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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 22 Summary

The competitive cooking show is back for a new series of dinner party action. Every week, five strangers take it in turns to throw a dinner party - and the best host wins a cash prize!

  • Episode 1 - Kent - Lydia

    Episode 1 - Kent - Lydia

    First to host is full-time mum Lydia Jones. She's opted for some French recipes that, although tried before, she's never had any success with.

  • Episode 2 - Kent - Marcello

    Episode 2 - Kent - Marcello

    It's arrogant hairdresser Marcello Marino's chance to entertain and he's really going to have to turn on the charm after offending each guest last night

  • Episode 3 - Kent - Donna

    Episode 3 - Kent - Donna

    It's day three on the Kent coast and the host, Margate-girl Donna Grieves, is hoping to impress with her locally-sourced ingredients and best-of-British menu

  • Episode 4 - Kent - Anthony

    Episode 4 - Kent - Anthony

    Day four in Kent and experimental artist Anthony Wait is hosting. In true alternative fashion, he's opted not to practice his cooking beforehand and just see what happens on the night

  • Episode 5 - Kent - Chris

    Episode 5 - Kent - Chris

    It's the final night in Kent and building boss and confirmed foodie Chris Newbold is determined that Italian motor mouth Marcello won't get the last laugh with his usual insults

  • Episode 6 - Cardiff - Sophie

    Episode 6 - Cardiff - Sophie

    On the first night in Cardiff, fun-loving primary school teacher Sophie Hunter-Brown plans a Thai beach party

  • Episode 7 - Cardiff - Huw

    Episode 7 - Cardiff - Huw

    In Cardiff second to host is headmaster Huw Jones who hopes to impress his guests with some fine dining. Sadly Huw plans mushroom tart, while events manager Stewart has a mushroom phobia.

  • Episode 8 - Cardiff - Emma

    Episode 8 - Cardiff - Emma

    In Cardiff, nurse Emma Nurse hopes some quirky food choices and fun entertainment will distract her guests from her not-so-great cooking skills

  • Episode 9 - Cardiff - Gina

    Episode 9 - Cardiff - Gina

    Fourth to host in Cardiff is Gina Goddard-Bell. Although Gina prides herself on her organisational skills she suffers a bit of a setback when she runs out of rice.

  • Episode 10 - Cardiff - Stewart

    Episode 10 - Cardiff - Stewart

    It's the final day and the turn of hospitality manager Stewart Duff. Will the guests find Stewart's fancy menu, featuring mixed game pithiviers and garlic ice-cream, all style and no substance?

  • Episode 11 - West London - Azzi

    Part-time model, journalist and poet Azzi Kalili is first up in West London. Persian Aussie Azzi hosts her dinner party in a Moroccan marquee in her garden - on a cold London winter's night.

  • Episode 12 - West London - Steve

    The host on the second day of the competition, plumber Steve Capel, has a bit of an accident preparing his favourite dish: an African roulade of ostrich, kudu and springbok

  • Episode 13 - West London - Zae

    Ex-wedding planner Zae hopes to impress with his wedding-style menu and his attention to detail

  • Episode 14 - West London - Emma

    Posh and picky events organiser Emma Boardman Magliocchetti hosts in West London. The only issue is Emma has never cooked a three-course meal before.

  • Episode 15 - West London - Jane

    Last to host in West London is busy mum Jane Welch, who's feeling the pressure as she's out of practice hosting dinner parties. But the compliments soon begin to flow.

  • Episode 16 - Nottingham - Stephanie

    In this new episode from Nottingham marketing manager Stephanie Hale goes head-to-head with local councillor Alex, beauty therapist Janice, project engineer Brian, and party animal Barry

  • Episode 17 - Nottingham - Alex

    In Nottingham local councillor Alex Foster hopes to impress with a fancy French menu and a spot of bell ringing

  • Episode 18 - Nottingham - Janice

    In Nottingham Janice is feeling quietly confident that her 1970s themed night will be a winner. But it's not long before a chill descends on the dinner table.

  • Episode 19 - Nottingham - Brian

    In Nottingham it's the turn of self-confessed "sexist" engineer Brian Hodges to host. But not only does Brian never cook, he doesn't even have enough cutlery to go round.

