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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 12 Summary

Another series of culinary rivalry as strangers, who reckon they are a dab hand at entertaining, compete for the £1,000 prize by taking it in turns to throw a dinner party in their own personal style.

  • Episode 1 - Wrexham - Maria Wynne

    Horse-mad Maria Wynne has decided that the best way to impress her guests is to have a semi-clad butler serve drinks

  • Episode 2 - Wrexham - Steve

    Second to host in Wrexham is nurse Steve Housego, in a contest that features a furry invasion, tears before bedtime and a few home truths

  • Episode 3 - Wrexham - James

    Third to host in Wrexham is mature student James Stevens.

  • Episode 4 - Wrexham - Nadine

    Last to host in Wrexham is surgeon's assistant Nadine Leese.

  • Episode 5 - Huddersfield - Christine

    Hair salon owner and keen gardener Christine Wright is the first host in Huddersfield. She hopes to dazzle her diners with ingredients fresh from nature's larder, a.k.a. her back garden.

  • Episode 6 - Huddersfield - Neil

    Kitchen designer and dog lover Neil Hemmingway hopes to paw his way into the lead with a northern Italian delight of porcini risotto, grilled haddock and tiramisu.

  • Episode 7 - Huddersfield - Matt

    Property developer and karate enthusiast Matt Buckingham serves up two starters, tomato soup and chicken liver pate, followed by salmon and his homemade Harley's ice cream.

  • Episode 8 - Huddersfield - Laura

    Speech therapist and gourmet group member Laura Seeley is hoping to teach her fellow cooks a thing or two with an ambitious Moroccan menu of mezze, lamb tagine and poached pears.

  • Episode 9 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Julia Bradbury

    The competion starts with Julia Bradbury who gets ready to entertain Hollyoaks heartthrob Philip Olivier; ex-MP Edwina Currie; and entertainer Christopher Biggins

  • Episode 10 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Philip Oliver

    It's Philip Olivier's turn to host and things don't start well as he's battling a terrible hangover from the night before. He eventually gets it together, but forgets to serve wine.

  • Episode 11 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Edwina Currie

    Edwina Currie's going for an ambitious menu of individual beef Wellingtons and a pistachio soufflé, but disaster strikes when there's a power cut at her country pad

  • Episode 12 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Christopher Biggins

    The final host is Biggins who spends so much time arranging the flowers and talking about Joan Collins that his mousse starter ends up like a soup

  • Episode 13 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Raef Bjayou

    The first celebrity to cook this time is sauve ex-Apprentice star Raef Bjayou, who hosts an upper class evening in London's Mayfair for Michelle Gayle, Lynne Franks, and Chris Ellison from The Bill

  • Episode 14 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Chris Ellison

    It's day two and Chris Ellison from The Bill takes his guests down to Brighton, where a special visitor during pudding leaves the celebrity diners speechless.

  • Episode 15 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Michelle Gayle

    Singer/actress Michelle Gayle keeps her celebrity guests waiting for their dinner. And when it finally arrives, has she made enough for seconds?

  • Episode 16 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Lynne Franks

    It's the last day and PR guru Lynne Franks is planning a Moroccan themed evening for her celebrity guests: ex-Apprentice star Raef, Michelle Gayle, and Chris Ellison from The Bill

  • Episode 17 - Birmingham - Claudine

    Claudine is first up in Birmingham. The 31-year-old events organiser is convinced she'll win, but she's less sure about one guest's outfit for the evening.

  • Episode 18 - Birmingham - Katie

    In Birmingham, hairdresser Katie's showstopper dessert doesn't quite go according to plan. Meanwhile Mike and Claudine indulge in some flirtatious if slightly peculiar behaviour.

  • Episode 19 - Birmingham - Kish

    Third to host in Birmingham is Kish who treats his guests to a real Brummy curry. But mild-mannered Kish is beginning to lose his patience with Claudine, and struggles to hide his feelings.

  • Episode 20 - Birmingham - Mike

    Last to host in Birmingham is Mike, whose eccentric approach to cooking is overshadowed when Kish and Katie finally lose patience with Claudine and tell her exactly what they think

  • Episode 21 - Teesside - Wayne

    Episode 21 - Teesside - Wayne

    Teesside is the setting for the culinary showdown and local DJ Wayne Allen, who describes himself as a 'natural entertainer' is the host, but will he keep all the guests happy?

