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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 24 Summary

More home chefs host dinner parties with one eye on the prize.

  • Episode 1 - Hull - All in One

    Housewife Beccy Harrison, DJ Paul Green, glam marketing girl Eve Clark and amateur dramatics director Mark Daniels battle it out in Hull

  • Episode 2 - Avonmouth - All in One

    Kitchen designer Matt, eco-warrior Lily, teetotal yoga teacher Charlotta and self-styled 'Boyonce' Josh compete in a week featuring food salvaged from skips, pre-dinner yoga and embarrassing dancing

  • Episode 3 - East Yorkshire - All in One

    In East Yorkshire four cooks battle it out in a week of palm reading, some racy discoveries in the bedroom, confusion between posset and possum, and a bit of a Botox controversy

  • Episode 4 - South Devon - All in One

    This episode comes from south Devon, where party girl Frankie Tolliday takes on American rock chick Tara Mulholland, Dandy artist Simon Drew and relentless joker Peter Pyne

  • Episode 5 - Norwich - All in One

    The competitive foursome's week in Norwich features an undercooked chicken, a 'busty' party trick, and a super hot chilli-eating challenge

  • Episode 6 - Bristol - All in One

    This episode comes from Bristol, where the competitive dining features a bit of manhandling, some dodgy 80s disco moments and an enormous handmade sausage

  • Episode 7 - Costa del Sol Special

    Four ex-pats compete for the £1000 on the Costa del Sol. Mekala serves pie and mash, Greg's wobbly dessert doesn't go down well and one of John's jokes backfires. Can fun-loving Mandy patch things up?

  • Episode 8 - Athletics Special

    Four Olympians - javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread, record-breaking barefoot runner Zola Budd, high-jump champion Dalton Grant and 400m hurdles gold medallist Kriss Akabusi - compete for charity

  • Episode 9 - Rugby World Cup Special

    Rugby greats Kyran Bracken, Martin Offiah, Victor Ubogu and Gareth Chilcott go shoulder-to-shoulder to win £1000 for charity and the glory of throwing the best dinner party

  • Episode 10 - Telford - All in One

    Donna Daly kicks off the week with a man-pleasing menu as she takes on Ian Carter, Sarah Ashley-Ruff and self-acclaimed 'Mr Perfect' Adam Hurlin

  • Episode 11 - Burton-on-Trent - All in One

    In Burton-on-Trent four cooks battle it out in a week featuring sloppy banoffee pie, undercooked prawns and a lot of talk about fake boobs and Botox

  • Episode 12 - Tyneside - All in One

    Battling it out in the north east are English teacher and competitive foodie Jenni McGagh, hairdresser Bobby Mukabaa, colonic irrigationist Cath Morgan, and cheeky-chappy butcher Dan Freeman

  • Episode 13 - Carlisle - All in One

    Episode 13 - Carlisle - All in One

    Complementary therapy student Helen Speakman, boy band drummer Andy Bainbridge, DIY devotee Nigel Hawes and cake maker Deborah Nixon compete for culinary supremacy in Carlisle

  • Episode 14 - Hampshire - All in One

    Motormouth mum of four Selena Bartlett, punk rock vegan Jhon Cosgrove, retired boat lover Anson Lane and chatty hairdresser Terese Scott battle it out for the cash prize in Hampshire

  • Episode 15 - North West London - All in One

    Solicitor Bahareh Amani, bachelor boy Anil Patel, gardener Alan Stride and furniture delivery man and tattoo fanatic Danny 'Bulldog' Buckton throw four very different dinner parties

  • Episode 16 - Windsor - All in One

    In Windsor, solicitor Anil Vij takes on food snob Harry Hardisty, posh businesswoman Jan Bowdler and lady of leisure Ansa Khan, who thinks of herself as the 'other' Queen of Windsor

  • Episode 17 - Isle of Man - All in One

    On the Isle of Man four hosts go head to head in a competition featuring some flirting, some bitching, some insults, a Manx crab starter, and one host dressing up as a cow to serve pudding

  • Episode 18 - Luton - All in One

    A B&B owner, a fire-fighting action man, a feisty Polish mum and a know-it-all fitness trainer battle it out over four nights in Luton

  • Episode 19 - Dundee and Lothian - All in One

    Serious student Ben, celebrity-obsessed Jessica, fun-loving prison manager Derek and competitive Cara-Anne compete in a week featuring edible glitter, sumo wrestling and a post-dinner toilet roll game

  • Episode 20 - Herefordshire - All in One

    Customer service advisor Mandy Fincher, 'professional bum' John Harrington, actor Simon Blood DeVay and straight-talking Sarah Haines compete in a week of sulking, flirting and medieval sword fighting

  • Episode 21 - Nottingham - All in One

    A potty-mouthed pensioner, a wrestler, a mouthy mum and a marketing director compete for dinner party dominance in a week that becomes a bit of a battle of the sexes

  • Episode 22 - Coventry - All in One

    This episode from Coventry features a bit of Bollywood, a chilli showdown, some manly one-upmanship, crazy golf and a bit of girl power

  • Episode 23 - Derry/Londonderry - All in One

    This episode comes from Northern Ireland in a week of competitive dining featuring a controversial seaweed starter, alternative therapies, some arguing and a stray hair

  • Episode 24 - Isle of Wight - All in One

    Isle of Wight celebrity Derek Sandy, eco-entrepreneur Rob Drake-Knight, single mum Claire Cheek and posh pensioner Tina Raymond compete in a week featuring rum punch, limbo dancing and too much bling

  • Episode 25 - Scarborough - All in One

    Four cooks battle it out in a week of loud suits, shoddy hosting, bad food, strong opinions, showgirls, a Laurel and Hardy tribute act and an absolute belter of an argument

  • Episode 26 - South London - All in One

    Australian comedian Colin, tennis coach Josh, Marilyn Monroe-lookalike Suzie and teacher Rachel go fork-to-fork in a week featuring small portions, fussy eating and breast-shaped food

  • Episode 27 - Oldham - All in One

    Battling it out in Oldham are student Vicki Shea, 'cultured' am-dram director James Schofield, cocktail barman Ben Brooks, and self-confessed man-eater Kathy Howard.

  • Episode 28 - Sheffield - All in One

    Bohemian erotic author Jude, telecom sales executive Robert, student Lucy and IT boss Neil compete in a week featuring risque anecdotes, some fine food and a raging battle over corks vs screw-top wine

  • Episode 29 - Come Dine with Me: Celebrity Special

    Tina Malone from Shameless takes on scandal sensation Imogen Thomas, ex-Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan and 80s pop star David Van Day in a week of competitive dining for charity

  • Episode 30 - Come Dine with Me: Comedians Christmas Special

    Comedians Sean Hughes, Gina Yashere, Paul Tonkinson and Duncan Norvelle do culinary battle for charity. But are all of Sean's courses just the same thing? And will Gina's raw-food menu go down well?

  • Episode 31 - North London - All in One

    Episode 31 - North London - All in One

    It's a week of flamboyance and flames, serenading and (unwanted) snogging as bling-tastic Raj Bahad, Rusty Warren, straight-talking Annette Ankrah, and eccentric Lilly Abrahmsohn go head-to-head

  • Episode 32 - Costa del Sol - All in One

    Four expats battle it out on the Costa del Sol in a week featuring some odd food, shameless name dropping, some bare-cheek service, and a kitchen fiasco where a host loses his tempura