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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 20 Summary

More culinary competitiveness as amateur chefs host dinner parties before their efforts are put to the vote.

  • Episode 1 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me

    A game show special featuring much loved faces from the shiny world of tricky questions and glittering prizes.

    Strike It Lucky host and tabloid favourite Michael Barrymore takes on Anthea Redfern from The Generation Game, Wheel of Fortune babe Jenny Powell, and the man who was once synonymous with the word mullet, Funhouse frontman Pat Sharp.

    Highlights of the four nights of dining include Barrymore trying to lick dip off Anthea's foot, stealing food off other people's plates, and smashing the crockery - leaving Anthea no choice but to lock him in the garden.

    Meanwhile, Jenny Powell fears that Pat has become much too interested in her chest, and then her meal ends in a food fight with Jenny covered in cream!

  • Episode 2 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me

    This celebrity special features former model Janice Dickinson, reality TV star Calum Best, TV presenter Jeff Brazier and former Page 3 popstress Sam Fox.

  • Episode 3 - Come Dine with Me: Big Brother Winners

    In this special edition all the contestants - or should that be housemates? - are former Big Brother winners.

    Stepping up to the plate are series 2 winner - quick-witted, cheeky Irish chappy Brian Dowling; Big Brother 5 champion - passionate, Portuguese Nadia Almada; 2007 winner - Essex wide-boy Brian Belo; and 2009's gorgeous victor - glamour model Sophie Reade.

    The week starts with Brian Dowling, who quickly regrets presenting a rather easy menu. Nadia makes it clear from the outset that she is going to be quick with the criticisms and is less than impressed with some of Sophie's dopey comments (she asks if potatoes grow on trees) or Brian's uncouth behaviour.

    On night two Nadia is convinced that she's going to win with her authentic Portuguese menu. It's not long before conversation turns to this week's hot topic - breasts - and an eye-watering anecdote from Nadia leaves everyone shocked.

    Brian Belo plays host on night three and there are farcical scenes as the novice chef attempts to prep his ambitious menu, and yet more flirting between Brian Belo and Sophie, culminating in a cheeky kiss.

    On the final night 'stranger to vegetables' Sophie hosts, with a minimal menu and an even more minimal outfit. At the table, Sophie shows her latest bikini photos to the group, much to Brian Belo's delight. The dinner ends on a sour note, however, when Nadia vents her spleen at a shell-shocked Brian Belo.

    But which of the popular Big Brother winners will be crowned the Champion of Champions and win the £1,000 charity prize?

  • Episode 4 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me

    This celebrity special features famous magician's assistant 'the lovely' Debbie McGee; former MP, and aspiring stand-up comic, Lembit Opik; radio presenter and former 11 O'Clock Show host Iain Lee; and Essex glamour model and party girl Jodie Marsh.

  • Episode 5 - Merseyside - All in One

    Local DJ Rick takes on Kate, laid-back life coach Peter and super wealthy Cathy in a week featuring glitter-garnished food, a seafood starter even the host's cat won't eat, and a guest appearance from a star off Brookside.

  • Episode 6 - East Suffolk - All in One

    Battling it out in East Suffolk are the UFO-spotting veggie Jo Jo Smith, agony-aunt Janet Gershlick, young sales director Paul Emery, and Suffolk's answer to Mohammed Al Fayed, department store owner Jim Godfrey.

    Prepare for a week featuring a kitchen meltdown, a meat sweat, a very long drum solo allegedly meant as entertainment, and a sparkling cocktail called the UFO - Unidentified Fizzing Object.

  • Episode 7 - Manchester - All in One

    Veggie-hating food critic Mark Garner goes fork to fork with tarot card reader and vegetarian Pascha Taylor, pub landlord Jon Patullo and the racily-clad Jilly Fitzgerald. But who will rise above accusations of exclusion and sexism, desserts licked by pets, appalling service, and the shock of a fetishwear-stuffed wardrobe, to grab the prize?

  • Episode 8 - North West London - All in One

    Bollywood wannabe Paresh Vara takes on shop assistant Cherelle Welch, mind reader Alex Crow and straight talking solicitor Cathie Woolhouse, in a week featuring some deep-fried kofta balls gone wrong, a titanic clash of two chatterboxes, and a mysterious dark parlour filled with rats, snakes and all things spooky.