  • Episode 22 - Teesside - Michele

    Episode 22 - Teesside - Michele

    It's the turn of single mum-of-four, Michele Small, to host and she is determined to prove you can have a top-class dinner party on a budget.

  • Episode 23 - Teesside - Jayne

    Episode 23 - Teesside - Jayne

    Jayne Laverick is sure she will win, she's also determined to educate her guests in the world of haute cuisine in the process, but the mood sours.

  • Episode 24 - Teesside - Dave

    Episode 24 - Teesside - Dave

    Dave is still hoping his game plan of being nice to everyone will pay off, but his guests are a little fraught so his food is overshadowed by the tension around the table.

  • Episode 25 - Belfast - Nick

    First up in Belfast is dapper Nick Cann, who risks a dressing down for his food: some of it's late, and pudding actually goes missing

  • Episode 26 - Belfast - Nikki

    Six-foot burlesque stripper Nikki Fisher leaves culinary carnage in her wake on her night as host in Belfast, while spiritualist Jacqueline claims she can speak to the dead...

  • Episode 27 - Belfast - Donal

    Cage fighter and tattoo salon boss Donal Kelly lays on an American-themed, super-sized feast, which somehow inspires diminutive Nick to challenge him to a physical showdown

  • Episode 28 - Belfast - Jacqueline

    Home truths are served up on spiritualist medium Jacqueline McGarry's night as the four diners reveal exactly what they think of each other

  • Episode 29 - Bristol - Sarah

    First host in Bristol is Sarah Harris, who loves 'noseying' into people's affairs and believes that she'll charm her guests enough to end up on their Christmas card lists

  • Episode 30 - Bristol - Craig

    The guests are in for quite a shock when pernickety hairdresser Craig Lockett serves his sushi starter on the stomach of a hairy Bristolian teenager

  • Episode 31 - Bristol - Kieron

    Poet Kieron Allen is hoping to create a chilled-out evening. The guests are not expecting much and he's so laid-back he forgets the key ingredients for his starter.

  • Episode 32 - Bristol - Angelique

    Designer Angelique Bernatschke is confident a combination of Austrian charm, her gorgeous house and the promise of snow will have her guests under her spell.

  • Episode 33 - Croydon - Christian

    The first host in Croydon, professional deer stalker Christian Viola, is convinced he'll win. But single mother Angelique takes an immediate dislike to him and claims his main looks like maggots.

  • Episode 34 - Croydon - Lulu

    Lulu Williams serves a Burmese menu that Christian Viola is convinced isn't authentic, and later an argument erupts over pudding...

  • Episode 35 - Croydon - Theo

    Italian photographer Theo Liasi is sure no one would dare to criticise his trad Italian recipes. But Christian finds fault from the first mouthful...

  • Episode 36 - Croydon - Angelique

    On the final night in Croydon, Angelique Woolston faces a tough job keeping her guests from arguing, before one last fight breaks out over pudding.

  • Episode 37 - Isle of Wight - Charlotte

    First to host on the Isle of Wight is aspiring actress Charlotte Barton Hoare, who puts on a grand affair, but it all starts to go wrong when one guest gets locked in the loo

  • Episode 38 - Isle of Wight - Michael

    Local radio newsreader Michael Coombes opts for a laid-back, homely evening and hopes his menu of simple food will win him points

  • Episode 39 - Isle of Wight - Steve

    On the third night on the Isle of Wight it's car salesman Steve Morris's turn to host, but he forgets some vital ingredients and offends some of his guests

  • Episode 40 - Isle of Wight - Mandy

    Self-confessed control freak Mandy Gale is convinced her evening is going to come out on top, but her guests get a bit fed up with her bossy ways

  • Episode 41 - North Kent - Katie

    It's the first day of the competition in North Kent and canteen owner Katie hopes to woo her guests with her signature tipple, stinging nettle Pimms, and a friend who eats fire

  • Episode 42 - North Kent - Dan

    It's day two in North Kent and the turn of prison warder Dan, who hopes the chance of a dip in his hot-tub will prove a big hit. But relations between Katie and Claire are not going swimmingly.

  • Episode 43 - North Kent - Claire

    Would-be domestic goddess Claire hosts in North Kent. Katie isn't impressed with Claire's new dress, which she bought for the night. And will Claire spot Katie feeding some of her dinner to the dog?

