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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 26 Summary

A brand new series of the ever-popular competitive dining show.

  • Episode 1 - Watford - All in One

    A week of competitive dining In Watford includes sumo wrestling, some very controversial opinions, a dash of DayGlo, a house full of dead animals, and some lettuce soup

  • Episode 2 - Stockport - All in One

    In Stockport four competitive diners take part in a week of competitive dining featuring some surprising revelations, a few bombshells, an evening of mystery, and quite a bit of chaos

  • Episode 3 - Cardiff - All in One

    Four competitive cooks battle it over four nights in Cardiff that feature a two-pronged tongue, supper in a tattoo parlour, grace before dinner, and line dancing

  • Episode 4 - East Sussex - All in One

    This week of competitive dining features lemon curd souffle, a stray dog-hair in the dinner, a strange tale concerning a trip to the dentist, and an Alice in Wonderland menu

  • Come Dine with Me

    Episode 5 - Basildon - All in One

    Four cooks in Basildon go head-to-head in a week of competitive dining featuring turkey twizzlers, spotted dick and quite a lot of conflict

  • Episode 6 - Wolverhampton - All in One

    A week of competitive dining in the Black Country features some raw chicken, a few hidden agendas, and a dramatic twist

  • Episode 7 - Essex - All in One

    Posh student Hannah serves up a country house menu. Hard-to-please Veronica isn't keen on 'one-man entertainment system' Bex. And DJ and comedian Frank serves his interpretation of a TV dinner.

  • Episode 8 - Preston - All in One

    Four amateur cooks from Preston fight it out in a week featuring pudding in pyjamas in bed, a controversial stuffed fox, and a swinging 60s night with a guest appearance from The Beatles

  • Episode 9 - Stoke - All in One

    Single teacher Margaret, 'supercook' Josef, business development manager Nick and the awfully nice Lady Polly compete in a week featuring pikelets, smutty conversation and a 'peasants revolt'

  • Episode 10 - Birmingham - All in One

    A back-to-front menu, some bad jokes and wind-ups, a bold choice of duck and some celebrity friends are just a few of the highlights in Birmingham

  • Come Dine with Me

    Episode 11 - Folkestone and Dover - All in One

    Four cooks from Folkestone and Dover compete in a week featuring a 50s night, some saucy talk and physical exchanges over dessert, a Downton Abbey dress code, an Abba tribute band, and a cowboy song

  • Episode 12 - Aberdeen - All in One

    Nicky throws a lavish medieval banquet. Comedian Tony plans a combination of home cooking and sparkling one-liners but cheeky Chris wins the most laughs, before Angie hosts an evening of flower power.

  • Episode 13 - Great Yarmouth - All in One

    In Great Yarmouth, highly critical trainee barrister JP is up against hairdresser Sarah, mum Kizzy and IT teacher Aisha

  • Episode 14 - Crawley - All in One

    Chris and Bruce take a dislike to each other as they compete against chatterbox Kerry and vegetarian Carly in a week featuring food fights, fancy dress and the inappropriate use of a lie detector

  • Episode 15 - Hartlepool - All in One

    Competing in Hartlepool are former 18-30s holiday rep Dotty, financial adviser Gavin, beautician Becki and student Alex

  • Episode 16 - Chichester - All In One

    Football fan Darren Morrison, ex-navy officer Stefan Gershater, housewife Henrietta Edwards and posh traveller Jemima Thomas compete in a week of romance, fussy foodies and male rivalry

  • Episode 17 - Jubilee Special - All in One

    Four monarchy-mad celebrities - EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison, Kerry Katona, Lionel Blair and her majesty's favourite ventriloquist, Keith Harris - each host a Jubilee-themed dinner party

  • Episode 18 - Windsor - All in One

    Four cooks wage culinary war in Windsor in a week of dining featuring some raucous banter, a duck on fire, and a prawn and asparagus salad, with no asparagus!

  • Episode 19 - Warwickshire - All in One

    Slow-cooked sweet and sour mackerel and mango with vanilla are just some of the things on the menu as four cooks in Warwickshire battle for the prize

  • Come Dine with Me

    Episode 20 - Peterborough - All in One

    PA Claire Mazurek, managing director Nimon Davey, flirty hairdresser Kristian Beckham and Karen Hingston compete in a week featuring some heavy flirting, a few fights, and some incident-packed dining

  • Episode 21 - West Yorkshire - All in One

    With a week of surprises that include wetsuits, Willy Wonka outfits and a rave in a shed, Julian, Henry, Jilly and Rachel battle it out for the culinary prize.

  • Come Dine with Me

    Episode 22 - Milton Keynes - All in One

    Some hearty grub, glitzy fun, offbeat gags and squirrel for a starter are just some of the things on show in a week of competitive dining in Milton Keynes

  • Episode 23 - All in One - Sport

    Four Olympic athletes go head to head for charity. On the starting blocks are Tasha Danvers, Mark Foster, Derek Redmond and Louise Hazel. Who will take the gold?

  • Episode 24 - Surrey - All in One

    Four cooks compete in Surrey, in a week featuring a Best of British menu and the worst of British snobbery. Are the group's divisions really due to class differences, or something more surprising?