  • Episode 20 - Nottingham - Barry

    Barry Dickman is hoping his Greek-themed night will be enough to win him the competition. But how will his guests take to eating his traditional Greek food and dancing to traditional Greek music?

  • Episode 21 - Gloucestershire - Zac

    Zac Kwintner serves steak fondue while handing over cooking duties to his house staff, which does not go down well with his guests

  • Episode 22 - Gloucestershire - Gerry

    Mature student Gerry Hill hopes to spice things up with his Egyptian feast. Things get spicy at the table, as Ameena compares Zac to Big Brother's nasty Nick.

  • Episode 23 - Gloucestershire - Kayleigh

    Bubbly travel agent Kayleigh Hunt plans a Moroccan-themed menu but forgets to put on the main course, leaving one guest snoring and another fuming

  • Episode 24 - Gloucestershire - Marc

    Web designer Marc Harris is next up in Gloucestershire and is confident his Spanish menu will blow his guests away. But things go downhill fast as he makes a mess of his starter.

  • Episode 25 - Gloucestershire - Ameena

    Ameena carves carrots into butterflies, fashions a birdcage centrepiece from a melon, and colour co-ordinates her evening dress to match her dog's outfit. But Kayleigh refuses to eat her starter.

  • Episode 26 - Birmingham - April

    In Birmingham, hair and beauty tutor April Richards is the first host - and serves her guests a meal of zebra meat and a raw pudding.

  • Episode 27 - Birmingham - John

    Second to host in Birmingham is scientist John Fennel, who brings his lab skills into play with soda-siphoned fish batter and ice cream made with nitrogen oxide.

  • Episode 28 - Birmingham - Vanessa

    In Birmingham banker Vanessa Erigbogbo is feeding her guests lobster, confit of duck, and fried grasshopper canapés. This might pose a few problems for Paz as he's a vegetarian.

  • Episode 29 - Birmingham - Paz

    Strict vegetarian Paz Thakrar is latest to host in Birmingham. But first Paz must milk a cucumber to rid it of any evil cucumber toxins. And for entertainment he plans karaoke.

  • Episode 30 - Birmingham - Toni

    Last up in Birmingham is insolvency administrator Toni Shukla. It's been a fairly unsuccessful week, so Toni could quite comfortably take the prize. The only problem? She doesn't know how to cook.

  • Episode 31 - Southampton - Anna

    It's the first day of the competition in Southampton and receptionist Anna Gibbons is planning a burlesque-themed dinner party to kick off the week, with pole-dancing in the garden.

  • Episode 32 - Southampton - Darren

    Day two in Southampton sees party animal Darren host a 90s raver-themed evening and also surprise his guests with an unfortunately placed tattoo.

  • Episode 33 - Southampton - Greg

    It's the halfway point of the competition in Southampton and 43-year-old customer service advisor and food snob Greg Bell is planning a night fit for royalty.

  • Episode 34 - Southampton - Tasha

    Tasha Whyte is hoping her simple menu with fun entertainment will ease any tensions that remain between her guests in a dinner party full of twists and turns that ends with a bang.

  • Episode 35 - Southampton - Bijal

    It's the final night and the turn of Bijal, who is on a mission to create the ultimate dinner party with no meat, in what proves to be an explosive end to the week.

  • Episode 36 - North London - Lola

    Languages graduate Lola Oduba lives in north London. Her guests are curtain maker Joss Woolf, stand-up comic Boe Olaleye, rapper and DJ Niyi Adelakun, and doggie outfit designer Francesca Sawyer.

  • Episode 37 - North London - Francesca

    It's day two in North London and the turn of Essex girl and dog-lover Francesca Sawyer to host. Unfortunately Francesca doesn't own a cooker.

  • Episode 38 - North London - Niyi

    Niyi swaps his decks for dishes as the DJ deals with a shed full of chickens, a table made from a door, a fridge that doubles as a wardrobe, and a menu that might just have too many courses.

