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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 24 Summary

More home chefs host dinner parties with one eye on the prize.

  • Episode 1 - Hull - All in One

    Housewife Beccy Harrison, DJ Paul Green, glam marketing girl Eve Clark, and amateur dramatics director Mark Daniels battle it out for the prize.

    Beccy's Thai-themed evening is swamped by DJ Paul - who takes over every conversation, and can't stop trying to chat up Eve.

    Drama darling Mark's naked pictures raise a few eyebrows on his night as the host.

    Eve Clark's night features `One Hull of a Menu', including `Hulloumi Salad'. But it's Eve's cocktail dress and heels that really get the thumbs up from Paul.

    Last to host is Paul, who hopes his version of gourmet food and a naff disco will pull in the points.

  • Episode 2 - Avonmouth - All in One

    Four cooks in Avonmouth, near Bristol, battle it out in a week of dining including skip diving, food chanting, hula hooping and some rather embarrassing dancing.

    Cooking for the prize are kitchen designer Matt Smart, eco-warrior Lily Stephenson, teetotal yoga teacher Charlotta Martinus, and self-styled `Boyonce' Josh Willacy.

  • Episode 3 - East Yorkshire - All in One

    Four cooks battle it out in a week of palm reading, some racy discoveries in the bedroom, a confusion between posset and possum, and a bit of a botox controversy.

    The four cooks are hospital manager Richard Squire, Giles Johnson, who enjoys his own lewd humour, sassy masseuse Jo, who's up for a good time, and super-inquisitive aesthetic practitioner Angie Ward.

  • Episode 4 - South Devon - All in One

    This new episode comes from south Devon, where party girl Frankie Tolliday takes on American rock chick Tara Mulholland, Dandy artist Simon Drew and relentless joker Peter Pyne.

  • Episode 5 - Norwich - All in One

    The competitive foursome's week features an undercooked chicken, a 'busty' party trick, and a super hot chilli-eating challenge.

    Ultra-confident Sam Smith is positive he's got the winning menu, glamour model Polly Guy sets out to prove that she's more than just a pretty face, no-nonsense nutritionist Caroline Seamen has high standards when it comes to food, and bank manager and part-time DJ Richard Pearce doesn't hold back when it comes to handing out criticism.

  • Episode 6 - Bristol - All in One

    Four nights of competitive dining in the West Country, features a bit of manhandling, some dodgy 80s disco moments, and an enormous handmade sausage.

    Scatty 23-year-old yummy mummy Tess Swan-Ingrey takes on Ian Perryman, man of a thousand bad outfits (and even worse jokes), 42-year-old drugs worker Cathy Lord, and ultra-competitive salesman Tony Boniface.

  • Come Dine with Me

    Episode 7 - Costa del Sol Special

    In a Come Dine with Me first, the culinary competition ventures abroad to the sunny Costa del Sol, where four amateur ex-pat chefs compete for the coveted £1000 prize. As usual, all the scoring's in secret and only at the end of the week is the winner revealed.

    Budding entrepreneur Mekala Hodgson starts off the Spanish week with a very un-Spanish menu - pie and mash to be precise - in celebration of her Essex roots.

    Next up, well-bred, bi-lingual Greg Van Praagh attempts to wow with some complicated cookery. But a wobbly dessert results in some guests throwing wobblies of their own!

    Sun-worshipping retiree John Morton intends to host an evening of entertainment and hilarity, but when one of his jokes backfires it all goes spectacularly wrong and sparks fly.

    It falls to the final competitor - fun-loving Mandy Strutton - to try to ease tensions within the group with a Thai menu. But will they be able to patch things up before the winner is revealed?

  • Episode 8 - Athletics Special

    In this brand new Come Dine with Me celebrity special, four Olympians battle it out to win a £1000 cash prize for charity.

    Former world champion javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread kicks off the week focused and totally prepared, but with a light and healthy meal for her guests.

    Just as well, considering she quickly has them all competing in her very own sports day in her back garden!

    Record-breaking, barefoot runner Zola Budd adds a South African touch to the week with her family-inspired recipes.

