It's Italian estate agent John Santamaria's turn to host the dinner party. He's cocky, confident and convinced that his Italian menu has all the winning ingredients.

  • Episode 5 - London - Richard

    It's the last meal of the competition. Can architect, surveyor and property developer Richard Whitaker walk away with the £1000 prize?

  • Episode 6 - Cardiff - Suzanne

    Episode 6 - Cardiff - Suzanne

    First to take on the challenge of cooking for four complete strangers is mum and business woman Suzanne Green from Caerphilly.

  • Episode 7 - Cardiff - Annette

    Episode 7 - Cardiff - Annette

    The host is bed and breakfast owner Annette Howard. The previous night, Annette fell out with postie Charlie, so she needs all the help she can get to win her guests over.

  • Episode 8 - Cardiff - Jim

    Episode 8 - Cardiff - Jim

    It's the halfway point of the cook-off in Cardiff, and it's the turn of ex-merchant navy seaman Jim Blythe to try and steady the ship after a rocky first two meals.

  • Episode 9 - Cardiff - Charlie

    Episode 9 - Cardiff - Charlie

    It's the penultimate dinner party in Cardiff; the host, socialist postman Charlie Balch, hopes that his organic food and maverick attitude will win him that £1,000 cash prize.

  • Episode 10 - Cardiff - Jane

    Episode 10 - Cardiff - Jane

    Welsh patriot Jane Lloyd hopes to wow her guests by serving a local speciality: Coes cig oen rhost (roast lamb). But as she serves up, yet another argument breaks out around the table.

  • Episode 11 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Rowland Rivron

    Anneka Rice, Linda Robson, Aggie MacKenzie, Rowland Rivron and Toby Young each throw a dinner party. Rowland Rivron is a first-time chef - will his main course of chicken save the day?

  • Episode 12 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Linda Robson

    Birds of a Feather star Linda Robson takes centre stage in the battle of the celebrity chefs. But Linda has never cooked for a dinner party before...

  • Episode 13 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Anneka Rice

    Anneka Rice is more used to being wined and dined than getting her hands dirty. She still opts for an adventurous menu full of Mediterranean flavour, but is this a challenge too far?

  • Episode 14 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Toby Young

    The boot is on the other foot when restaurant critic Toby Young's culinary skills are under scrutiny. Toby freely admits he's better at reviewing than cooking.

  • Episode 15 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Aggie Mackenzie

    It's the last day of the competition and Aggie Mackenzie's turn to dazzle her guests with her culinary skills, but will it be enough for her to walk away with the £1,000 charity prize?

  • Episode 16 - Birmingham - Nicola

    Tidiness-obsessed host Nicola's dinner party in Birmingham looks doomed from the start, as she seems to use all her time cleaning her house and shopping for place mats instead of cooking.

  • Episode 17 - Birmingham - Ian

    Recruitment consultant Ian organises his menu so that he can prepare the dishes in advance and spend as much time as possible with his guests. But then his plans start to unravel...

  • Episode 18 - Birmingham - Amanda

    The host for the third part of the culinary competition in Birmingham is garage owner Amanda, who hopes to do a better job than her rivals at feeding her guests on time.

  • Episode 19 - Birmingham - Wayne

    Marketing businessman Wayne plans to wow his guests with an extravagant menu and top-class hospitality. But is he trying just a little bit too hard?

  • Episode 20 - Birmingham - Suzie

    It's the Birmingham grand finale, and sporty sophisticate Suzie is hoping to make a late bid for the £1,000 prize. But will her alcohol miscalculation cost her dear?

  • Episode 21 - Swansea - David

    This competition comes from Swansea, and first up is social worker David Murray who is hoping to wow his guests with his formal approach.

  • Episode 22 - Swansea - Ernest

    It's the turn of 57-year-old golfing fanatic Ernest Lemonheigh, who is hoping that his traditional Welsh fare of cockles, bacon and laver bread will be enough to bag him the prize.

  • Episode 23 - Swansea - Sue

    Host Sue Thomas has a real challenge on her hands. Can she win over her meat-loving guests with a complete vegetarian menu?