  • Episode 39 - North London - Joss

    Joss Woolf finds that her Thai menu gets a mixed response from her guests, and that her entertainment for the evening, singing around a piano, brings out the worst in Lola

  • Episode 40 - North London - Boe

    Stand-up comedian Boe Olaleye is hoping his 'Back to African Roots' menu will wow his guests. Boe has everything to play for, but can comedy and cooking claim the prize, or will Boe's evening bomb?

  • Episode 41 - East Cheshire - Val

    First up in east Cheshire is glamorous pensioner Val, who is not only fun and flirty, but out to impress with a Middle Eastern banquet. But spicy food makes guest Michelle's ears itch!

  • Episode 42 - East Cheshire - Hazel

    Yummy mummy Hazel hopes her combination of fine food and great hosting skills will get her top scores in east Cheshire. But she has a job on her hands to impress fussy eater Michelle.

  • Episode 43 - East Cheshire - Nick

    DJ Nick Hawkins is hosting in east Cheshire and is confident that he can multi-task as well as any woman. But guests Val and Hazel wonder if his beef Wellington will rise to the occasion.

  • Episode 44 - East Cheshire - Michelle

    It's the turn of Michelle to host and she is certain her deep fried mushrooms stuffed with duck and orange pate and a round of bingo will win her the prize.

  • Episode 45 - East Cheshire - Zoe

    Party girl Zoe Miller is last to host in east Cheshire and has high hopes for her international menu - and some interesting hats and disco lights for entertainment.

  • Episode 46 - West Lancashire - Ross

    First to host in west Lancashire is 30-year-old business manager Ross Chapman, whose fishy themed menu suffers a string of errors and culinary disasters in the kitchen

  • Episode 47 - West Lancashire - Lindsay

    Second to host in west Lancashire is single mum-of-two Lindsay Pulford, who's hoping to impress with her Caribbean-themed night

  • Episode 48 - West Lancashire - Chris

    History student Chris Mosey is the latest to host, with a menu including blue cheesecake and Scouse tapas

  • Episode 49 - West Lancashire - Louise

    Louise Dee is hoping to impress with her menu of Spanish-inspired food and her plans for an 'Old Skool Rave'

  • Episode 50 - West Lancashire - Lorraine

    It's the final day in west Lancashire, and last to host is medical photographer Lorraine Rimmer, who is looking forward to giving her diners a night of authentic Spanish cuisine

  • Episode 51 - Medway, Kent - Nina

    Culinary competition from Medway, Kent, with retired granny and experimental cook Nina Gaskell serving cucumber stuffed with corned beef, and gravy with coconut.

  • Episode 52 - Medway, Kent - Laura

    It's day two in Medway, Kent, and barmaid Laura Leibo is struggling wih the stress of hosting. Later on her guests take part in a robotic dance-off in her kitchen.

  • Episode 53 - Medway, Kent - Esther

    Police communications officer Esther Kennedy is third to host in Medway, Kent. Esther has planned a gourmet dinner party menu but her food receives mixed reviews.

  • Episode 54 - Medway, Kent - Patrick

    In Kent it's the turn of posh art graduate Patrick Fysh, who is hoping to impress with his molecular gastronomy. But Nina's left speechless by some risqué pictures of Patrick's girlfriend.

  • Episode 55 - Medway, Kent - Michael

    In Medway, Kent cheeky-chappy Michael Dodsworth is keeping it simple in the kitchen, with after-dinner party games, including piñata, to follow.

  • Episode 56 - Merseyside - Siobhan

    Single mum Siobhan Parkinson is first to host in this brand new competition in Merseyside and hopes to win her guests over with her homely menu of chicken liver pate, lamb, and pavlova.

  • Episode 57 - Merseyside - Ashley

    In Merseyside the glam Ashley Burke plans an oxygen bar as entertainment. Ashley still lives at home and normally has her mum there to help with everything - but today she's on her own.

  • Episode 58 - Merseyside - Jean-Jacques

    On Merseyside, French fitness instructor Jean-Jacques Silitto hopes to impress with the unusual combination of fancy French food and a 'gym bunny' theme. He's even built an assault course.

  • Episode 59 - Merseyside - Justin

    Fourth to host in Merseyside is electrician and prankster Justin Sumner, who's determined to prove you can be both a clubber and a good cook.