    High-jump champion Dalton Grant reaches new lows with a limbo dancing contest during a Caribbean-themed night.

    And last to go for gold is 400m hurdles gold medallist Kriss Akabusi who, reliving a past career in the army, provides a military drill instructor to whip his guests into shape.

  • Episode 9 - Rugby World Cup Special

    Four rugby greats - Kyran Bracken, Martin Offiah, Victor Ubogu and Gareth Chilcott - go shoulder-to-shoulder in a charity rugby special.

    Cheeky scrum half Kyran Bracken kicks off a week of banter and boisterousness by comparing manly war wounds with his fellow players. Also the quartet play 'egg Russian roulette', involving one fresh egg and three boiled eggs.

    On Night 2, winger Martin Offiah attempts an evening of fine dining involving mussels and an 'authentic' Nigerian stew.

    Prop forward Victor Ubogu decides to lighten the mood on Night 3 by getting everyone up close and personal with some sheep. And as 'lightweights' Martin and Kyran are left lagging, things get even more lively when Victor's guests discover that his dining table doubles as a pool table.

    Gareth Chilcott rounds off the week.

  • Episode 10 - Telford - All in One

    Donna Daly kicks off the week with a man-pleasing menu as she takes on Ian Carter, Sarah Ashley-Ruff and self-acclaimed 'Mr Perfect' Adam Hurlin.

  • Episode 11 - Burton-on-Trent - All in One

    In Burton-on-Trent four cooks battle it out in a week featuring sloppy banoffee pie, some seriously undercooked prawns and much talk of fake boobs and Botox.

    Refined food snob Charlotte Yates takes on brash culinary queen Lucy Quy, singer Fiona Denton, and 'fun and flirty' Chris Bale. The week features its fair share of culinary controversies, including dumplings out of a packet and shop-bought custard.

    And while one of the hosts reveals a talent for making animal noises, another introduces everyone to 'Chubby', her fat-faced alter ego.

  • Episode 12 - Tyneside - All in One

    Battling it out in the north east are English teacher and competitive foodie Jenni McGagh, hairdresser Bobby Mukabaa, bowel-obsessed colonic irrigationist Cath Morgan, and cheeky-chappy butcher Dan Freeman.

    While Bobby looks a bit like Gazza and brags about his celebrity client list, Jenni's none too keen on his bread and butter pudding, and decides to hide it.

    Cath's 'bowel-enhancing' evening leaves her guests wanting less information.

    Butcher Dan hopes his award-winning black pudding and top quality steak fillets will win him the competition. But unfortunately he makes a schoolboy error cooking his meat.

  • Come Dine with Me

    Episode 13 - Carlisle - All in One

    Competing for culinary supremacy in Carlisle are complementary therapy student Helen Speakman, boy band drummer Andy Bainbridge, DIY devotee Nigel Hawes and cake maker Deborah Nixon.

    Helen has set herself a challenge with multiple courses in an oriental theme and she's determined to cook everything from scratch.

    Pop wannabe Andy has decided to use his boyish charms to win points, rather than offering complicated dishes on his menu.

    Nigel hopes his happy-go-lucky nature and a bizarre, dream-inspired Italian menu will be enough to land him the prize.

    Last to host is cake maker Deborah, who finally gets the chance to show off her much-bragged-about culinary skills. Will she be left with egg on her face when she serves a breakfast fry-up as one of her courses?

  • Episode 14 - Hampshire - All in One

    In Hampshire, motor-mouth mum of four Selena Bartlett, punk rock vegan Jhon Cosgrove, retired boat-lover Anson Lane and chatty hairdresser Terese Scott are battling it out for the £1000 prize.

    Selena, a college lecturer, is expecting to be the centre of attention, but the limelight is instantly stolen by Anson, who threatens to take his teeth out, while Selena and Terese attempt to out-talk each other.

    Punk rock vegan Jhon's dinner party features a menu of spicy peanut soup, fake steak pie and cheesecake. He also throws in some face painting on arrival before stripping naked at the dinner table!

    Elvis enthusiast Anson offers a simple menu of asparagus wrapped in ham, fish for the carnivores, pie for Jhon and pancakes for dessert.