  • Episode 44 - North Kent - Stuart

    City banker and fine dining snob Stuart is the last to host in North Kent. Stuart asks his guests to wear wigs. But it will take more than fancy hair to lighten the mood between Katie and Claire.

  • Episode 45 - Milton Keynes - Mark

    First up in Milton Keynes is scaffolder Mark Francke, who ditches his preferred 70s tank top sweaters and flares for a tartan kilt and some highland dancing

  • Episode 46 - Milton Keynes - Mike

    Aspiring musician Mike Robinson returns to his Jamaican roots with a Caribbean menu. Glamorous Bev feels he's hiding something, but could the one with a secret actually be Eleana?

  • Episode 47 - Milton Keynes - Eleana

    Eleana Amato's two-pronged game plan is to fill up her guests with big portions and let her alter-ego Applejack the Clown out to play...

  • Episode 48 - Milton Keynes - Bev

    On the final night in Milton Keynes stylish Bev Darlow's fancy food leaves her guests grumbling, and it's a tearful last encounter for one of the participants

  • Episode 49 - Derby - Gareth

    First to host in Derby is marketing manager and domestic god Gareth Walton, who serves up some oversized haggis balls and venison with a flavour one of his guests associates with the lavatory!

  • Episode 50 - Derby - Kellan

    Catering manager and fancy dress fanatic Kellan Dalton hosts a Japanese-themed night, which involves the guests doing a spot of sumo wrestling.

  • Episode 51 - Derby - Serena

    Serena Gilzean-Hughes serves a Caribbean-influenced menu, and a simmering dispute between Peter and Gareth over the latter's manliness boils over into a row...

  • Episode 52 - Derby - Peter

    On the final day in Derby Peter McManus is keen to show the guests how 'real men' cook, serving 'manly' veal. But who will be declared the overall winner?

  • Episode 53 - North London - Nicole

    First to host in North London is Nicole, who makes southern American classics like shrimp and jambalaya, and even serenades her guests Nir, Harry and Bindi.

  • Episode 54 - North London - Harry

    It's day two in North London and the turn of upmarket car dealer Harry, who hopes to please with a Greek-style menu and Greek dancing

  • Episode 55 - North London - Bindi

    Third to host in North London is Bindi, who is cooking an intricate Asian fusion dinner. But will Nicole's revealing behaviour during a 70s-style party game overshadow Bindi's cooking?

  • Episode 56 - North London - Nir

    Uber-confident alpha male Nir is the last to host in North London and hopes to wow the group with expensive ingredients and his 'famous' chocolate cake

  • Episode 57 - Nottingham - Simeon

    Fashion designer Simeon Hartwig throws an interactive dinner party in Nottingham, where the guests make most of the meal themselves before taking to the dance floor for a hip hop-inspired finale

  • Episode 58 - Nottingham - Peter

    Peter Saunders is a frustrated museum curator with a passion for Victoriana. He greets his guests in top hat and frock coat, and serves a period menu including a starter that proves too much for some.

  • Episode 59 - Nottingham - Keri

    Former Hooters waitress Keri Lever hopes her food will do the talking on her night as host. But Keri's guests are more interested in dissecting her character than her food.

  • Episode 60 - Nottingham - Jackie

    On the final night in Nottingham, psychology teacher Jackie Mather tries to force fish-hating Simeon and cheese-phobic Peter to try her cheese-encrusted salmon. Will her strong-arm tactics backfire?

  • Episode 61 - Macclesfield - Dave

    Handyman Dave Freel is hoping to nail his night with a combination of a gastro-pub inspired menu and his dazzling personality.

  • Episode 62 - Macclesfield - Tina

    Tina Panayi is second to host in Macclesfield and is playing to her strengths and giving her guests a big helping of Greek food.

  • Episode 63 - Macclesfield - Simon

    After two days of his boasting, the rest of the party roll up at Simon Wright's with high hopes. But unfortunately Simon drops his dessert and a few clangers too.

  • Episode 64 - Macclesfield - Veronica

    Last to cook in Macclesfield is Veronica O'Connor, who is planning pianists and some dinner party classics to wow her guests. But after she put the boot in at Simon's, he is gunning for revenge.