  • Episode 60 - Merseyside - Lin

    It's the final night in Merseyside and the host is house-proud hospitality assistant Lin Rearden, who hopes her super organised approach will win her the prize.

  • Episode 61 - Middlesbrough - Dawn

    First to host in Middlesborough is promotions rep Dawn Griffiths, who's confident that her Asian-themed evening of curry and traditional Indian dancing will scoop the prize.

  • Episode 62 - Middlesbrough - Ron

    Practical joker Ron Gordon hopes an evening of expertly cooked food, elegant hosting skills, and a couple of surprises for his guests will win him the competition in Middlesbrough.

  • Episode 63 - Middlesbrough - Kay

    Self-confessed loud mouth Kay Griffiths hopes to liven up her guests with a night full of good food, colourful conversation, some conflict and her homemade punch.

  • Episode 64 - Middlesbrough - Karena

    It's day four in Middlesbrough and cosmopolitan drama teacher Karena Serdecka is treating her guests to a Dutch/Polish menu and her rock chick performance, including band and mini skirt.

  • Episode 65 - Middlesbrough - Paul

    It's the final night of the competition from Middlesbrough and bin man Paul Tidy is planning a movie star fancy dress themed party, and lots of garlic.

  • Episode 66 - Plymouth - Annie

    First to host in this brand new competition in Plymouth is van driver Annie Wroe, who has given her menu a racy theme with a risqué name for each course.

  • Episode 67 - Plymouth - Suzanne

    Second to host in Plymouth is Suzanne Hyde who's hoping her 'simple' style of cooking can win over her diners, but Annie and Suzanne have another fight.

  • Episode 68 - Plymouth - Tony

    It's the third day and the turn of former sailor Tony Wade to host. Tony considers himself to be the best cook in the group and plans to prove this with a range of complicated and intricate dishes.

  • Episode 69 - Plymouth - Sarah

    Fourth to host in Plymouth is Sarah Joy, who, having witnessed night after night of rows, is hoping to bring a sense of joy to proceedings by rolling out the disco.

  • Episode 70 - Plymouth - Charlie

    It's the final day in Plymouth and the turn of ex-Navy man Charlie, who hopes to get the party spirit going with a pirate evening, complete with fancy dress and a pirate's fish pie.

  • Episode 71 - Hull - Sarita

    The first host in Hull, competitive local politician Sarita Robinson, plans a pink-themed evening

  • Episode 72 - Hull - Krystyna

    Second to host is eccentric ex-bunny girl Krystyna Stark. After shocking with her feathery attire the previous night, the guests are expecting the unexpected and Krystyna doesn't disappoint.

  • Episode 73 - Hull - Dan

    It's the third day of the competition in Hull and the host is aspiring country gent and ex-royal butler Dan Smith

  • Episode 74 - Hull - Sarah

    Episode 74 - Hull - Sarah

    The host is feisty single mum of four Sarah Williams. After three nights of intense bickering between the women, Sarah is determined her evening will be a more relaxed affair.

  • Episode 75 - Hull - Glenn

    Episode 75 - Hull - Glenn

    It's the final day of the competition in Hull and the host is art student and love coach Glenn Davison, who is hoping his charm will win over the ladies and bag him the cash prize.

  • Episode 76 - Coventry - Annierose

    First to host in Coventry is 22-year-old wannabe glamour model Annierose Crone, who loves sausages so much they will feature not only in her starter and her main, but her dessert as well.

  • Episode 77 - Coventry - Chris

    It's the second day of the competition in Coventry and the turn of Chris Tabor - master chocolatier and all-round food snob - to take up the culinary challenge.

  • Episode 78 - Coventry - Joanne

    Third to host in Coventry is part-time pro-wrestler Joanne Edwards, who leads with the risky strategy of preparing dishes that she has never cooked before.

  • Episode 79 - Coventry - Tony

    Picky pub landlord Tony Jackson rolls out his pub-themed night. But can Tony please arch rival Chris, who's looking for revenge?

  • Episode 80 - Coventry - Michelle

    It's the last night of the competition in Coventry and hair salon owner Michelle Russell must not only host, but manage the tensions and frustrations bubbling close to the surface.