  • Episode 9 - East Lancashire - All in One

    A week of dining in East Lancashire with quite a lot of kissing, much belching and an unannounced twin.

    One of the funniest episodes of Come Dine with Me, this features the hilarious antics of mayoress Carol Stinton, perma-tanned hairdresser Jonny Kemp, spiritualist Sue Hartley and the plumber with Victorian values Nick Holt.

  • Come Dine with Me

    Episode 10 - Dorset - All in One

    In Dorset, shop owner Harj takes on student/beauty queen Brittany, military trainer Shaun Jackson, and metrosexual foodie Michael Psaradelli.

    Harj claims not to like ugly people, but when Cambridge undergraduate Brittany reveals that she once posed as a pin up, Harj condemns modern media for being all about boobies.

    And while Shaun rates his cooking almost as highly as his bedroom skills - giving himself a 9 out of 10 - Michael talks about his wife rather a lot, which becomes quite a bone of contention with the others. The very same wife then calls him to see if he's drinking.

  • Episode 11 - Walsall - All in One

    There's a meat feast fiasco in Walsall, moonwalking, insults and tears at dinner time.

    Jeweller Christian Woodall's meat menu goes a bit haywire, while vegetarian beauty therapist Georgina Smith's animal-free meal is not to everyone's liking. On the first two nights of the week the insults fly and tears are shed at the table. But a group rendition of Oasis's Don't Look Back in Anger on Paul Wigfield's evening brings some amount of calm back to proceedings. But will Irish cattle farmer Jennifer Brack's home reared steak pies be good enough to win her the prize?

  • Episode 12 - Nuneaton - All in One

    Fighting it out this time are football-mad lad Christian Wood, fussy army wife Tina Watson, drama queen spiritualist and picky eater Dean Foy, and no-nonsense ex-18-30s holiday rep Lara Watson.

    The week features an apparently food-phobic host, tears at dinner time, the ashes of three dead cats, and a white witch with a white witch for a partner.

    And if all this wasn't enough, a guest commits one of the cardinal sins of dinner party etiquette by spitting her food out into a napkin.

  • Episode 13 - Soap Star Special

    This time the culinary showdown comes with a soap star twist, featuring Brian Capron off Coronation Street, James Redmond from Hollyoaks, and Lorraine Chase and Adele Silva from Emmerdale, in a week of entertaining which includes persistent flirting, a spot of table football, and sombreros.

  • Episode 14 - South Buckinghamshire - All in One

    In South Buckinghamshire, Nicholas Witherick, who works and lives in a stunning stately home, takes on hard-talking waitress Lisa Bristow, wind-up merchant Dale Evans, and creative art teacher Annie Hearne. What follows is a week of fine dining featuring body art, seafood wars, fibbing, taunts, and daggers drawn at pudding time.

  • Episode 15 - Ayrshire - All in One

    Castle-dwelling food snob Patrick Dromgoole battles it out with no-nonsense cookery addict Ann Hay, Christian weight watcher Jolyn Dewson, and Duffy, a performance poet and forager.

    The week starts at Patrick's castle with a lone piper playing on top of the castle tower and with grace before dinner said in Latin.

    The week also features some foraging in the glen and dogs dressed as butlers in fitted dinner jackets.

  • Episode 16 - Wakefield - All in One

    Four cooks in Wakefield battle it out in a week featuring some heavy flirting, a nasty surprise in the freezer, and a pet ferret as an extra guest at the dinner table.

    Twentysomething Carly takes on three 40somethings who, to this youthful lass, might as well be pensioners: curio-collecting Neil; animal-mad Gail; and superbike-loving Enzo.

    A week of surprises also includes aTitanic-themed party, complete with iceberg (almost), and a Celine Dion-playing string quartet.

  • Episode 17 - Coronation Street Special

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the nation's favourite soap, Come Dine with Me heads to Coronation Street.

