Come Dine with Me

    • Episode 41 - Celebrity Come Dine With Me

      Hugo Taylor from Made in Chelsea takes on Daniella Westbrook, Louie Spence and Sinitta, in a bout of culinary jousting featuring some ridiculous outfits, extraordinary egos and some raw chicken

    • Episode 40 - Worcestershire - All in One

      This episode comes from Worcestershire and features Alice Morgan, Drew Kenaz, Jeanne Lucie Moraes de Carvalho-Kelly and Jeremy Porteous

    • Episode 39 - Bristol - All in One

      This episode comes from Bristol and includes some glamorous hosting, a peach-themed dinner and some loud and brash conduct around the table

    • Episode 38 - Suffolk - All in One

      First host in Suffolk is rock drummer Simon Cooper, who hopes to impress with his hearty menu but serves up rock hard pastry and an even harder dessert

    • Episode 37 - Northumberland - All in One

      The hosts are hotel inspector Wendy Fail, potty-mouthed Jo Slade, mummy's boy Richie Lawson and deer hunter Alistair Jackson

    • Episode 36 - South Oxfordshire - All in One

      First to host is ex-holiday rep and social worker Karina Stratford, who makes all her dishes look like sweet treats in honour of Willy Wonka. But not all Karina's guests are sure about meat cupcakes.

    • Episode 35 - Ealing, London - All in One

      First to host in Ealing, west London is PA Sarah Bown. Her competitors are drama teacher Nikki Daniels, bar manager and 'artiste' Jelone, and staunch Conservative Edward Butler-Ellis.

    • Episode 34 - Essex - All in One

      In Essex, senior manager Jayne Stonely, nursery worker Amanda Stevens, millionaire Nigel Smith and bakery manager Russell Murphy compete in a week that includes flashy cars and an esoteric menu

    • Episode 33 - Mid Cornwall - All in One

      Glamorous 38-year-old secretary Kate Nicholson battles it out with ultra-competitive businessman Nigel Pickin, self-confessed snob Jane Killips and translator Kat Buxton

    • Episode 32 - East Dorset - All in One

      Is there romance on the menu in this episode in East Dorset with decorator Gary D Allen, posh singleton Pauline Elliot, down-to-earth Natalie Lawrence and local farmer Philip Palmer?

    • Episode 31 - Loughborough - All in One

      First to host in Loughborough is doctor of psychology Cheryl Travers. The week of competitive dining includes a belly dancer, a long black wig, a syllabub laden with booze, and a surprise phone call.

    • Episode 30 - High Wycombe - All in One

      Comic book editor and cartoonist David Leach entertains his guests with his larger than life personality and an even bigger collection of toys and comics

    • Episode 29 - Southamption - All in One

      This episode in Southampton features some authentic Indian cuisine, a taste of Miami, and a simple menu versus a sophisticated one

    • Episode 28 - West Lancashire Coast - All in One

      Estate agent James Fletcher hopes his sexy menu will grab the attention of his guests. However, with coffee shop owner Edward Oldfield in the mix, James struggles to get a word in edgeways.

    • Episode 26 - Grand National Special (Part Two)

      The second part of the Grand National special features two more dinner parties hosted by well-known faces from the world of horse racing

    • Episode 25 - Grand National Special (Part One)

      In a two-part Come Dine with Me special for Grand National week, four well-known faces from the world of horse racing go flat out to win a £1000 for charity

    • play

      Episode 24 - Come Dine with Me Comedy Mash Up

      Dinner is served with plenty of giggles as mischievous comedians Angelos Epithemiou, Olivia Lee, Pete Firman and Stan Boardman take on the dinner party challenge

      Strong language and adult humour45 mins
    • Episode 23 - Salford - All in One

      Doctor Sukhi Bhullar, support worker Louise Woodward-Styles, boxer Shinny Davenport and HR manager Fiona Morris bring high minded conversation and a Jewish Friday-night tradition to dinner in Salford

    • Episode 22 - Wales - All in One

      In north west Wales, two very traditional Welsh competitors face off against two people who prefer their food a little bit more exotic

    • Episode 21 - West Yorkshire - All in One

      This episode comes from West Yorkshire, with retired business woman Jan Lymer, salesman Marc Stanton, mother-of-five Gemma Rawnsley and ex-rugby league player Paul Rodney

    • Episode 20 - Guernsey - All in One

      On Guernsey, 20 year old entrepreneur Ben is getting up everyone's noses with his smug attitude. So when it's his turn to cook, the other diners can't wait to criticise his cuisine.