  • Episode 81 - Essex - Emma

    First to host in Essex is support worker and party girl Emma Parsons, who reckons she can win the competition on personality alone.

  • Episode 82 - Essex - Adam

    Adam James is next to host in Essex. The confident letting agent pops to the local salon to top up his tan before cooking, only to get into a muddle in the kitchen later on.

  • Episode 83 - Essex - Lisa

    Hairdressing entrepreneur Lisa Styles plans to woo her guests in Essex at her butler-staffed mansion situated in eight acres of land with her prize-winning stallion.

  • Episode 84 - Essex - Hal

    It's day four in Essex and the turn of family man Hal Dervish to host. Hal is planning six different dishes for his meze starter and Turkish dancing in the garden.

  • Episode 85 - Essex - Diane

    It's the final night in Essex and posh magistrate Diane hopes to inject a little sophistication into the competition by hosting a black tie event.

  • Episode 86 - West Yorkshire - Bev

    First up in West Yorkshire is no-nonsense healthcare worker Bev Stewart, whose menu includes fish fingers, meat and potato pie, and jelly and ice-cream

  • Episode 87 - West Yorkshire - Adam

    Forty-year-old computer engineer Adam Bolam-Peel has plenty of surprises up his sleeve, from Northumbrian pipe playing to a session of poetry writing

  • Episode 88 - West Yorkshire - Rebecca

    Image-conscious salon owner Rebecca Saunders has plumped for a 'Glitz and Glam' dress code as part of her evening in Keighley, which also includes a mock makeover for everyone

  • Episode 89 - West Yorkshire - Philomena

    Philomena writes out her menu in Italian. Charlie breaks her chair. There's a fire in the kitchen, and Italian dancing, which is a hit with one of her guests in particular.

  • Episode 90 - West Yorkshire - Charlie

    It's the final night, and last to host is Charlie Walker, who intends a night of extravagant entertainment, a 'Stylish with Swimwear' dress code and a hot-tub disco

  • Episode 91 - Leeds - Catherine

    First up in Leeds is pescetarian Catherine Williams, who's cooking a South American-inspired menu for her guests

  • Episode 92 - Leeds - Garth

    Second to host in Leeds is outspoken South African Garth Kirsten-Landman, who hopes his unusual menu - featuring kangaroo meat - will bag him the £1000 prize

  • Episode 93 - Leeds - Sam

    Fun-loving banker Sam Appleby hosts the third day in Leeds. His 'Best of British' themed night features a Henry VIII outfit and a traditional menu with chargrilled lamb.

  • Episode 94 - Leeds - Louise

    Company administrator Louise Emmerson hosts the fourth day in Leeds. She opts for a Mediterranean menu inspired by her ex-mother-in-law, featuring Madrid chicken and aubergine bake.

  • Episode 95 - Leeds - Diane

    It's the final day of the contest in Leeds and the turn of high-flying property developer Diane Jones to cook. Her menu features Greek filo pastries and a main of cod in Italian sauce.

  • Episode 96 - Warrington - Geoff

    Water-feature builder and bad-joke-teller Geoff Carter is first to showcase his dinner party skills, with an Asian-themed menu.

  • Episode 97 - Warrington - Stephen

    It's the turn of call centre manager Stephen Robinson to host in Warrington. Can his camp choral entertainment and raspberry bakewell slice win him the prize?

  • Episode 98 - Warrington - Alison

    In Warrington, beef farmer Alison Davies is serving one of her own cows as part of her meal. But a tour round the farm results in Linda having a mishap in the duck pond.

  • Episode 99 - Warrington - Emma

    Science teacher Emma Hoyle is hoping that a scientific approach will help her win the prize. Will pre-dessert fireworks and a soak in Emma's hot tub end the night on a high?

  • Episode 100 - Warrington - Linda

    Linda Weaver is putting on a fancy dress party with a multicultural theme for her guests, and hopes to wow the group with her skills on the bagpipes.

