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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 25 Summary

The competitive cooking show is back for a new series of dinner party action. Every week, five strangers take it in turns to throw a dinner party - and the best host wins a cash prize!

  • Episode 1 - Lincolnshire - Jose

    In Lincolnshire, Carrie Bradshaw-wannabe Jose hosts teacher Skip, tattoo artist Indy, entrepreneur Sharon and admin worker Jessica. Jose's night features Spanish food and party games.

  • Episode 2 - Lincolnshire - Skip

    Day two in Lincolnshire sees history teacher Skip plan an evening celebrating his American roots. But what secret does Skip have to reveal to his guests?

  • Episode 3 - Lincolnshire - Sharon

    In Lincolnshire, it's the turn of entrepreneur Sharon - who brings to the competition all the tenacity and commitment she applies to her business career

  • Episode 4 - Lincolnshire - Nijjar

    It's day four in Lincolnshire, and tattoo artist Indy Nijjar is hosting a summer-themed dinner party. But what do his guests make of the 'bring swimwear' dress code?

  • Episode 5 - Lincolnshire - Jessica

    It's the final day in Lincolnshire and the turn of ditzy but endearing 23-year-old Jessica Carroll. Will Jessica's Chinese dinner and unusual house pet impress her guests enough to win her the prize?

  • Episode 6 - Worcestershire - Claire

    On the first day of the competition in Worcestershire, fitness fan Claire has produced a low-fat menu for her guests, who are invited to build up their appetites with an aerobic workout

  • Episode 7 - Worcestershire - Pippa

    On day two of the competition in Worcestershire, beauty pageant queen Pippa Langhorne throws a sophisticated Midsummer Night's Dream-themed evening for her guests

  • Episode 8 - Worcestershire - Tim

    On day three in Worcestershire party boy publican Tim Lawson hopes to win over his guests with a raucous, country-themed blowout, featuring a novel take on a prawn cocktail

  • Episode 9 - Worcestershire - Teresa

    On day four in Worcestershire, foodie Teresa Cox hopes to win over her guests with a rich, sumptuous feast that should score top marks. But will her lobster starter impress the group?

  • Episode 10 - Worcestershire - Chris

    On the last night of the competition in Worcestershire competitive Chris Sheppard throws a black-tie evening. His menu features home-made sweet chilli sauce and fancy potato towers.

  • Episode 11 - East Lancashire - Vicki

    First to host in East Lancashire is Vicki Fairbrother, who cooks up sexy steak and banging banoffee cake, and also lays on a game involving a helmet and water.

  • Episode 12 - East Lancashire - Jenna

    Young businesswoman Jenna Tattersall is hosting an evening dressed in white - to party all night. But will Jenna's bouncy-castle entertainment on full stomachs end badly?

  • Episode 13 - East Lancashire - Chris

    Perfectionist Chris Slater does his best to add a touch of class to the week. He even makes the guests take off their shoes. But the spicy main course leads to acid reflux for Jenna.

  • Episode 14 - East Lancashire - Chelsea

    Chelsea's Mediterranean evening begins with the boys having a punch-up over a punchbag. And then the girls discover a secret Chelsea's been keeping from them.

  • Episode 15 - East Lancashire - Nigel

    It's the final day and hairdresser Nigel Womack is hosting an epicurean evening of love with a mix of aphrodisiacs he hopes will get his guests in an amorous mood.

  • Episode 16 - Ipswich - Claire

    First to host is theatre-lover Claire, who is hoping to impress with her panto-themed night. But with one guest reluctant to join in, can Claire even win over the rest of her guests?

  • Episode 17 - Ipswich - Kerrie

    Millwall fan Kerrie Pankhurst is playing host with a football-themed evening. Kerrie contends with fish-hating Dave and a guest's snub of her beloved club.

  • Episode 18 - Ipswich - David

    Host David J Marks is under pressure to win over Kerrie, whom he offended last night. His salmon starter impresses all but DJ Dave, who details the gruesome things he'd rather do than eat it.

  • Episode 19 - Ipswich - Dave

    DJ Dave James is preparing a showbiz-themed evening for his guests and has asked them to come dressed as pop stars. Later, a shock revelation leaves some of the guests cold.

  • Episode 20 - Ipswich - Nicki

    It's the final day in Ipswich and speed-dating expert Nicki Yucel is determined to spread a little love. One contestant reveals feelings for another, and the winner is revealed.

  • Episode 21 - East Kent - Wes

    First to host in East Kent is 34-year-old carpenter Wes Leaver, a dinner party virgin who has high hopes for his science-themed evening.

  • Episode 22 - East Kent - Alexandra

    It's day two in East Kent and Alexandra plans a sophisticated menu of pan-European cuisine. But her starters put Sally's bean phobia under stress, and her veal main is controversial.

  • Episode 23 - East Kent - Emma

    Day three's host in East Kent is Emma. Sadly the self-professed foodie finds her main described as 'a pet on a plate', while straight-talking Alex describes the whole thing as rather odd.

  • Episode 24 - East Kent - Sally

    In East Kent dog-lover Sally hopes to charm her guests with a 'Pretty in Pink' night, with posh pink food and pink table decorations. Even her pooches can't escape the pink dress code

  • Episode 25 - East Kent - Stephen

    Flamboyant extrovert Stephen Drew is the last to host and hopes to win the prize by entertaining his guests with an Ab Fab dress code.

  • Episode 26 - Oxford - Marlon

    First to host in Oxford is resident ladies' man Marlon Williams, whose love- island themed evening gets off to a rather shambolic start - and ends with smashing plates!

