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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 21 Summary

More from the culinary competition in which strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. On the menu: mouth-watering food and hilarious hosting.

  • Episode 1 - Manchester - Bessie

    First up in Manchester is brash and boisterous pub landlady Bessie Hilton, with a menu featuring instant custard, and a main course called Marmite chicken with cream.

  • Episode 2 - Manchester - Giovanni

    Second to host in Manchester is Giovanni, who aims to impress by serving some classic Italian food. But it's not long before he's rowing again with Bessie.

  • Episode 3 - Manchester - Jonathan

    Episode 3 - Manchester - Jonathan

    Jonathan Lomas hopes to wow his guests with his Greek-inspired menu plus a bonding session in his garden hot tub, while Alicia hopes to take the heat off matters by playing the didgeridoo.

  • Episode 4 - Manchester - Alicia

    Alicia Coppola is serving grilled tiger prawns, Caribbean lamb, nutty chocolate brownies, and possibly the strongest rum cocktail ever made.

  • Episode 5 - Manchester - Dennis

    The last to host in Manchester is dandy film student Dennis Keighron-Foster, who plans a tricky duck and risotto main course and a performance from his glee club pals.

  • Episode 6 - Southend - Adam

    The first to host is estate agent Adam, who hopes his eclectic menu and some stylish sombreros will be a big hit.

  • Episode 7 - Southend - Andie

    In sunny Southend Andie's 70s-inspired menu starts badly with a chicken liver pate unanimously considered by her guests to be rather fowl. Can Andie claw herself back into contention?

  • Episode 8 - Southend - Colin

    Colin's main course is a retro toad in the hole, but his gravy goes lumpy, and he also uses ginger instead of garlic for his garlic baked prawns.

  • Episode 9 - Southend - Kerry

    Ex-copper Kerry Tolliday is going big on taste with her menu and is also laying on a psychic medium for the entertainment.

  • Episode 10 - Southend - Scott

    It's the final day and beefy butcher Scott plans a hearty meaty menu. But what happens when Andie decides to confront Scott about alleged sexist behaviour?

  • Episode 11 - South London - Robert

    First to host is fashion journalist Robert Johnston, who serves a starter of Stilton ice cream and tomato sorbet, slow roasted pork with chilli and fennel, and sephardic orange and almond cake.

  • Episode 12 - South London - Jennifer

    Trainee aqua-aerobics instructor Jennifer is keen to keep it real with a mountain of home-cooked Caribbean food and a demand that her guests just 'chillax'.

  • Episode 13 - South London - Joe

    Bricklayer Joe is next to host. But after insulting Karen on Monday night can Joe turn things around with his mystery Greek main course?

  • Episode 14 - South London - Karen

    Is Karen trying a little too hard with a whopping seven dishes including Chinese duck, French pate, Greek lamb, and American cheescake?

  • Episode 15 - South London - Majid

    It's the final day and the turn of laid-back host Majid Ravandi. But can Majid's breezy composure make up for a terrifyingly hot prawn starter and a dry main course?

  • Episode 16 - Hertfordshire - Amir

    In Hertfordshire, Amir Hezarah plans to be on his best behaviour for his night, then show his true colours for the rest of the week. He serves an Iranian feast of lamb stew and rose water ice cream.

  • Episode 17 - Hertfordshire - Claire

    Neat freak Claire Diamond hopes to excite her guests with her menu and her spotless house, but Amir criticises her menu, and there's a shock discovery in the bathroom and a surprise with the starter

  • Episode 18 - Hertfordshire - Charles

    Wannabe pop star Charles Maximilian Winnington Leftwich's guests struggle with his starter, the rain threatens to spoil his BBQ, and there's a row about how much money he receives from his parents

  • Episode 19 - Hertfordshire - Diane

    So far the week has been dominated by Amir's arguing, so Diane is determined to let her food do the talking. But the evening gets off to an interesting start when she introduces her pet tarantula!

  • Episode 20 - Hertfordshire - Mel

    On the final night in Hertfordshire feisty hairdresser Mel Steel plans a menu of French and Caribbean dishes, and she wants her guests to arrive in fancy dress

  • Episode 21 - Sheffield - Robin

    First to host in Sheffield is flamboyant English gent Robin, whose menu includes freshly shot grouse. Shame that one of the guests is an animal rights activist.

  • Episode 22 - Sheffield - Rochelle

    Saucy beautician Rochelle Barrett hopes to spice things up with her Caribbean-themed meal. But a celebrity lookalike game causes tempers to boil over.

  • Episode 23 - Sheffield - Donna

    Vegan-activist Donna Thomas hopes to impress her guests with her Japanese-themed vegan meal. And Mark gets quite excited at the prospect of a deep fried ice-cream dessert.

  • Episode 24 - Sheffield - Mark

    Mark Feakins plans a flamboyant, highly theatrical sounding menu for his night. But will the food be as impressive as it sounds? And will his wine gag backfire?