  • Episode 101 - Wolverhampton - Niru

    First to host in Wolverhampton is housing officer Niru Ghai-Read, who's confident her Indian menu and bombardment of entertainment will scoop the prize

  • Episode 102 - Wolverhampton - Stefano

    It's the turn of Stefano Scaringi to try to wow his guests in Wolverhampton. The restaurant manager has more than food on his mind, however, as he plans to curry favour with model May Dudley.

  • Episode 103 - Wolverhampton - Bally

    It's the third day in Wolverhampton and fun-loving Bally Singh is hoping a 'student night' can scoop him the prize. And May has to put up with more of Stefano's one-liners.

  • Episode 104 - Wolverhampton - Kyle

    IT worker and self-confessed hippy Kyle Ferguson is hoping to prove himself in the kitchen. But is he just too laid back to pull off his Wolverhampton-inspired menu?

  • Episode 105 - Wolverhampton - May

    On the final day of the competition in Wolverhampton model May Dudley, a self-confessed culinary novice, relies on a 'mum-knows-best' approach

  • Episode 106 - South East London - Sophia

    First to host in south east London is gym-fanatic Sophia Pottinger, who's confident her simple but classic menu, with dancing for afters, will win her the prize

  • Episode 107 - South East London - Fraser

    In London friendly foodie Fraser Devlin is hoping that an evening of expertly cooked food will win him the prize. But Fraser isn't relying on his food, he's also planning to put on entertainment.

  • Episode 108 - South East London - Francesca

    Rock singer Francesca Santamaria hosts the third night. She's got a lot to prove as her guests think she's a bimbo. She serves up Prawn to Be Wild and Sweet Child of Wine.

  • Episode 109 - South East London - Amadin

    Attention-grabbing Amadin Ryan hosts. But Amadin isn't putting on your average dinner party; he's throwing a Victorian banquet.

  • Episode 110 - South East London - Maria

    It's the last day of the competition in south east London and the final host is Maria Eletheriou, just six weeks after she had gastric band surgery to help her lose weight

  • Episode 111 - Swansea - Jen

    It's the first day of the competition in Swansea and fitness fanatic Jen Edwards is producing low-carb dishes for her guests, one of whom causes a stir by telling Jen she hates her menu.

  • Episode 112 - Swansea - James

    School teacher James Knight host his dinner party, a school-themed occasion, complete with children's party games.

  • Episode 113 - Swansea - Keith

    It's the midway point of the Swansea culinary contest and tackling the challenge is 6ft 8in rugby boy Keith Larrard, whose guests see him as a bull in a china shop in the kitchen.

  • Episode 114 - Swansea - Karen

    Day four and host Karen Wood can't wait to get her guests partying in her hot tub after serving them a buffet-style menu featuring quiche.

  • Episode 115 - Swansea - Katherine

    It's the final night and poised to take the challenge is naughty solicitor Katherine Waldemar Brown.

  • Episode 116 - Edinburgh - Peter

    First up in Edinburgh is events manager Peter Ferguson, who hopes to deliver a show stopping night for his four unsuspecting guests, with a gospel choir in to get them on their feet.

  • Episode 117 - Edinburgh - Alison

    Second to host is Alison Lynch, who's plans a jiujitsu-themed surprise for her entertainment. Meanwhile Cynthia charms Gary by telling him just what she can do with a mango.

  • Episode 118 - Edinburgh - Cynthia

    Beautician Cynthia Gentle plans to win over her guests in Edinburgh with an international themed menu, including crocodile as part of the main course.

  • Episode 119 - Edinburgh - Rena

    In Edinburgh healthcare worker Rena is planning a decadent menu. But it's Cynthia who raises a few eyebrows when she brings out one of Rena's bedroom toys out at the table.

  • Episode 120 - Edinburgh - Gary

    Security boss Gary Reid is rigging his dining room in Edinburgh with spy equipment so his guest's every whims are catered for. And Alison and Peter continue to bicker.

  • Episode 121 - Wirral - Vernal

    The cookery competition comes to the Wirral and first to host is owner of a lap-dancing club and millionaire Vernal Aley at his luxury mansion.

  • Episode 122 - Wirral - Candida

    Feminist student Candida Darling is second to host on the Wirral. But will Candida's hairy chicken scupper her chances?