  • Episode 27 - Oxford - Richard

    It's Day 2 in Oxford and inventor Richard Berrecloth serves up an entirely homemade extravaganza, including some rather 'unique' entertainment.

  • Episode 28 - Oxford - Victoria

    Mum of three Victoria Collett stars Day 3 in Oxford with a few culinary disasters and a Caribbean curry that leaves a bitter taste.

  • Episode 29 - Oxford - James

    The knives are out on Day 4 in Oxford as doggy day-care owner James Hearle finds that tempers are rising on his night as host.

  • Episode 30 - Oxford - Heidi

    It's the final day of the competition in Oxford, and party girl Heidi Kelloway is determined to lighten the mood and host the best dinner party of the week. But will her guests let her?

  • Episode 31 - Glasgow - Craig

    First to host in Glasgow is make-up artist Craig Alexander Wilson, who throws a glitz and glamour party complete with edible glitter and sparklers!

  • Episode 32 - Glasgow - Paul

    It's Day 2 in Glasgow and cheeky Paul Cowan seems more interested in dishing out practical jokes than Balmoral steak and 'Cream Puff'!

  • Episode 33 - Glasgow - Mandy

    Dance fanatic Mandy Wong hosts a Latin dance-fever evening with an Asian-inspired menu - and a disastrous dessert.

  • Episode 34 - Glasgow - Siobhan

    It's day 4 and music teacher and professional flautist Siobhan Daly plans to beat the boys with a rock and pop icons evening.

  • Episode 35 - Glasgow - Caroline

    It's the final day of the competition, and bubbly blonde Caroline Wardrope hosts a '70s-themed disco diva party complete with a mystery menu... and some shocking revelations...

  • Episode 36 - Belfast - Marcus

    First to host in Belfast is make-up artist and female impersonator Marcus Hunter-Neill - AKA Lady Portia Diamante - who steals the limelight with a red-carpet-themed evening.

  • Episode 37 - Belfast - Lenny

    It's Day 2 in Belfast and Jamaican lifeguard Lenny Irving serves up some authentic Caribbean cuisine with a hint of masculine flavour, in a bid to win over glamorous navy officer Fiona.

  • Episode 38 - Belfast - Cat

    Twenty-five-year-old freelance feminist writer Cat Anderson hopes to raise the bar with a home-cooked feast, live music and her bohemian chic style on Day 3 in Belfast.

  • Episode 39 - Belfast - Rosie

    Next to host in Belfast is charity worker and confident cook Rosie Smyth, who hopes to win over fussy Fiona and new best friend Cat with a 'come as your teenage self' evening.

  • Episode 40 - Belfast - Fiona

    It's the final day in Belfast and merchant navy officer Fiona Rush dishes up an evening with a nautical theme, featuring maritime entertainment and a very fishy menu.

  • Episode 41 - York - Steve

    First to host in York is motivational master and training guru Steve Carlyle, whose 'sophisticated' dinner party, complete with butler and posh nosh, does anything but boost his reputation.

  • Episode 42 - York - Trevor

    It's day two in York and eccentric ghost-tour guide Trevor Rooney throws a 'Fright Night' themed evening in a haunted bric-a-brac warehouse, accompanied by his ventriloquist doll Woody.

  • Episode 43 - York - Annie

    Next to host in York is hippy hostess Annie Albericci, who hopes to bring peace, love and harmony to the table with her 'festival chic' themed evening.

  • Episode 44 - York - Yvonne

    Pint-sized nurse Yvonne McGill hosts a 'black and white swinging 60s' dinner party on Day 4 in York - but she worries that straight-talking Steve will ruin the evening for everyone.

  • Episode 45 - York - Rebecca

    It's a night of flirting and friction on the final day of the competition in York, as foodie perfectionist Rebecca Ryan throws a Hollywood-themed evening of glitz and glamour.

  • Episode 46 - Newport - Jay

    Kicking-off the culinary competition in Newport is 43-year-old theatre enthusiast Jay Coleman, who hopes to razzle-dazzle his guests with a theatrical themed evening and international menu.

  • Episode 47 - Newport - Pippa

    It's day two in Newport and peace activist Pippa Bartolotti works her magic with an 'upcycling' dinner party, including locally-sourced vegetarian food and fortune-telling.

  • Episode 48 - Newport - Emma

    Next to host in Newport is 23-year-old radio journalist Emma Jones, who serves up an American-themed evening of crab cakes, pulled pork and cheerleading.

  • Episode 49 - Newport - Sarah

    It's day four in Newport and loud-and-proud housewife Sarah Kinnear hosts an evening of all things Welsh, complete with 'Welsh icon' costumes and a dinner-table debate.

  • Episode 50 - Newport - Duncan

    It's the final day in Newport. Recruitment boss and confident cook Duncan Powell hosts a Hawaiian-themed dinner party. But will the prawn brains and sea bass bones ruin the night?

  • Episode 51 - Blackpool - Kathryn

    First to host in Blackpool is housewife Kathryn Hoskisson, who's hoping to go to the top of the class with her 'Back2Skool'-themed dinner party.

  • Episode 52 - Blackpool - Jason

    It's day two in Blackpool and DJ Jason Fubar is hoping to impress his dinner guests by transforming his front room into a nightclub.

  • Episode 53 - Blackpool - Paula

    Episode 53 - Blackpool - Paula

    It's the turn of clairvoyant and spiritual medium Paula Paradaema in Blackpool. However student nurse Nicole finds the menu a bit too fishy.

