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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 20 Summary

More culinary competitiveness as amateur chefs host dinner parties before their efforts are put to the vote.

  • Episode 1 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me

    A celebrity gameshow special featuring Strike it Lucky host Michael Barrymore, Anthea Redfern from The Generation Game, Wheel of Fortune's Jenny Powell, and Pat Sharp from Funhouse

  • Episode 2 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me

    This celebrity special features former model Janice Dickinson, reality TV star Calum Best, TV presenter Jeff Brazier and former Page 3 popstress Sam Fox

  • Episode 3 - Come Dine with Me: Big Brother Winners

    In this edition all the hosts are former Big Brother winners. Stepping up to the plate are Brian Dowling, Nadia Almada, Brian Belo and Sophie Reade.

  • Episode 4 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me

    Debbie McGee, Lembit Opik, Iain Lee and Jodie Marsh compete to prove their worth as the best dinner party host, aiming to win the £1000 charity prize.

  • Episode 5 - Merseyside - All in One

    In this episode from Merseyside local DJ Rick takes on Kate, laid-back life coach Peter and super wealthy Cathy in a week featuring a guest appearance from a star off Brookside.

  • Episode 6 - East Suffolk - All in One

    Battling it out are the UFO-spotting veggie Jo Jo, agony-aunt Janet, super-confident Paul, and department store owner Jim

  • Episode 7 - Manchester - All in One

    Culinary competition from Manchester, with veggie-hating food critic Mark Garner, tarot card reader and vegetarian Pascha Taylor, pub landlord Jon Patullo and the racily-clad Jilly Fitzgerald.

  • Episode 8 - North West London - All in One

    The competition comes from north-west London and features a Bollywood wannabe, a titanic clash of two chatterboxes and a dark parlour filled with rats, snakes and all things spooky.

  • Episode 9 - East Lancashire - All in One

    In East Lancashire four hosts attempt to create the perfect dinner party in the hope of claiming that £1000 prize. Prepare for a 'windy' week featuring snogging and serenades.

  • Episode 10 - Dorset - All in One

    Episode 10 - Dorset - All in One

    This edition comes from Dorset where store-owner Harj Aujila takes on student/beauty queen Brittany Sheridan, military trainer Shaun Jackson and metrosexual foodie Michael Psaradelli.

  • Episode 11 - Walsall - All in One

    In this brand new episode from Walsall there's a meat feast fiasco, some moonwalking and Liam Gallagher impersonations, and some insults and tears at dinner time

  • Episode 12 - Nuneaton - All in One

    This episode in East Lancashire features a mayoress and a spiritualist, quite a lot of kissing, much belching, and an unannounced twin.

  • Episode 13 - Soap Star Special

    This time the culinary showdown comes with a soap star twist, featuring Brian Capron off Coronation Street, James Redmond from Hollyoaks, and Lorraine Chase and Adele Silva from Emmerdale

  • Episode 14 - South Buckinghamshire - All in One

    Nicholas Witherick, who works and lives in a stunning stately home, takes on hard-talking waitress Lisa Bristow, wind-up merchant Dale Evans, and creative art teacher Annie Hearne

  • Episode 15 - Ayrshire - All in One

    This episode comes from Ayrshire, where castle-dwelling food snob Patrick battles it out with no-nonsense cookery addict Ann, Christian weight watcher Jolyn, and Duffy, a performance poet and forager

  • Episode 16 - Wakefield - All in One

    Twentysomething Carly takes on three 40somethings who, to this youthful lass, might as well be pensioners: curio-collecting Neil; animal-mad Gail; and superbike-loving Enzo

  • Episode 17 - Coronation Street Special

    Edition celebrating Coronation Street's 50th anniversary, with Bet Lynch played by Julie Goodyear, Reg Holdsworth: Ken Morley, Kelly Crabtree: Tupele Dorgu, and Des Barnes: Philip Middlemiss