  • Episode 123 - Wirral - Adele

    It's the turn of chicken enthusiast Adele Richards on the Wirral, who is hoping to throw a great dinner party using plenty of home grown ingredients, including eggs from her hens.

  • Episode 124 - Wirral - Chrissy

    Bubbly hairdresser Chrissy Griffin is hoping a colourful Caribbean menu will help her bag the prize. But simmering tensions boil over at the table followed by tears and tantrums.

  • Episode 125 - Wirral - Stuart

    It's the final night and 32-year-old foodie Stuart hopes to bring harmony back to the group by throwing a glamorous 1920s themed dinner party.

  • Episode 126 - Croydon - Keith

    Episode 126 - Croydon - Keith

    Kick-starting the competition in Croydon is childcare practitioner and Michael Jackson impersonator Keith Preddie. His menu has a 'Shamone' chicken main and 'Dirty Diana' dessert.

  • Episode 127 - Croydon - Suzie

    Episode 127 - Croydon - Suzie

    It's the turn of cat obsessive and vegetarian Suzie Phillips to host in Croydon. With character clashes and kitty capers galore, can Suzie bag that prize or will her night be a catastrophe?

  • Episode 128 - Croydon - Vanessa

    Episode 128 - Croydon - Vanessa

    Host and trainee solicitor Vanessa D'Souza is hoping to set the standard in Croydon with her 'Michelin-starred' quality meal. Will her attempt at fine dining fall flat and cost her the prize?

  • Episode 129 - Croydon - Sarah Marie

    Episode 129 - Croydon - Sarah Marie

    This stage of the culinary contest in Croydon sees straight-talking Sarah Marie Palmer take up the challenge. Will her spicy food heat up the competition?

  • Episode 130 - Croydon - Robert

    Episode 130 - Croydon - Robert

    On the last leg of the competition in Croydon, host and skateboarding geek Robert Preston is hoping his inventive cooking will win over his guests.

  • Episode 131 - Birmingham - Matthew

    In Birmingham, Matthew Emson hopes to win over his fellow diners with a combination of luxury ingredients, charm and tactical game play.

  • Episode 132 - Birmingham - Lorraine

    Second to host in Birmingham is catering assistant Lorraine Wood who has chosen a Mexican theme for her night, including inflatable cacti and a hula hoop competition.

  • Episode 133 - Birmingham - Sarah

    Next to host in Birmingham is young music graduate Sarah Ward, who owns an extensive collection of doll's houses and plans a Tudor-style dance for entertainment.

  • Episode 134 - Birmingham - Patricia

    In Birmingham, 42-year-old chatterbox and salon owner Patricia Jones is hoping to impress her guests with an Irish-themed menu and a personal performance of a Celtic classic.

  • Episode 135 - Birmingham - Terence

    The final night in Birmingham sees Terence Wallen serving parrot fish and offering a massage to de-stress his fellow diners.

  • Episode 136 - Norwich - Miranda

    First to host in Norwich is MA student and part-time waitress Miranda Robinson. Will Miranda's saucy outfits, posh menu and high-brow dinner conversation bag her the £1,000 prize?

  • Episode 137 - Norwich - Danny

    It's day two in Norwich and the turn of international DJ Danny Bond to host. Will Danny's fancy menu and entertainment of a group sing-a-long be enough to bag him the cash prize?

  • Episode 138 - Norwich - Amy

    It's halfway through the week and the turn of part-time stand-up comedienne Amy Nicholson to host. Will her 'turd' looking food and unusual tattoos strike a chord with her diners?

  • Episode 139 - Norwich - Dave

    It's day four of the competition and time for Norwich's version of Alan Partridge, aka radio DJ Dave Webster, to cook. Will Dave's traditional Norfolk menu win over his fellow diners?

  • Episode 140 - Norwich - Cheryl

    The final night in Norwich sees chip shop van owner Cheryl Pennell cook for her guests. After a week of exotic dining, will Cheryl's 'posh' fish and chips be enough to win over her guests?