  • Episode 54 - Blackpool - Jason

    In Blackpool driving Instructor Jason Howitt has a music-festival theme in mind for his evening. But as sparks begin to fly, is joker Jason able to keep things upbeat?

  • Episode 55 - Blackpool - Nicole

    It's the final night in Blackpool and Nicole Barrow is hoping to amaze with an evening of red-carpet glamour. But a starter of shop-bought salamis doesn't go down well with her guests.

  • Episode 56 - East London - Simran

    On day one of the competition in east London, fashionista Simran Samra hosts a glitz and glam night for her guests doctor Chintu, comedian Yoshki, city boy Alan and businesswoman Delia.

  • Episode 57 - East London - Yoshki

    On day two in east London, laid-back comedian Yoshki Greenberg aims to throw a relaxing dinner party and surprises her guests with animal-themed pyjama suits for them to wear.

  • Episode 58 - East London - Alan

    On day three in east London, Jack-the-Lad Alan Price aims to wow his guests with a medieval-themed feast but his pig's-head table decoration sends vegetarian Simran into a panic.

  • Episode 59 - East London - Delia

    On day four in east London it's the turn of bar owner and cordon bleu cook Delia Elliot to impress. However, Alan ends up having a row with her, leading Simran to hide under the table!

  • Episode 60 - East London - Chintu

    On the final day in east London doctor Chintu Gademsetty plans a 1980s-themed dinner party. But first he needs to create a cheery atmosphere following the tensions of the past two nights.

  • Episode 61 - Bath - Liv

    On day one of the competition in Bath posh girl about town Liv Sargeant hosts a sophisticated evening for ex-raver Mel, French patriot Denis, sandwich fanatic Becky and local handyman Jon

  • Episode 62 - Bath - Mel

    On day two in Bath, ex-raver and single mum Mel Lewis-Leger is treating her guests to a night of Cajun food and an 'Old School' rave party, but will her food be too hot to handle?

  • Episode 63 - Bath - Jon

    It's day three of the competition in Bath and the turn of handyman Jon Wicheard to wow his four guests. Jon bemuses his fellow diners by dousing all his food in his special sauce: tomato ketchup.

  • Episode 64 - Bath - Becky

    On day four in Bath café worker Becky Tyler sets out to impress with a menu of great British fare. Will her 'Mad Hat' tea party and troop of Morris dancers scoop her the top prize?

  • Episode 65 - Bath - Denis

    On the final day in Bath Frenchman Denis Verrier plans to give his English guests a lesson in culinary excellence. Will this lead to European union or will cross channel relations plummet?

  • Episode 71 - Chelmsford - Alex

    First to cook in Chelmsford yummy mummy Alex Sullivan aims to impress with a birthday party-themed night that includes an uncomfortable school reunion for two guests and a striptease.

  • Episode 72 - Chelmsford - Scott

    Businessman Scott Johnson hosts an Essex Glam night, complete with disco. But will his kitchen shortcuts prevent him from waltzing off with the prize?

  • Episode 73 - Chelmsford - Deborah

    On day three married mum Deborah Croghan hosts a tarts and vicars party that includes the unusual entertainment of a cucumber-based family game

  • Episode 74 - Chelmsford - John

    In homage to his family, John Mabey's Shakespeare-themed party features Italian food, but not exactly as 'mama' would have made it, and guest performances of Romeo and Juliet

  • Episode 75 - Chelmsford - Martin

    It's the final day in Chelmsford, and the food at Martin Young's Caribbean themed party shocks his guests, as does his secret talent. Is the night of sun, sea and surprises enough to win the prize?

  • Episode 76 - Darlington - Clair

    The competition heads to Darlington, where first to host is perfectionist Clair Sherwood-Parkin, who cooks up a Moroccan-inspired feast.

  • Episode 77 - Darlington - James

    In Darlington, veterinary surgeon James Emson serves up a mountain of curry and spices up his evening with some eye-opening entertainment

  • Episode 78 - Darlington - Barry

    Bachelor Barry I'Anson pulls out all the stops with a love-inspired dinner party. But how will his 'Splashes of Love' dessert go down?

  • Episode 79 - Darlington - Charlotte

    Glamorous go-getter Charlotte Langley lays on a 'Night with the Stars'. But can she hold it all together to take the award for the best dinner party and the £1000 prize?

  • Episode 80 - Darlington - Eseyoma

    On the final night in Darlington Eseyoma - the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Sheba' - hosts a right royal knees-up, featuring a Nigerian menu, with an extra helping of glamour on the side

  • Episode 81 - East Hampshire - Nik

    The East Hampshire competition begins at cabby Nik Christides's home, where he surprises guests with unusual ingredients and ends the night with a game involving cheesy Wotsits.

  • Episode 82 - East Hampshire - Jax

    Mum-of-four Jax's theme of Arty and Tarty is misinterpreted by Natalie and the Russian comes dressed in black leather

  • Episode 83 - East Hampshire - Natalie

    Natalie hosts an evening of tradition, with Russian food, customs and dancing, but not all the guests are impressed.

  • Episode 84 - East Hampshire - Kyle

    History buff Kyle hosts an evening of historical fun, with guests dressing as their favourite historical characters and playing historical charades. But will his food let him down?

  • Episode 85 - East Hampshire - Sue

    Glamorous Sue hopes to win her guests over with a Caribbean-themed evening that includes a game of hitting the pinata and ends with some down-and-dirty dancing.