    The final dinner party is hosted by hairdresser Terese. She's looking forward to the meal but the simmering tension between her and Selena soon comes to a head.

    With feelings frayed and £1000 up for grabs, will it be tears of joy or of anger as the winner is announced?

  • Episode 15 - North West London - All in One

    Four very different amateur cooks are putting on four very different dinner parties. Competing for the prize are 25-year-old solicitor Bahareh Amani, bachelor boy and satellite dish engineer Anil Patel, gardener Alan Stride, and furniture delivery man and tattoo fanatic Danny 'Bulldog' Buckton.

    Bahareh likes to look good at all times and plans to entertain her three male guests with a spot of belly dancing. But what will they make of her Iranian-inspired dinner?

    On day two, Anil Patel entertains with a very spicy traditional Indian dinner. Danny has a great night - he loves the food and also Bahareh's towering pink stilettos.

    On Alan Stride's night, the host opens up to his guests about his past but they soon wish they'd never asked.

    Danny Buckton's night features tattoos, Thai food and disco dancing.

  • Episode 16 - Windsor - All in One

    In Windsor, solicitor Anil Vij takes on food snob and web designer Harry Hardisty, posh property businesswoman Jan Bowdler, and lady of leisure Ansa Khan - who thinks of herself as the 'other' Queen of Windsor.

    On the first night, a tipsy Jan insists on feeding Anil, and Ansa makes the mistake of imitating Jan's posh accent. Harry's eel starter raises a few eyebrows on Day 2, but it's Jan's dancing that steals the show. On Day 3 Jan hosts an evening at the races, while Day 4 sees tensions rise and a confrontational chat between Jan and Ansa.

  • Episode 17 - Isle of Man - All in One

    On the Isle of Man four hosts go head to head in a week featuring some flirting, some bitching, some insults, a Manx crab starter, and one host dressing up as a cow to serve pudding.

    Taking part are millionaire property developer John Tinsley, posh pensioner Madeline Simpson, travel agent Mandy Quayle, and Irish gardener Sean O'Connell.

  • Episode 18 - Luton - All in One

    This brand new episode comes from Luton where, battling it out over four nights are B&B owner Alison McGaw, fire-fighting action man Gary Salvage, fearsomely feisty Polish mum Alex Lipa, and know-it-all fitness trainer Kirkland Hay.

    Expect swooning, sophisticated chat and even spanking as the contestants go head-to-head for the £1,000 prize?

  • Episode 19 - Dundee and Lothian - All in One

    A week of competitive dining featuring bickering, edible glitter, sumo-wrestling, and a post-dinner toilet-roll game.

    Super serious science student Ben Skerry takes on celebrity-obsessed school teacher Jessica McLaren, fun-loving prison manager Derek Taylor and uber-competitive office manager Cara-Anne Marshall.

  • Episode 20 - Herefordshire - All in One

    Battling it out in Herefordshire are 47-year-old customer service advisor Mandy Fincher, 'professional bum' John Harrington, actor Simon Blood DeVay, and straight-talking accountant Sarah Haines, in a week of competitive dining featuring some sulking, outrageous flirting, a bit of medieval sword fighting, and a jump in the pool.

  • Episode 21 - Nottingham - All in One

    Battling it out this time are a potty-mouthed pensioner, a wrestler, a mouthy mum and a marketing director. Expect some unsavoury dinner table conversation and a battle of the sexes.

    Pensioner Jean Lintorn, wrestler 'Psycho' Stevie Flint, mouthy-mum Jess Hardacre and marketing director Scott Whittaker are the contestants.

  • Episode 22 - Coventry - All in One

    Magician Gareth Twynam takes on mum-of-two Sumi Malhortra-Chauhan, recruitment consultant Kristy Mooney, and salesman Phil Roberts, in a week featuring a bit of Bollywood, a chilli showdown, some manly one-upmanship, crazy golf, and a bit of girl power.

  • Episode 23 - Derry/Londonderry - All in One

    This week of competitive dining comes from Northern Ireland and features a controversial seaweed starter, some alternative therapies, some arguing and a stray hair.