  • Episode 25 - Celebrity Horror Special

    A spooky celebrity horror special with zombies, vampires, ghosts, actor Robert Englund - aka Freddie Krueger - model Nicola McLean, psychic Sally Morgan and cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid

  • Episode 26 - Alicante - All in One

    Hairdresser Dale Francis, Bono tribute performer Rob Bloomer, eccentric sun-seeking retiree Rosalind Eastland and 63-year-old party girl Carol Perkins cook up a feast on the Costa Blanca

  • Episode 31 - Enfield - All in One

    In Enfield, north London, four dinner party hosts battle it out for the prize: Burlesque starlet Charlie Hunt, Cypriot Maria Theodorou, entrepreneur Wesley Singh and Habiba Hrida

  • Episode 32 - Kingston upon Thames - All in One

    Nancy Sorrell's guests are Jimmy Osmond, Nicky Clarke and Caprice, who are introduced to Nancy's secret weapon, a bumbling butler (played by her husband Vic Reeves)

  • Episode 33 - North Cornwall - All in One

    In Cornwall a bouncer, a lawyer, a surfer and a ladies' man compete to win the £1000 prize for best dinner party

  • Episode 34 - Come Dine with Me

    Special Paralympic edition of the competitive dining show, with Giles Long, Ann Wild, Lee Pearson and Rachael Latham vying for the gold medal and £1000 for charity

  • Episode 35 - Come Dine with Me - Made in Chelsea Special

    Made in Chelsea stars Mark Francis, Spencer, Binky and Caggie battle for a £1000 charity prize as they each try to host the perfect dinner party and score each other in secret

  • come_dine_with_me_paralympic_wk34_625x352

    Episode 36 - Come Dine with Me

    Four Paralympians past and present fight it out in this first of a special two-part edition of the cooking competition

  • come_dine_with_me_paralympic_wk34_625x352

    Episode 37 - Come Dine with Me

    Part 2 of the special edition featuring Paralympic champions, can Rachael Latham win with her Mexican themed dinner?

  • Episode 38 - Benidorm - All in One

    On Spain's Costa Blanca four ex-pats show off their culinary skills in a week of competitive dining that features banter, blunt speaking, weird photos, and food without any cooking involved

  • Episode 40 - All in One - Jersey

    Hoping to avoid any kitchen calamities in Jersey are local radio DJ Kevin Pamplin, no-nonsense food aficionado Jane-Anne Collier, finance manager Craig Dempster and dinner party novice Jessica Stanier

  • Episode 41 - All in One - Swansea

    Dean's Hollywood-themed evening dazzles his guests, especially Yvonne, who opts for a Dallas/Dynasty theme. Glamorous Bronwen and wrestling fan Mike make up the contestants.

  • Episode 42 - South East London - All in One

    Politically incorrect Reg - 'meat and two veg' - Gaston cooks off against English teacher Hannah Elliot, musician George Chambers and legal eagle Sarah Maguire

  • Episode 43 - The Wirral - All in One

    In Liverpool's posh cousin, budding entrepreneur Stephen Wong takes on saucy book-lover Jennifer McLoughlan, energy assessor Steve Rampton and boutique owner Cher Arnott

  • Episode 44 - Come Dine with Me Christmas Special

    This festive celebrity special features Jona Lewie, Maizie Williams from Boney M, soul singer VV Brown, DJ Toby Anstis, a ride on a camel and some saucy gifts from secret Santa

  • Episode 45 - Derby

    The hosts in Derby are talkative housewife Tori Yerbury, Canadian drama teacher Allison Hunt, baby-faced Tom Flannery and prankster Jeff Foster, who loves to push people's buttons with juvenile jokes

  • Episode 46 - Wrexham

    The hosts in Wrexham are financial advisor Joey Perez, zumba-loving Jacki De Sanders, sci-fi fan Tom Evans and hotel inspector Lisa Groom. One guest thinks they're the life and soul of every party...

  • Episode 47 - East Coast of Yorkshire - All in One

    Beautician Amanda takes on author Heath, accident-prone Fran and technician Phil on the Yorkshire coast in a week featuring some deliberate overspicing of a starter plus post-dinner hair removal

  • Episode 48 - Lake District - All in One

    This episode in the Lake District features a former royal butler, a sausage surprise, a guest dressed as a corgi and a Lady Gaga theme night

  • Episode 49 - Barnsley - All in One

    Elaine Ashton starts the competition off with an American-themed evening. Sam West is second to host, serving some unusual delicacies such as ostrich eggs, pigs' ears and stuffed animals.

  • Episode 50 - Edinburgh - All in One

    Opinionated lady of leisure Sandie McConnell faces off against fashion and events student Gary Anderson, adult leisure specialist Vimbai Marongwe, and nice guy GP Kevin Fernando

  • Episode 51 - Bristol - All in One

    American Keith Weinberg goes up against fun-loving Rachel Flowers, extrovert Andy Holbert and legal trainee Jen Elphick in a week of dining that includes some 'gert lush' and a revealing outfit

  • Episode 53 - Come Dine with Me Mash Up

    Made in Chelsea stars Caggie, Binky, Spencer and Mark-Francis take turns to host a special edition of Come Dine with Me

  • Episode 54 - Come Dine with Me Mash Up

    Made in Chelsea stars Caggie, Binky, Spencer and Mark-Francis take turns to host a special edition of Come Dine with Me.

  • Episode 55 - Come Dine with Me Mash Up

    Made in Chelsea stars Caggie, Binky, Spencer and Mark-Francis take turns to host a special edition of Come Dine with Me.

  • Episode 56 - Come Dine with Me Mash Up

    The Chelsea set continue without the benefit of caterers, event organisers and hired help

  • Episode 63 - Peterborough

    In Peterborough, Claire's night is packed with incident, Nimon isn't keen on Kristian's flirting, and Karen just wants to have a laugh

  • Episode 64 - Surrey - All in One

    In Surrey, there are divisions between estate agent James, pensioner Cherry Hughes, tattoo artist Lee Jackson and project manager Sandhya Gadsby. But is it a class divide or a surprise?

  • Episode 65 - Benidorm - All in One

    A shorter version of a classic episode where four ex-pats - journalist Irena, banker Nick, clairvoyant Hilary and drag queen Gary - show off their culinary prowess in Benidorm