  • Episode 86 - Kingston - Ken

    Basketball-mad Ken Oputa is convinced that he is the best cook in London. Will his basketball-themed evening prove to be the winner or he will end up bottom of the league?

  • Episode 87 - Kingston - Erika

    Interior designer Erika Sager's pirate night on her boat starts well with her menu, but it's her hosting that proves to be the real star of the evening.

  • Episode 88 - Kingston - Sarah

    Sarah Brice hopes her 'dolled-up prawns', 'swanky lamb', and 'level with me' mousse will be the competition winners, but she has to cope with Ken's romantic poetry and Erika's flirting.

  • Episode 89 - Kingston - Jamie

    Will Jamie's evening of old-skool classics, complete with superstar DJ, prove to be a winner with his guests?

  • Episode 90 - Kingston - David

    Retired golfer David has a winning menu and entertainment, from Louisiana seafood chowder to a bucking bronco, but then one of his pets breaks dinner party etiquette.

  • Episode 91 - Come Dine with Me

    Episode 91 - Come Dine with Me

    Five cooks go fork to fork in a brand new episode of the popular competitive dining show.

  • Episode 92 - Come Dine with Me

    Episode 92 - Come Dine with Me

    Five cooks go fork to fork in a brand new episode of the popular competitive dining show.

  • Episode 93 - Come Dine with Me

    Episode 93 - Come Dine with Me

    Five cooks go fork to fork in a brand new episode of the popular competitive dining show.

  • Episode 94 - Come Dine with Me

    Episode 94 - Come Dine with Me

    Five cooks go fork to fork in a brand new episode of the popular competitive dining show.

  • Episode 95 - Come Dine with Me

    Episode 95 - Come Dine with Me

    Five cooks go fork to fork in a brand new episode of the popular competitive dining show.

  • Episode 96 - Reading - Sonya

    Sonya Smith hopes her good humour and Touch of Sparkle themed evening will hide her lack of kitchen skills. With calamities galore, what will guests Glen, Sabi, Serine and Richard think?

  • Episode 97 - Reading - Glen

    Cocky Cockney Glen Wilkie serves up a menu he is convinced will be a winner. Even a disaster with his own-named recipe of Super Duper Tiramisu doesn't dent his confidence.

  • Episode 98 - Reading - Richard

    Richard Howse and his girlfriend Katy host a pirate themed night, but the gluten-free fare isn't a hit with all the guests, and for the third night in a row, Sabi refuses the meaty main

  • Episode 99 - Reading - Sabi

    Fitness fanatic Sabi Phagura goes back to her roots with a Bhangra themed evening that puts her healthy lifestyle on the backburner for one day as she cooks traditional Indian food for her four guests

  • Episode 100 - Reading - Serine

    Serine Daou hosts in Reading.

  • Episode 101 - Milton Keynes - Ray

    First to host in Milton Keynes is Ray Dodd, who finds his guests difficult to please. With his starter rejected and a main returned, Ray is left sweating over his chances of winning the prize.

  • Episode 102 - Milton Keynes - Michelle

    Michelle Watson's black tie evening definitely doesn't go to plan as guests diss her food, including calling the main 'poison'. Will her luck turn with the Monte Carlo entertainment?

  • Episode 103 - Milton Keynes - Stuart

    Stuart Henson is bringing the Serengeti to Milton Keynes. Can his exotic menu and parlour games smooth over the insults and tensions simering from the previous nights?

  • Episode 104 - Milton Keynes - Joseph

    Nicknamed 'the assassin' for the harsh things he's said, choir director Joseph Benneh's chicken liver pate and groundnut soup with coconut rice needs to be sensational if he's to avoid a backlash

  • Episode 105 - Milton Keynes - Susan

    Despite an eventful week, country lover Susan Rogers is confident her back to basics French food has the edge. Plus, she has an origami master class planned as entertainment.

  • Episode 106 - Liverpool - Kenny

    First to host in Liverpool is young-at-heart barber Kenny Flynn, who hopes his 'Big Kids' party theme will prove a winner with his guests.

  • Episode 107 - Liverpool - Rob

    Second to host is multiple business owner Rob Spicer, who dresses up as Margaret Thatcher as part of his historical leader party theme

  • Episode 108 - Liverpool - Cynthia

    Nigerian supermodel and barrister Cynthia Umezulike treats her guests to some tribal fish, a traditional Jeloff and an exotic fruit platter.

  • Episode 109 - Liverpool - Glen

    Hairy rocker Glen Simpson serves sticky blackened pork and an Elvis-inspired dessert of deep-fried chocolate bars in peanut butter ice cream.

  • Episode 110 - Liverpool - Jilly

    It's the final day in Liverpool and Jilly Pollock hopes to bag the prize with her black tie evening featuring Jilly's figs, Jilly's hot beef, and Jilly's berry delight.

  • Episode 111 - Crewe and Nantwich - Mushgon

    First to host is hairdresser Mushgon Dadfar. How will her Caribbean-themed menu work with her choice of zumba for entertainment?

  • Episode 112 - Crewe and Nantwich - Pip

    Second to host is 44-year-old housewife Pip Massey who, as a lady who lunches, has high expectations for her 'glamorous' evening turning out to be a big success.

  • Episode 113 - Crewe and Nantwich - Darren

    Landscape gardener and joker Darren's evening features fine food and lashings of his unique entertainment - including big laughs at Darren's bottom.