  • Episode 18 - North Lancashire - All in One

    Battling it out from North Lancashire are proud and very loud American post mistress Rosie, straight-talking vegetarian Linda, not-so-funny joker DJ Johnny Pep and financial advisor Anne

  • Episode 19 - Celebrity Christmas Special

    DJ and drum & bass legend Goldie; ex Footballer's Wives star Susie Amy; Blue Peter veteran Janet Ellis and legendary crooner Tony Christie compete culinarily

  • Episode 20 - West Lincolnshire - All in One

    Plastic surgery fan Jo Allen takes on self-titled 'hairy-bummed roofer' Nigel Reid, Rocky Horror-obsessed drag queen Justin Hussey, and saleswoman Margaret Hope, in a week of fights and lost tempers

  • Episode 21 - Southampton - All in One

    This episode from Southampton features Lucy, Jay, Phil and Beverley and includes a nautical-themed evening, body popping and a string of jaw dropping revelations

  • Episode 22 - West Nottinghamshire - All in One

    Battling it out in the heart of Robin Hood country are U2 fanatic Lynn Negus, DJ/photographer/ex-gigolo Dennis Nyama, primary schoolteacher Maria Beal and former roadie Pete Chaffe.

  • Episode 23 - Swansea - All in One

    Four of Swansea's keenest hosts go head-to-head in a week of culinary giddiness, including a never-ending soup and a close thing with a pavlova.

  • Episode 24 - Worcester - All in One

    This edition from Worcester includes a Roman-inspired menu, a scary pig mask, a dessert of gazelle horns and honey balls, some rampant fatism, and an awful lot of insults.

  • Episode 25 - Bedford - All in One

    Episode 25 - Bedford - All in One

    This edition from Bedford features Joanne, Franko, Richard and Sam - one of them a serial burper, another the owner of a rather large collection of male thongs.

  • Episode 26 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me

    In this celebrity episode, Diane Abbot MP takes on TV presenter and motor-mouth Terry Christian, serial WAG Danielle Lloyd, and ballet dancer Wayne Sleep.

  • Episode 27 - North East London - All in One

    Four competitive diners fight it out in east London. The show features an aphrodisiac menu, a seven-foot butler, and an explosive falling out, which ends with someone's dinner in the bin.

  • Episode 28 - South East Essex - All in One

    In south-east Essex, make-up wearing Matthew takes on clean queen Kate, old rocker Simon and dog-sitter Jane. The week features numerous lessons in table manners and tales of rock excess.

  • Episode 29 - Harrogate - All in One

    The series kicks off in Harrogate, where four amateur cooks compete for the £1000 prize. Tune in for hairy backs, chocolate coated insects and pheasant road kill.

  • Episode 30 - Exeter - All in One

    In Exeter, a spicy-food war breaks out between two of the hosts, while the other two battle it out over the rights and wrongs of eating rabbit

  • Episode 31 - Leeds - All in One

    This brand new episode from Leeds features ping pong-loving Swede Evelyn Friede, student James Greenhalgh, personal development coach Sarah Shafi and Canadian born DJ Nolan Kane.

  • Episode 32 - Birmingham - All in One

    This edition of the dining contest comes from Birmingham and features bhangra dancing, breast testing, a spot of baldism, 'the devil's spawn', and even some civilised conversation.

  • Episode 33 - Northampton - All in One

    This cook-off in Northampton features some very rare duck, an impressive display of the Klingon language, and a 'posh' approach to dining featuring tuxedos and chicken Kievs

  • Episode 34 - Leicester - All in One

    This cook-off in Leicester includes compulsory meditation, eating with hands, body painting, a controversial hair in a guest's pudding, and quite a lot of bickering

  • Episode 35 - Newcastle - All in One

    In this episode from Newcastle a dessert disaster leaves the host in tears and a starter called 'the knicker dropper' goes down badly with the other guests