    • Episode 19 - Hackney, London - All in One

      In the London borough of Hackney, teacher Jason Riley, fashion designer Purple Qie Qin, actor Leon Herbert and sales director Jody Pawson compete to be the best host

    • Episode 18 - North Hertfordshire - All in One

      Flirty mum-of-two Jenny Thorn cooks off against gentleman farmer Matt Titmuss, community artist Gordana Bjelic-Rados and Latin lothario Marco Panico

    • Episode 17 - Staffordshire - All in One

      Come Dine with Me comes to Staffordshire, where professional opera singer Charlotte Pearson kicks off the week

    • Episode 16 - Stamford - All in One

      In Lincolnshire, retired aerobics instructor Sue immediately clicks with florist Sophie - the other guests can't get a word in edgeways! But Sophie's wild behaviour soon begins to grate.

    • Episode 15 - North Norfolk - All in One

      This show the culinary competition comes from the north Norfolk coast, where two men with very high standards are confronted with two women who take a more casual approach to hygiene

    • Episode 14 - Taunton, Somerset - All in One

      Three country lovers, Dave Hallam, Kaaren Kitching and Louise Naum, take on Essex boy Matt Potter in Taunton. Dave shocks his guests by donning a leotard before serving African-themed dishes.

    • Episode 13 - Leeds - All in One

      Come Dine With Me comes to Leeds, where research fellow Jamie Stark, MP's wife Susan Shelbrooke, student of philosophy Kara Colgrave and supply chain analyst Jemma Pendlebury battle it out for £1000

    • Episode 12 - Cumbria - All in One

      This episode comes from Cumbria, and features a proud nanny, some relentless ribbing, some Turkish food, Hungarian food, and a host whose healthy-eating ways prove controversial

    • Episode 11 - Surrey - All in One

      Four passionate cooks from Surrey battle it out in a week of top-quality cooking, and eccentric table talk of 'death rooms' and aristocracy

    • Episode 10 - Banbury - All in One

      In this new episode from Banbury, Oxfordshire, four hopefuls battle for the cash prize as best host, in a week featuring quite a bit of flirtatious fun and some black pudding fritters.

    • Episode 9 - Burnley - All in One

      The uber-competitive Jane Dickinson takes on 'in-it-to-win-it' Mark Dempsey, wedding DJ Kev Riley and cable TV presenter Sally Jaxx, in a week of competitive dining

    • Episode 8 - Tunbridge Wells - All in One

      Yummy mummy Sharon Pickles starts the week by going back in time with a 70s-inspired menu. Local 'celeb' Adam Sankey puts his reputation on the line with his seafood.

    • Episode 7 - Kensington And Chelsea - All in One

      The competitors in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are posh estate agent Nick Le Ny-Clarke, outspoken Nana Eshun, eccentric Robbie Humphries and air hostess Louise Childs.

    • Episode 6 - Worcester - All in One

      This episode in Worcester includes a rock-themed menu, a glam night and a charm offensive that leaves one guest very unimpressed

    • Episode 5 - Middlesbrough - All in One

      This episode in Middlesbrough features beautician Fay, Peter, who calls himself the Simon Cowell of the culinary world, Kelsey, who thinks her guests should pout, and party boy Dan

    • Episode 4 - Kings Lynn - All in One

      This episode in King's Lynn features four competitive cooks, some catastrophically bad food, rising tensions and wind-ups and bust-ups aplenty.

    • Episode 3 - Chippenham

      In Chippenham, first host is part-time practical joker and full-time RAF engineer, Corporal Keith McEvoy. Competing to win the £1000 are a gym owner, a florist and a Finnish musician.

    • Episode 2 - Chesterfield - All in One

      This episode comes from Chesterfield, where four strangers battle it out to win the prize, and one host is forced to take drastic action and ask one of the guests to leave

    • Episode 1 - North Kent Coast - All in One

      Life coach Ross Duttson, doll-maker and folk singer Elizabeth Lee, nursery teacher Claire Baker and John Russell, who quizzes everyone about their cooking, go head to head on the north Kent Coast