  • Episode 114 - Crewe and Nantwich - Emma

    Student Emma Davies serves up her inventive stuffed pork, homemade gnocchi and a musical performance for her guests.

  • Episode 115 - Crewe and Nantwich - Russell

    The week of dining is rounded off with hypnotherapist Russell Stubbs's 'British rock night'. Will Russell's great British produce win him the prize?

  • Episode 116 - West Dorset - Ed

    It's day one of the competition and music teacher Ed hosts an Elton John themed evening, which features a surprise guest appearance...

  • Episode 117 - West Dorset - Tristan

    Bon viveur Tristan Murliss attempts to impress his guests with an evening of fine dining, an Upstairs Downstairs theme and a spot of chicken hypnosis

  • Episode 118 - West Dorset - Melissa

    Staunch veggie Melissa hosts a Wild West dinner party. She has a go at cooking chicken for her meat-eating guests, but forgets to warn them about a fiery garnish.

  • Episode 119 - West Dorset - Dave

    Expectations are low for radio DJ Dave Taylor's dinner party, and he doesn't do himself any favours with his vegetarian option. Can a darts match win his guests round?

  • Episode 120 - West Dorset - Christine

    Lady farmer Christine treats her guests to a trip to Oz, providing meat from her own land and accompanying everything with showtunes.

  • Episode 121 - County Durham and Wearside - Eve

    First to host in County Durham and Wearside is personal trainer Eve Booth, who is concerned that her haggis and black pudding tower starter might not be to everyone's taste

  • Episode 122 - County Durham and Wearside - Paula

    Second to host in Durham and Wearside is Gypsy wedding supplier Paula Thompson who's hoping to bring a touch of sparkle with her black and bling themed evening

  • Episode 123 - County Durham and Wearside - Donal

    Nineteen-year-old languages student Donal Anand-Shaw goes all out with a black tie dinner party, complete with string quartet and a locally sourced scallop starter

  • Episode 124 - County Durham and Wearside - Eleri

    Twenty-eight-year-old debt collector Eleri Watson is a Welsh farmer's daughter and a fierce Welsh patriot, and for her night she has plumped for a Welsh menu, Welsh ingredients, and Welsh dress code

  • Episode 125 - County Durham and Wearside - Ken

    The final host in County Durham and Wearside is cheeky businessman Ken Brown who holds a 'wear a wig' themed evening and serves up rhubarb and custard 'with a twist'

  • Episode 126 - Hastings - Andrew

    First to host in Hastings is 42-year-old charity manager Andrew Batsford, who is hoping to inspire his guests with foraged ingredients of sea broccoli and stinging nettles

  • Episode 127 - Hastings - Adrian

    Retired solicitor Adrian hopes to impress his guests with a Moroccan themed evening. But disaster strikes and his tagine burns.

  • Episode 128 - Hastings - Sally-Anne

    Well-travelled former corporate wife Sally-Anne Keller hosts a German-themed evening with her guests required to dress, sing and dance accordingly

  • Episode 129 - Hastings - Kate

    Glamorous hairdresser Kate Eadon lays on a 'gourmet' pub night for her guests

  • Episode 130 - Hastings - Stelios

    Confident wheeler dealer Stelios Michael hopes to blow his guests away with an authentic Greek night on the final night in Hastings, which includes a masterclass in Greek dancing

  • Episode 131 - Leicester - Helen

    First to host in Leicester is larger-than-life NHS manager Helen Mather, whose strategy is to keep her menu simple so she can concentrate on entertaining her guests

  • Episode 132 - Leicester - Terry

    Estate agent Terry Robinson is on a mission to reach the holy grail of a perfect score: 40 points. Confidence oozes from the kitchen as Terry prepares what he believes is a Michelin-star menu.

  • Episode 133 - Leicester - Porchia

    Beauty spa manager Porchia Lee hosts a French themed dinner party complete with cancan dancing. But concentrating on how she looks rather than cooks leads to some kitchen disasters.

  • Episode 134 - Leicester - Ryan

    Twenty-year-old ex-rugby player and IT geek Ryan Bruce bravely prepares his ambitious Spanish menu in his open plan kitchen in front of his guests

  • Episode 135 - Come Dine With Me - Richard

    It's the final night and the turn of double glazing salesman Richard Deeping to host. Richard's boisterous behaviour has offended most of the group this week but he hopes to win them round

  • Episode 136 - Salisbury - Natasha

    First to host is Natasha Conti, who's putting on a 'summer fete', complete with hilarious prizes, and has asked her guests to dress in country casuals

  • Episode 137 - Salisbury - Sophie

    Farm manager Sophie McConnell plans pig racing as part of the entertainment on her night, and her home-grown cow Levi for the main course.

  • Episode 138 - Salisbury - Anthony

    Former army major Anthony Brown-Hovelt is serving a worldly mix of dishes on his night in Salisbury, including Uzbek food, and porridge ice cream.

  • Episode 139 - Salisbury - Chris

    Cost-conscious Chris Hiller plans an eclectic menu for his night in Salisbury that includes chicken a l'orange and peppers stuffed with baked beans

  • Episode 140 - Salisbury - Jane

    Part time care worker Jane Arnold is the last to host and plans an English menu sourced from the great Wiltshire outdoors

  • Episode 141 - Warwickshire - Liza

    First to host in Warwickshire is 50-year old sports-mad fitness instructor Liza Macias. Liza plans to woo her guests with a French menu and three well-oiled hunks.