  • Episode 141 - Stockport - Linda

    Local councillor Linda Weeks-Holt throws a rag-to-riches themed evening full of northern delicacies, including tripe and meat puddings wrapped in an old bedsheet

  • Episode 142 - Stockport - Lady Annie

    It's the turn of Lady Annie Targett to host. But she's not just any lady - she bought her title off the internet. Lady Annie is hosting a black tie event.

  • Episode 143 - Stockport - Sam

    Civil servant Sam Kitching takes his turn at hosting. Sam's aim is to charm the ladies with his delights, while shooting down in flames his older arch rival, the retired copper John Brinnand.

  • Episode 144 - Stockport - Kristen

    All-American gal Kristen Cooley plans to bring the Wild West to Stockport for one night only and dazzle her guests with an American-themed party.

  • Episode 145 - Stockport - John

    The final day sees retired copper and old charmer John Brinnand take up the challenge. John plans to go all Zen in homage to what he feels will be a winning Thai menu.

  • Episode 146 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Bobby George

    Five celebrities who love to entertain take it in turns to throw a dinner party, starting with a Chinese feast made by darts legend Bobby George

  • Episode 147 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Chantelle Houghton

    Chantelle Houghton is the second host in a week of celebrity specials and offers up a vegetarian menu for her four guests, along with a challenge to see who can do the best catwalk pose

  • Episode 148 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Cleo Rocos

    One-time sidekick to 80s comedian Kenny Everett and name dropper extraordinaire Cleo Rocos takes to the kitchen, although her dinner party menu seems to feature a lot of shop-bought food

  • Episode 149 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Andrew Stone

    Pineapple Dance Studios star Andrew Stone hosts a Moroccan-themed dinner party for his famous guests, but he can barely cook so he's decided to buy most of the food from a local restaurant

  • Episode 150 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Pete Burns

    It's the final night of this celebrity cooking contest and an eclectic menu from 80s pop star Pete Burns consists of cold soup, a chocolate fake meat con carne, and a very wobbly dessert

  • Episode 151 - Celebrity Special... Return of the Worst: Bobby Davro

    The most calamitous celebrity hosts return for a round of second-chance dinner parties. Entertainer Bobby Davro is first up.

  • Episode 152 - Celebrity Special... Return of the Worst: Wayne Sleep

    Wayne Sleep returns to make good on his previous calamitous turn as a celebrity cook. This time Wayne plans a Moulin Rouge theme for his night - with dress code.

  • Episode 153 - Celebrity Special... Return of the Worst: Raef Bjayou

    Apprentice star Raef Bjayou takes a second turn as a celebrity host. Raef plans to cook his own meal this time, but he hasn't got a home to cook in!

  • Episode 154 - Celebrity Special... Return of the Worst: Tamara Beckwith

    Socialite Tamara Beckwith plans to fix her soggy cake problem from last time, and to wow her guests with a Rat Pack theme for the night

  • Episode 155 - Celebrity Special... Return of the Worst: Lesley Joseph

    For the last dinner party of the week actress Lesley Joseph has decided on a Titanic theme for her evening, with a chamber orchestra, and even some water-wings

  • Episode 156 - Christmas Pantomime Special: Linda Nolan

    Linda Nolan hosts the first night of this festive pantomime special, with a Jack and the Beanstalk-themed dinner. There's a disaster with the dessert, but her guests really get into the panto spirit.

  • Episode 157 - Christmas Pantomime Special: Nick Bateman

    Big Brother villain 'Nasty Nick' Bateman hosts the second day of the pantomime special, and he's planned a Dickensian Christmas Carol-themed evening

  • Episode 158 - Christmas Pantomime Special: Bianca Gascoigne

    Day three's pantomime is Snow White, casting model Bianca Gascoigne in the lead role as host. But her festive blow-out is blighted by tension among the guests.

  • Episode 159 - Christmas Pantomime Special: Danny Young

    It's day four of the pantomime Christmas special and the host is soap star Danny Young, who's putting on an Aladdin themed evening complete with a belly dancer

  • Episode 160 - Christmas Pantomime Special: Colin Baker

    The final pantomime curtain call belongs to ex-Doctor Who actor Colin Baker, who throws a Cinderella-themed evening despite being unused to cooking fancy meals