  • Episode 24 - Swansea - Karen

    It's the turn of 42-year flight attendant Karen Perry, who is hoping that her stylish salmon bake with chilli, lime and ginger will see her fly off with the prize

  • Episode 25 - Swansea - Heather

    It's the final meal of the culinary competition and it's the turn of chocoholic super-mum Heather Skipper to wow her guests, but will it be enough to win the prize?

  • Episode 26 - Edinburgh - Tracy

    The first host in the dining competition in Edinburgh is mum-of-three Tracy Dobbie. Tracy is cooking for four people she's never met and has a plan: booze and plenty of it.

  • Episode 27 - Edinburgh - Paul

    The second meal in Edinburgh is hosted by 67-year-old vegetarian and wine critic Paul Dwyer. Paul is planning a meat-free Tuscan meal.

  • Episode 28 - Edinburgh - Tanya

    Texan born-again Christian Tanya Williams is hoping to wow her guests with no fewer than six courses of good old southern American cuisine

  • Episode 29 - Edinburgh - James

    Barman-turned-catering-manager James Gammie has been boasting about his cooking and cocktail skills all week. Now he has to prove to his sceptical guests that he's not all talk.

  • Episode 30 - Edinburgh - Jennifer

    It's the final round of competitive dining in Edinburgh. If lady-of-leisure Jennifer Crosbie is going to bag the £1000 prize, she'll have to win over four rather jaded guests.

  • Episode 31 - Liverpool - Terry

    The culinary competition kicks off in Liverpool, where 71-year-old Terry White hopes to win over his guests with his classic Cordon Bleu menu. But is his dessert meant to be that colour!?

  • Episode 32 - Liverpool - Dan

    Super-competitive host Dan Redfern, a fishmonger, tries to impress his guests by spending £200 on alcohol to accompany an ambitious four-course meal

  • Episode 33 - Liverpool - Nikki

    It's Nikki O'Leary's turn to compete for the prize, but it's not going to be easy because she's planning to serve a three-course vegan meal to four meat-loving food connoisseurs

  • Episode 34 - Liverpool - Ian

    Customer service manager Ian Cook tries to grab the top prize by planning his cooking as a military operation

  • Episode 35 - Liverpool - Margaret

    Etiquette queen and royalist Margaret Twemlow hosts the final night of the culinary stand-off in Liverpool

  • Episode 36 - Derby - Julia

    The culinary competition heads to Derby, where the first host is single mother-of-five Julia Knight, who is planning to bring some colour to her evening with a Mexican theme

  • Episode 37 - Derby - Graham

    Postman Graham Fox is hoping to deliver a winning menu, but it's not just about the food; he also has to keep his guests sweet, and that could be a tricky task after last night's party

  • Episode 38 - Derby - Patsy

    Patsy Sewell-Mwamba is confident her feast of spicy dishes will tickle her guests' taste buds, but some of her Derby diners aren't great fans of exotic food

  • Episode 39 - Derby - Michele

    The host is erotic dance teacher Michele Cooper but everyone is getting fed up with Patsy's picky eating habits: she hasn't eaten a dessert all week

  • Episode 40 - Derby - Danny

    The last host in Derby is hip, trendy, half-French web designer Danny, who leaves his bewildered guests stunned with his menu written in French. But will his Gallic charm win the day?

  • Episode 41 - Cambridge - Rachel

    The chefs hail from Cambridge and first to take the culinary challenge is mum of three Rachel Tooher-Rudd. It doesn't take long for the gregarious host to rope in some help.

  • Episode 42 - Cambridge - Gael

    It's meal two in Cambridge and the turn of flash estate agent Gael Norris to show her skills. Gael is a perfectionist who goes to extraordinary lengths to get the presentation right.