  • Episode 142 - Warwickshire - Steve

    Sailor and ladies' man Steve Aston hopes his nautically-themed evening will win his four female guests over

  • Episode 143 - Warwickshire - Emma

    It's day three of the competition in Warwickshire and admin manager Emma Reddin is laying on pea and potato samosas, a selection of Indian curries, and some Bollywood dancing.

  • Episode 144 - Warwickshire - Pinky

    It's the turn of PA Pinky Sidhu, who plans an evening of sophistication and pageantry in an effort to educate her guests about the finer things in life

  • Episode 145 - Warwickshire - Alison

    Eccentric driving instructor Alison Firth hopes to impress her guests with her disco themed night, which reaches a sticky climax with a marshmallow competition

  • Episode 146 - Swindon - Mark

    First up for the challenge is international DJ Mark Eteson, who hopes to create a hands-in-the-air experience with his rave-themed evening

  • Episode 147 - Swindon - Michaela

    Amateur dramatics enthusiast Michaela Kearns plans a glamour themed evening including melted chocolate with dipping treats

  • Episode 148 - Swindon - Scott

    Financial advisor Scott Hillier hopes to blow the competition away with a Wild West themed evening

  • Episode 149 - Swindon - Sally

    Episode 149 - Swindon - Sally

    Direct sales manager Sally Rachael hosts a 'girls night in' themed evening, with mysteriously titled dishes that leave her guests with no idea what they're going to be served

  • Episode 150 - Swindon - Gill

    Alternative therapist Gill Bright has big plans for an 'upstairs downstairs' Edwardian evening in Swindon, featuring some sophisticated food followed by circle dancing to Bob Marley

  • Episode 151 - West Midlands - Gemma

    First to host is Gemma Willock, who is planning an evening of glitz and glamour, with a few shortcuts.

  • Episode 152 - West Midlands - Andrew

    Episode 152 - West Midlands - Andrew

    Second to host is Andrew, who hopes to add a pop art dimension to his 50s beatnik-themed dinner party.

  • Episode 153 - West Midlands - Jules

    Latest to host is Jules, who plans to win her guests' favour with a medieval dinner party, including putting straw on the dining room floor.

  • Episode 154 - West Midlands - Lucy

    It's massage therapist Lucy's turn in this brand new competition in the West Midlands. Her meal will beThai, with a massage thrown in, and a present for each guest.

  • Episode 155 - West Midlands - Lloyd

    Last to host in the West Midlands is Lloyd Cast, who plans a chilled night where his elegant food can take centre stage.

  • Episode 156 - Wakefield - Angie

    Retired businesswoman Angie Battye combines her Asian roots with her love of Barbadian cuisine for her guests

  • Episode 157 - Wakefield - Joel

    IT expert and disco fanatic Joel Rowbottom hopes to impress his guests with good food and dancing, but faces awkward questions about his disco pants.

  • Episode 158 - Wakefield - Donna

    Glamourpuss Donna Stephenson shocks her guest with the many animals in her home and her extreme beauty routine. And also with her main course of bunny delight.

  • Episode 159 - Wakefield - Jake

    It's 32-year-old window cleaner Jake Coxon's turn to host in Wakefield. As well as a tasty beef Wellington, Jake has an entertainment ace up his sleeve.

  • Episode 160 - Wakefield - Francesca

    Hairdresser Francesca Saynor makes her bid for the prize. Will her simple menu and her back-to-school theme for the evening do the trick?

  • Episode 161 - Huddersfield - Virginia

    First to host is 49-year-old mum-of-three Virginia Houslin, who hopes to wow her guests with her charm and Caribbean home cooking

  • Episode 162 - Huddersfield - Iyesha

    Business development manager Iyesha Atkins tries to impress her guests with a sophisticated dinner party. Will a discussion of religion derail her evening?

  • Episode 163 - Huddersfield - Richard

    Singer and confident cook Richard Wood is going to cook steak, in the words of his hero Frank Sinatra, 'My Way'

  • Episode 164 - Huddersfield - Tommy

    It's the turn of self-styled king of clubs Tommy Mack to host in Huddersfield, and he's planning a Hollywood silent movie themed evening that includes some unique entertainment

  • Episode 165 - Huddersfield - Kim

    Hairdresser Kim Connor hosts American diner themed menu on the final night in Huddersfield. Will her food wreck her chances or does her entertainment make up for it?

  • Episode 166 - Bury St Edmunds - Richard

    Horse enthusiast Richard Negus hosts a Day at the Races dinner party featuring a spot of snail racing for entertainment

  • Episode 167 - Bury St Edmunds - Amber

    Lecturer Amber Elba Porter plans to show the group her spiritual side as well as her nutty meringues. But will her tarot cards and rune stones predict which two guests will clash over dinner?

  • Episode 168 - Bury St Edmunds - Tim

    Tim hopes his Bring your Trunks dinner party will go swimmingly, but domestic goddess Hannah soon upstages him

  • Episode 169 - Bury St Edmunds - Sue

    Sue Smith plans a Back to School theme. But Sue's menu leaves most of her guests totally baffled.

  • Episode 170 - Bury St Edmunds - Hannah

    Self-styled domestic goddess Hannah Totman takes a turn to host. Will the professionally-trained opera singer's Italian menu see her achieve a perfect harmony, or leave her hitting some bum notes?

  • Episode 171 - Portsmouth - Allison

    Successful solicitor and glamorous mum Allison Hampshire is the first to host from Portsmouth

  • Episode 172 - Portsmouth - Will

    It's the turn of sociology lecturer Will Dixon to host. Will's soggy salad starter disgusts picky guest Rose Proenca, and his overcooked beef Wellington doesn't do him any favours.