    Four of Weatherfield's famous stars battle it out to bag a £1000 cash prize for charity. Legendary leopard-print landlady Bet Lynch (Julie Goodyear) takes on hapless shopkeeper Reg Holdsworth (Ken Morley), street loudmouth Kelly Crabtree (Tupele Dorgu), and bad-boy bookie Des Barnes (Philip Middlemiss), in a competition featuring some bawdy humour, a foot spa of tiny biting fish, 'Corrie de Bangkok', boys in drag, and a male slave in an animal-print thong.

  • Episode 18 - North Lancashire - All in One

    Battling it out are proud and very loud American post mistress Rosie Rawsthorn, straight-talking vegetarian Linda Cottam, not-so-funny joker DJ Johnny Pep and ultra-critical financial advisor Anne Thompson. Which of them will walk away £1000 richer?

  • Episode 19 - Celebrity Christmas Special

    It's festive cheer all round as Drum 'n' Bass DJ Goldie, 70s crooner Tony Christie, Blue Peter's finest, Janet Ellis, and actress Susie Amy (Chardonnay from Footballers' Wives) battle it out.

    Metal-mouthed Goldie throws an `Old Skool' Christmas, putting his guests at ease with a seven-foot boa constrictor and a peculiar hip hop dress code. Susie Amy hosts a 'Camp Christmas' do, including X Factor-finalists Diva Fever. Janet Ellis wants a 1950s 'Traditional Christmas', but her plans are almost derailed by Goldie who arrives in the character of an American car salesman. And Tony Christie plans to top them all with a stylish, sophisticated `Crooner's Christmas', while his wife helps out in the kitchen.

  • Episode 20 - West Lincolnshire - All in One

    Plastic surgery fan Jo Allen takes on self-titled `hairy-bummed roofer' Nigel Reid, Rocky Horror-obsessed drag queen Justin Hussey, and saleswoman Margaret Hope, in a week of fights and lost tempers.

  • Episode 21 - Southampton - All in One

    First up to host is PR glamour puss Lucy Richmond who hopes to make a splash with her nautical-themed evening. Day two is the turn of night club promoter Jay Paul, who despite his limited cooking experience reckons he can wow his guests with party entertainment.

    Day three sees lorry driver Phil Whyte divulge a string of jaw dropping revelations about his complicated sex life. The final night is hosted by fish and chip shop magnate Beverley Rees, whose evening slowly spirals out of her control. Will the four contestants be able to stay in one room long enough to find out who's the winner of the £1,000 prize?

  • Episode 22 - West Nottinghamshire - All in One

    Battling it out in the heart of Robin Hood country are U2 fanatic Lynn Negus, DJ/photographer/ex-gigolo Dennis Nyama, primary schoolteacher Maria Beal and former roadie Pete Chaffe.

  • Episode 23 - Swansea - All in One

    A week of culinary giddiness in Swansea includes a never-ending soup and a close thing with a pavlova.

    Some of Swansea's keenest hosts go head to head. Doing battle are garage manager Stephanie Morgan Thomas, TV cameraman Luke England, telesales worker Ed Curnow, and larger-than-life charity worker Helen Foley.

  • Episode 24 - Worcester - All in One

    Singleton sauce-pot Rosita Bowkat takes on feisty landlady Tania Jones, Take That tribute-band member Tony James (AKA Blobbie Williams of Take Fat), and fitness enthusiast Nicholas Clarke.

    Prepare for a colourful week featuring farting at the table, a dessert of gazelle horns and honey balls, insults, rampant fatism, a Roman-inspired menu with dormouse, and a scary pig mask.

  • cdwm-logo-big-bip

    Episode 25 - Bedford - All in One

    Mum-of-two Joanne Wilson takes on Italian hairdresser Franko Russo, Richard Haxell and Aussie weight-loss consultant Sam McCallum.

    Joanne hates noisy eaters and takes exception to Franko for slurping his drink. The next night she tries to educate Franko about burping at the table. By night three, CEO Richard has set up a naughty chair for Franko to sit on whenever he misbehaves. Not only this, but Richard soon reveals his collection of thongs... and a photo of him stripping.

    The week also features a battle of the tiramisus.

  • Episode 26 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me

    Diane Abbott MP takes on Terry Christian, Wayne Sleep and Danielle Lloyd .

    Diane Abbott, the Shadow Minister for Public Health, launches her West Indian-inspired menu with rum punch.