  • Episode 43 - Cambridge - Phil

    It's the turn of house husband and home-grown produce fan Phil Webb, who's hoping to impress his guests with a menu of pork straight from his own little piggies

  • Episode 44 - Cambridge - Simone

    It's the fourth meal of the competition and German-born domestic goddess Simone Breneis is planning to pull out all the stops to make sure she wins

  • Episode 45 - Cambridge - Carolyn

    It's the final meal in Cambridge and the turn of ex-nightclub singer-turned-market researcher Carolyn Tycer, who's concentrating more on the entertainment than the food

  • Episode 46 - Kent - Tanya

    This culinary competition takes place in Kent, where Tanya, who is more used to shopping for shoes than food, prepares an ambitious 17-dish spice-laden menu

  • Episode 47 - Kent - Trevor

    It's meal two of the competition in Kent and former punk Trevor wakes with a hangover following the previous evening's Sri Lankan feast. He soon realises he's going to need some help with his cooking.

  • Episode 48 - Kent - Alan

    It's meal three in Kent and Alan's turn to impress. His laid-back exterior conceals a vast mass of skills in cuisine cookery - and he has chosen a menu of his favourite restaurant dishes.

  • Episode 49 - Kent - Zoe

    Zoe hopes her menu, influenced by her global travels, will be sufficiently tasty to prompt fussy Tanya to clear her plate for the first time

  • Episode 50 - Kent - Steven

    It's the climax of the week in Kent and super-confident Steven believes his menu of local Kentish foods will give him overall victory

  • Episode 51 - Ayr - Maureen

    White witch Maureen McKissock is the first host for some competitive cooking in Ayr. She's got plenty of supernatural surprises in store for her guests, including a magical curry.

  • Episode 52 - Ayr - Elaine

    College lecturer Elaine Munro is hoping her no-nonsense approach to dining will score highly. She's serving spicy tomato and lentil soup, followed by Scottish salmon wrapped in Parma ham.

  • Episode 53 - Ayr - Forbes

    Host Forbes Robertson, the only man in the group, is Ayr's answer to Donald Trump, and his menu plan includes pigs' trotters, which don't appeal to his guests

  • Episode 54 - Ayr - Lizzy

    It's Lizzy McCubbin's turn to show off her culinary skills. She's pulling out all the stops with stilton and walnut pate and individual fish pies, but will it be enough for her to win?

  • Episode 55 - Ayr - Sarah

    Nature lover Sarah Pickering is putting on a good old-fashioned spread. For the first time, haggis is on the menu for this group of diners.

  • Episode 56 - Manchester - Carlos

    The meals are from Manchester, where interior designer Carlos Buller is first to host, and his apartment amazes his guests

  • Episode 57 - Manchester - Susan

    Housing officer Susan Brickell aims to smooth over the rough edges and serve a holiday-inspired Greek meal, but nerves get the better of her when her timings go up the spout

  • Episode 58 - Manchester - Dan

    It's the turn of 'Off the wall' performance artist and vegetarian Dan Cumberland who is hoping that his majestic bean curry feast will bag him the top prize

  • Episode 59 - Manchester - Karen

    Hostess Karen Oulton plans to pull out all the stops to impress the other diners with her cooking skills. But will her flashy hosting be her downfall?

  • Episode 60 - Manchester - Stuart

    It's the final meal of the culinary competition from Manchester and Stuart Burke is hoping to win the top prize with an inspired, modern British menu

  • Episode 66 - Cheshire - Nicola

    Party girl Nicola loves to socialise and has decided that the best way to win over her guests is to keep them entertained and ply them with alcohol

  • Episode 67 - Cheshire - Katie

    Eccentric pensioner Katie Noden lives in a bungalow with her husband and son. Katie is no stranger to dinner parties: she's been playing host for over 50 years.

  • Episode 68 - Cheshire - Edward

    Posh vet Edward Davies believes in buying his food as locally as possible. He picks up the lamb from a nearby farmer and catches the trout for his main course at a local fish farm.

  • Episode 69 - Cheshire - Jan

    Hard-nosed businesswoman Jan Burrows hopes to win over her fellow diners with a three-course meal of all her favourite foods and she's also got a trick up her sleeve

  • Episode 70 - Cheshire - Howard

    Howard the hairdresser from Hale is desperate to prove to his guests he's as good as any top chef, and he pulls out all the stops in an attempt to win the prize