  • Episode 173 - Portsmouth - Kathy

    French tutor Kathy 'Hurricane' Anderson intends to wow her guests with her Gallic-inspired menu

  • Episode 174 - Portsmouth - Christopher

    Stage actor Christopher attempts an Oscar-winning performance in the kitchen. Can he put on a culinary show to remember or will his adventurous menu cause him more problems than it's worth?

  • Episode 175 - Portsmouth - Rose

    Brazilian beauty-counter manager Rose Proenca has prepared a Turkish menu which wows her guests. But then things start to get tricky when Rose brings out some excruciating entertainment.

  • Episode 176 - Shropshire - Zoe

    First to host is zumba instructor Zoe, with posh artist Penny, travelling salesman Richard, radio DJ Paul and Josh. Zoe's soufflé starter impresses, but Richard's monologue on LED lightbulbs less so.

  • Episode 177 - Shropshire - Penny

    Eccentric artist and dairy farmer Penny Timmis is second to host and has roped-in a dentist posing as a magician for entertainment.

  • Episode 178 - Shropshire - Richard

    It's the turn of lighting salesman Richard Mercer to host in Shropshire. The self-confessed gadget geek cooks paella for dinner and for entertainment suggests a game of 'Guess the Gadget'.

  • Episode 179 - Shropshire - Josh

    Youngest of the group Josh Sedgley take to the kitchen, but unfortunately his meringues look a bit suspect, while Zoe laughs uncontrollably at his main course.

  • Episode 180 - Shropshire - Paul

    The final dinner party in Shropshire is hosted by traffic reporter and radio DJ Paul Shuttleworth, who plans to mix wacky outfits, bouncy castles and fun food

  • Episode 181 - Colchester - Richard

    First to host is Richard Massey, who's banking that his signature dish 'Drunken Duck' and his cheeky chappy humour will win his guests favour.

  • Episode 182 - Colchester - Darius

    It's the second day in Colchester and the turn of smooth talking PR man Darius, who is rustling up a menu full of local produce, including his very own blackberry wine.

  • Episode 183 - Colchester - Adrena

    Army wife Adrena plans a soothing Armenian menu for her guests. Her Armenian egg fight as entertainment proves a cracking success with everyone.

  • Episode 184 - Colchester - James

    It's the turn of money mad James Coe, whose food is a hit. But what about his hot tub, and one of his guest's pink pants?

  • Episode 185 - Colchester - Jodie

    It's the final day and vegetarian Jodie Edzekiel is out to wow her guest by giving them what they want...meat! That's if she can work up the courage to touch it.

  • Episode 186 - Sheffield - Louise

    Self-confessed clutter bug Louise McGowan plans a charity shop-chic night. Will Louise's motherly nature win over her guests?

  • Episode 187 - Sheffield - Paul

    As the oldest of the group, tribute band manager Paul Wood is quietly confident that his ambitious menu and a 1920s theme for entertainmen will see him take the prize.

  • Episode 188 - Sheffield - Yana

    Proud Russian Yana hopes to impress with an evening of delicacies from her homeland. But is her menu a bit too heavy on the mayo?

  • Episode 189 - Sheffield - Tommy

    MusicianTommy Jones fails to hit all the right notes as disaster strikes during his starter as his evening as host descends into hilarity and high jinks.

  • Episode 190 - Sheffield - Gina

    It's the final night in Sheffield and nail artist Gina's meal lurches from one kitchen calamity to another.

  • Episode 191 - Dudley - Mandeep

    This competition in Dudley in the Black Country starts with banker Mandeep Rajput, who opts for a traditional Punjabi menu for his guests and some bhangra dancing

  • Episode 192 - Dudley - Adam

    Pub-quiz host Adam Reece is second up in Dudley and plans a 'mixed up' night with his guests being asked to attend in their pyjamas. On the menu is Italian with some gameshow-style fun for afters.

  • Episode 193 - Dudley - Di

    In Dudley 65-year-old spoon-playing pensioner Di Dawson plans some good honest home cooking and civilised conversation. But Adam is determined to take his smutty sense of humour up a notch.

  • Episode 194 - Dudley - Vicky

    Dog groomer Vicky Pell has high hopes for her cruise-ship-themed dinner party in Dudley. But it might not be plain sailing with a rift emerging between two of the guests.

  • Episode 195 - Dudley - Sarah

    It's the final day of the competition and 25-year-old business woman Sarah Freeman is hoping her Moroccan menu will drive her on to victory.

  • Episode 196 - Somerset - Kerry

    Episode 196 - Somerset - Kerry

    Housewife and keen horse-rider Kerry Mackenzie is hoping that her Greek menu and bubbly personality will secure her the prize.

  • Episode 197 - Somerset - Simon

    Episode 197 - Somerset - Simon

    It's the turn of farm owner and junkyard lover Simon Dyer to host in Somerset. Simon hopes to wow his guests by cooking his main course on a salvaged drum.

  • Episode 198 - Somerset - Richard

    Episode 198 - Somerset - Richard

    The third night in Somerset is hosted by builder Richard Lees. But all eyes are on Tim's replacement, forthright body piercer Linda.

  • Episode 199 - Somerset - Emily

    Episode 199 - Somerset - Emily

    Customer services trainer Emily Parker plans a night of fun and laughter with her 'Wigs and Wellies' dress code. But tensions rise between two of the guests over the mackerel pate starter.