  • Episode 25 - Sheffield - Sarah

    Sarah Roscoe's decision to serve veal doesn't go down well with vegan Donna

  • Episode 26 - Stoke - Tracey

    First to host is self proclaimed princess Tracey Durrant. But will Tracey's attitude lose her precious points?

  • Episode 27 - Stoke - Claire

    Police officer Claire Crank hosts the second night in Stoke. But trouble flares when Tracey says she only likes the best beef and refuses to try Claire's meat.

  • Episode 28 - Stoke - Rob

    Lad-about-town Rob is sure he's in with a chance of winning, despite rarely cooking, and never having hosted a dinner party before.

  • Episode 29 - Stoke - Michelle

    Michelle Minter hopes her gourmet menu will impress her guests, but after last night's row everyone's treading on egg shells.

  • Episode 30 - Stoke - Matt

    Michelle thinks Matt's dinner party is fancy dress and arrives wearing a pineapple. But can she get an apology from Tracey?

  • Episode 31 - Birmingham - Denise

    Canal-boat stewardess Denise Hendon hopes a night of Moroccan-themed revelry will wow her guests on day one.

  • Episode 32 - Birmingham - Daniella

    Lady of leisure Daniella is pinning her hopes on an Italian menu and the wow factor of her Georgian country house.

  • Episode 33 - Birmingham - Angela

    Angela McFarlane plans a fun-filled evening complete with a limbo competition. But Elliot and Denise are more interested in the strange things they find in her bedroom drawers.

  • Episode 34 - Birmingham - Elliot

    Despite a lack of dinner party experience, electrician Elliot is planning a top-class menu with two desserts. He's even booked a local band. But his night proves more difficult than he'd hoped.

  • Episode 35 - Birmingham - Jean-Benoit

    On the last night in Birmingham, sauve French foodie Jean-Benoit serves a fabulous four-course menu. But can he overcome Denise's fussy eating and toilet talk?

  • Episode 36 - Bristol - Richard

    First to host in Bristol is all-singing, all-dancing theatre darling Richard Hope-Hawkins, whose eclectic menu includes a Rod Steiger gunge cake.

  • Episode 37 - Bristol - Laura

    Super-organised primary school teacher Laura Ford leaves nothing to chance with the planning for her dinner party

  • Episode 38 - Bristol - Darryl

    Food critic Darryl Bullock's evening takes a nose dive when two of the guests stumble across a rather unpleasant surprise left by his cat.

  • Episode 39 - Bristol - Zoe

    Zoe Kellaway tries to add a bit of sparkle to the competition in Bristol with her Pretty in Pink themed dinner party, including a butler wearing pink hot pants serving cocktails.

  • Episode 40 - Bristol - Andy

    Competitive Andy Wright plans a glamorous black-tie party, complete with Champagne, caviar and canapes, in his palatial Victorian flat, but things get chaotic when he burns the nut roast

  • Episode 41 - Edinburgh - Andy

    The first host in Edinburgh is 28-year-old Andy Daykin who plans a night of haggis, bagpipes and whisky.

  • Episode 42 - Edinburgh - Irena

    Polish-born catering supervisor Irena is planning a night of traditional Polish food and entertainment. Sadly the guests aren't thrilled with the prospect of eating cabbage.

  • Episode 43 - Edinburgh - Liz

    Self-confessed cougar Liz Grant hosts in Edinburgh. Having flirted with Andy for the last two nights, 'Luscious Liz' is determined to pounce tonight.

  • Episode 44 - Edinburgh - Michelle

    It's day four and rock chick Michelle Lindsay plans to wow her guests with a bizarre array of dishes and some explosive entertainment.

  • Episode 45 - Edinburgh - Toni

    It is the final night in Edinburgh and Italian-born food snob Toni is about to launch his specially created Scottish/Italian menu upon his guests.

  • Episode 46 - Doncaster - Zoe

    Glamorous insurance worker Zoe cooks Italian, but her guests prove more troublesome than the cooking. The boys want to know if she's a model, while Martyn tries to hold Latvian ice queen Signe's hand.

  • Episode 47 - Doncaster - Martyn

    Chip shop manager Martyn Bilby serves up 'Swan Lake': a chocolate eclair swan on a blue jelly lake. But Zoe and Signe are more interested in the photos of him posing for a bodybuilding competition.

  • Episode 48 - Doncaster - Tracey

    Tracey Hewer is sure she can win over her guests with a barrage of cup cakes: for her starter, for her main course and, obviously, for dessert

  • Episode 49 - Doncaster - Signe

    Signe Jase serves up Latvian delicacies including herring salad, salted salmon and wild boar. Tracey refuses to try much of it, leading to a showdown with Martyn, who thinks she's being rude.

  • Episode 50 - Doncaster - Barry

    Barry Hill tries to channel the spirit of Keith Floyd by mixing, frying and flambeing while swigging straight from the bottle. But it's not as easy as Keith made it look on the telly.