    Taking part is full-time mum and self-proclaimed `crazy yank' Sheila Whelan Duffy; part-time call centre op Caroline Patterson; cost administrator Eunan Quigley; and pooch potty company director David Kavanagh.

  • Episode 24 - Isle of Wight - All in One

    The four battling for the prize on the Isle of Wight are local celebrity and singer Derek Sandy, eco-entrepreneur Rob Drake-Knight, single mum Claire Cheek and posh pensioner Tina Raymond.

    Their eventful dinner parties feature rum punch and limbo dancing, a glamorous red-carpet complete with paparazzi, and an overdose of 'bling'.

  • Episode 25 - Scarborough - All in One

    Four cooks battle it out in a week of loud suits, shoddy hosting, bad food, strong opinions, showgirls, a Laurel and Hardy tribute act and an absolute belter of an argument.

    Taking part are Claire McCourt, Ken Webster, Stewart Chapman Wilson and Claire Oliver.

  • Episode 26 - South London - All in One

    Four south London residents go fork to fork. Australian comedian Colin Cole, tennis coach Josh Harvey, Marilyn Monroe lookalike Suzie Kennedy, and teacher Rachel Melito, in a week of dining featuring some small portions, fussy eating, and food shaped to resemble a pair of breasts.

  • Episode 27 - Oldham - All in One

    Battling it out in Oldham are student Vicki Shea, 'cultured' am-dram director James Schofield, cocktail barman Ben Brooks, and self-confessed man-eater Kathy Howard.

  • Episode 28 - Sheffield - All in One

    Four amateur cooks in Sheffield compete in a week of dining featuring feuding, risque anecdotes, some fine food, and a raging battle over whether wine corks or screw-top lids are best.

    Taking part are bohemian erotic author Jude Calvert-Toulmin, telecom sales executive Robert Tingle, student Lucy Croft and IT boss Neil Goodwin.

  • Episode 29 - Come Dine with Me: Celebrity Special

    Tina Malone from Shameless takes on scandal sensation Imogen Thomas, ex-Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan, and 80s pop star David Van Day in a week of competitive dining for charity.

    Tina Malone is first into battle with her impressive three-meat roast. But she is not impressed with having to spend the week with 'prat' David Van Day and 'crazy' Paul Danan.

    Imogen Thomas throws a '007 Dressed to Kill' themed evening. David brings his water pistol.

    For Paul's hip hop night, Imogen comes in an open hoodie and just a bikini.

    David's night is an 80s night featuring 'Madonna', 'Tina Turner', 'Michael Jackson', and David singing live.

  • Episode 30 - Come Dine with Me: Comedians Christmas Special

    Four comedians do culinary battle for charity.

    Going head-to-head in this festive special are Sean Hughes, Gina Yashere, Paul Tonkinson and Duncan Norvelle.

    Sean serves up a non-festive, nonsense-sounding menu of 'squibby's delight', 'mumsy's surprise' and 'Irish odlums', all containing the same ingredient - home-made vegetarian stew. He also hires a Smiths tribute band for entertainment.

    Duncan Norvelle's night includes a live nativity scene, a Cliff Richard impersonator, opera singers and fireworks. But how does his cooking hold up?

    Paul Tonkinson impresses with his home-made cooking and some feel-good Christmas carol singers, while Gina lays on a risky raw-food menu, some festive fancy dress and a group dance with a gospel choir.

  • Come Dine with Me

    Episode 31 - North London - All in One

    It's a week of flamboyance and flames, serenading and (unwanted) snogging as four north London residents go head-to-head.

    Guests include bling-tastic Raj Bahad, 21-year-old Rusty Warren, straight-talking HR advisor Annette Ankrah, and eccentric nutritionist Lilly Abrahmsohn.

  • Episode 32 - Costa del Sol - All in One

    Battling it out on the Costa del Sol are four expats in a week featuring some odd food, shameless name dropping, some bare-cheek service, and a kitchen fiasco where a host loses his tempura.

    Taking part are fun-loving Welsh emigre Kate Forrest, gardening guru Ben Knight, friend-of-the-famous and bus driver Tony Reddin, and straight-talking Marilyn Bevins.

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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

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