  • Episode 200 - Somerset - Linda

    Episode 200 - Somerset - Linda

    It's the final night of the competition and the turn of body piercer Linda Rossiter. Linda plans a leather and lace evening but it's not long before the insults start to fly.

  • Episode 201 - Mansfield - Tina

    The brand new competition in Mansfield kicks off with a jaw-dropping evening of costume, music and homemade recipes from health-conscious granny Tina Ainsworth.

  • Episode 202 - Mansfield - Tomasz

    Polish croupier Tomasz hosts an 'outrageous' themed evening. One guest comes as a giant toddler while another reveals his extensive tattoos. There's also a balloon pumping competition for fun.

  • Episode 203 - Mansfield - Gareth

    In Mansfield, DJ Gareth Harding turns his garden into a Balearic cocktail bar and club, complete with lasers and disco lights, and wows his guests with his fire-breathing.

  • Episode 204 - Mansfield - Rachel

    Francophile and animal lover Rachel Imms hosts a French-inspired evening in Mansfield. But entertainment in the form of a French accordionist doesn't appeal to everyone.

  • Episode 205 - Mansfield - Julia

    It's the final day in Mansfield, and dance fanatic Julia Smith is confident she can wow her guests with her fancy house and her hospitality. Having two waiters on hand certainly helps.

  • Episode 206 - Lincoln - Hunni

    This brand new episode comes from Lincoln, where first to host is hunting enthusiast Hunni Hindley

  • Episode 207 - Lincoln - Caroline

    It's the second night in Lincolnshire and Caroline Bevis is treating her guests to a Roaring 20s dinner party with a 'swellegant soufflé'.

  • Episode 208 - Lincoln - Glenn

    Glenn Priestly plans a rock legends dinner for his guests in Lincoln. But student Richard lowers the tone of the evening.

  • Episode 209 - Lincoln - Richard

    Dog groomer Vicky Pell has high hopes for her cruise ship-themed dinner party in Dudley. But it might not be plain sailing with a rift emerging between two of the guests.

  • Episode 210 - Lincoln - Natashka

    It's the final day of the competition and 25-year-old business woman Sarah Freeman is hoping her Moroccan menu will drive her on to victory

  • Episode 211 - South East London - Jules

    Model agency boss Jules Hobbs puts on an evening of 'Glitz & Glamour' and the night takes a turn for the surreal when dancing girls appear at the foot of the table for a Christmas sing-song

  • Episode 212 - South East London - Tom

    Eccentric banker Tom Judge goes old school with a Dickensian-themed Christmas, including a Mr Fizzy Wigs punch, some wild bell ringing, a spot of kazoo playing and a dead eel for a table decoration.

  • Episode 213 - South East London - John

    History buff John Stevens decides to give his guests an authentic taste of a wartime austerity with a Christmas dinner 1941-style. Will his guests enjoy John's meagre rations?

  • Episode 214 - South East London - Kate

    Twenty-nine-year-old PA Kate goes all out with a festive extravaganza, asking her guests to come as their favourite Christmas word. But tensions rise when the guests find a secret in Kate's wardrobe.

  • Episode 215 - South East London - Charlie

    The last to host in this Christmas competition in south east London is Charlie Spiteri. The uber-confident host plans oysters, champagne and an ambitious three-bird roast. Too ambitious?

  • Episode 216 - Celebrity Christmas Special

    First up in this brand new festive episode is ditsy actress Chelsee Healey, who throws a Caribbean Christmas night. The only problem is that she's never hosted a dinner party before.

  • Episode 217 - Celebrity Christmas Special

    Hollyoaks star Nick Pickard is determined to get everyone in the festive spirit with his gourmet cuisine and 'elf' dress code. But will it be enough to win over moody model Jasmine Lennard?

  • Episode 218 - Celebrity Christmas Special

    The latest to host is actress Chrissy Rock, who is hoping to lift Christmas spirits with a retro-themed dinner party. But what will her guests make of a bit of old-fashioned festive fun?

  • Episode 219 - Celebrity Christmas Special

    Singer and proud Liverpudlian Marcus Collins goes all out to win the charity prize with a hefty main course of 'Scouse with a Kick' washed down with a sparkling slice of boy band entertainment

  • Episode 220 - Celebrity Christmas Special

    The final host is actress Margi Clarke, who is serving 'Margi's Magic Flying Phoenix' and bringing in a psychic and a few practical jokes for laughs. But will that be enough to win the £1000?

  • Episode 251 - Cambridge - Dean

    It's the first night in and around the city of Cambridge, and host Dean Faulkner, a dog and cattery owner, is keen to impress with his cockney knees-up themed dinner party.

  • Episode 252 - Cambridge - Kay

    Kay Greenwood serves up tempura prawns, beef stroganoff and some unique 'entertainment' that makes sceptical Matt Sullivan think again.

  • Episode 253 - Cambridge - Matt

    Matt Suillivan's home-grown English fare, including 'posh' fish and chips and rice pudding, isn't quite what the guests are expecting...

  • Episode 254 - Cambridge - Hawa

    It's day four in Cambridge and will Hawa Sydique's adventurous menu cause her more problems than it's worth? And could a 20-piece samba band in her front room prove a bit much?

  • Episode 255 - Cambridge - David

    Proud Scouser David Goodier is determined to show his southern rivals how to throw a winning dinner party, with a 60s Merseybeat dress code and 'spicy Beatballs' and 'tir-Mersey-su' on the menu.