    Motor-mouth TV presenter Terry Christian's evening kicks-off with an undrinkable cocktail and continues with a string of questionable jokes and dubious conversation topics.

    After a solid first half performance at home serving an Oriental-style menu, former Miss England and serial WAG Danielle Lloyd takes her eye off the ball and gets in a panic over her crème brulées.

    And last, but not least, ballet dance diva Wayne hot foots it into the kitchen to try and cook for the first time in 20 years.

  • Episode 27 - North East London - All in One

    Italian gym instructor Salvo Riggi takes on fashion-mad PA Brenda Gobine, lady of leisure Zed Kiazim, and fancy-dress loving Amanda Hull.

    Dog-lover Zed is first to host in a night that takes a nosedive when Salvo tells Amanda she looks like an escort. The week continues with an aphrodisiac menu, a seven-foot butler, and an explosive falling out that results in someone's dinner ending up in the bin.

  • Episode 28 - South East Essex - All in One

    Make-up wearing Matthew Richmond-King takes on clean queen Kate Beesley, old rock and roller Simon Holdgate and dog sitter Jane Bunting in a week featuring numerous lessons in table manners, tales from the rock and roll lifestyle, and a piece of fruit for a head dress.

  • Episode 29 - Harrogate - All in One

    A brand new series of Come Dine with Me kicks off in Harrogate, where four amateur cooks compete for the coveted £1,000 prize. All the scoring is in secret and only at the end of the week is the winner revealed.

    Conventional Emma Revis, who'll have you know her initials are ER - the same as the Queen's - is faced with three of the most eccentric people she has ever met. Work-shy millionaire's son Matthew Hetherington stuns his guests by throwing their coats at his hired help to put away.

    Camp, balding letting agent Tim King reveals he more than compensates for the lack of hair on his head by having one of the hairiest backs the world has ever seen, while eco-warrior and nomad Alison Brierly challenges everyone's palates (and stomachs) by serving pheasant road kill and chocolate coated insects.

  • Episode 30 - Exeter - All in One

    A spicy-food war breaks out in Exeter between Geoff Green and up-front party girl Beka Platt.

    There is also a rabbit showdown later in the week between keen hunter John G. Wills and bunny-owning drama student Mandy Plumridge.

  • Episode 31 - Leeds - All in One

    Ping pong-loving Swede Evelyn Friede takes on politics student James Greenhalgh, personal development coach Sarah Shafi and Canadian born DJ Nolan Kane.

    The week of competitive dining includes an ABBA-themed dress code, a water bed, and an extravagant sandwich gateau.

  • Episode 32 - Birmingham - All in One

    Hairdresser Phil Gifford takes on drama student Naomi Chamroo, posh chatterbox Maddy Savitt, and serious conversationalist Randeep Sami, in a week featuring bhangra dancing, boob testing, a spot of baldism, `the devil's spawn', and even a bit of civilised conversation.

  • Episode 33 - Northampton - All in One

    Firing up their hobs this time are driving instructor and practical joker Billy McArthur, glamorous granny Michaela McQuade, outspoken American mum Sarah Lester, and house-proud photocopier service manager Kevin Pawlowski.

    On the menu is some very rare duck, an impressive display of the Klingon language, and a `posh' approach to dining, featuring tuxedos, cocktail dresses and... chicken kievs.

  • Episode 34 - Leicester - All in One

    This brand new cook-off in Leicester includes compulsory meditation, eating with hands, body painting, a controversial hair in a guest's pudding... and quite a lot of bickering.

    Battling it out for the prize are aromatherapist Erica Swinthenbank, yoga teacher Anne Marie Newland, graphic designer Jamie Traynor and security officer Pretesh Singadia.

  • Episode 35 - Newcastle - All in One

    Competing for the prize in the self-proclaimed party capital of the North are finance manager Liz O'Sullivan, eyelash-extension technician Julie Scullion, trainee teacher Ritu Nayyer and smooth talking Mark Shields, who's out to woo the ladies in order to win.

    The week of competitive dining features a dessert disaster, leaving the sorry host in tears, a starter called `the knicker dropper' that goes down like a lead balloon, and a surprise confession on the last night that leaves the other contestants fuming.

Come Dine with Me synopsis

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

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