  • Episode 65 - Manchester - Stuart

    Stuart Donnelly starts the week in style. With his flashy penthouse and designer surroundings, Stuart makes new best friends with party girl Angela Daly.

  • Episode 66 - Manchester - Angela

    On day two in Manchester Angela Daly finds her new best friend Stuart has dumped her in favour of Rachel Vose, a dancewear shop manager

  • Episode 67 - Manchester - Josh

    Eco-warrior Josh Steiner plans to cook lamb for the first time. And a few days of Stuart prove too much for one of the diners.

  • Episode 68 - Manchester - Rachel

    Dancewear shop manager Rachel Vose is last to host in Manchester. Can she bring peace and harmony to the group, serve good food, and win the prize?

  • Episode 69 - Liverpool - Ray

    Self-confessed hippie Ray Parry is first to host in Liverpool. Ray is keen to convert his fellow diners to vegetarianism. But his non-stop chatter proves hard to digest.

  • Episode 70 - Liverpool - Valerie

    Valerie is second to host in Liverpool and hopes to impress her guests with a Caribbean inspired menu. But her evening is hijacked by Ray, who once again dominates the conversation.

  • Episode 71 - Liverpool - Paul

    Self-confessed grumpy old man Paul has a hard time in Liverpool as his starter's late, his duck is troublesome, and there's a panic over dessert. Meanwhile Valerie tells Ray to put a sock in it.

  • Episode 72 - Liverpool - Lyndsey

    Party-girl Lyndsey is the last to host in Liverpool. And as well as a spot of chaos in the kitchen, and trouble with the champagne, she and her guests manage to get into a bit of a row.

  • Episode 73 - Colchester - Jo

    Dog-breeder Jo Lueck, queen of the innuendo and an outrageous flirt, kicks off the week in Essex.

  • Episode 74 - Colchester - Paul

    Paul goes to town with his food, creating a complex international menu. But his guests are not impressed and Michael and the girls are soon serenading him with their complaints.

  • Episode 75 - Colchester - Michael

    The battle of the male egos is at fever pitch in Colchester, as young Michael hosts. He's got a few tricks up his sleeve, but is making tricky chocolate fondants in front of his guests a mistake?

  • Episode 76 - Colchester - Helen

    Helen Cruickshank is the last to host in Essex, and a night of abuse, back stabbing and rudeness unfolds, with one member of the group storming out in disgust.

  • Episode 77 - Vale of Glamorgan - Perry

    Doctor Who fanatic Perry Thomas is the first host in a week featuring spiritual gifts, burnt parsnips, excessive sweating, late servings, complaints and a 'floating island' dessert that doesn't float

  • Episode 78 - Vale of Glamorgan - Jules

    In the Vale of Glamorgan hedonist and ladies' man Jules Bywater-Lees is the second to host.

  • Episode 79 - Vale of Glamorgan - Judy

    Third to host in the Vale of Glamorgan is Judy Mancuso, who's concerned with personal well-being.

  • Episode 80 - Vale of Glamorgan - Liz

    Solicitor and serial worrier Liz Beckerley is the final host in the culinary face-off in the Vale of Glamorgan.

  • Episode 81 - Shropshire - Andrea

    First to host In Shropshire is Andrea Claydon, who serves her guests a chocolate-and-peanut-butter cookie pizza pudding

  • Episode 82 - Shropshire - Wayne

    Country gent Wayne Hinds offers an evening of 'sophistication' at his impressive country pile

  • Episode 83 - Shropshire - Robina

    Third to host in Shropshire is glam girl-about-town Robina Hooper, in a week of competitive dining that features some chaos, friction, fights and tears.

  • Episode 84 - Shropshire - Kev

    Last to host in Shropshire is staunch socialist and children's entertainer 'Magic' Kev Duffy.

  • Episode 85 - Celebrity - Bobby Davro

    In the first night of a celebrity edition of the show, comedian Bobby Davro throws a Hawaiian party, with hula girls and a tropical Elvis, for his guests: Laila Morse, Dane Bowers and Dani Behr

  • Episode 86 - Celebrity - Laila Morse

    Laila Morse serves a no-frills British menu for her fellow celebs. But the simplicity of the starter is soon overshadowed by her inability to manage her meringues and her meat.

  • Episode 87 - Celebrity - Dane Bowers

    It's Dane Bowers' night, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve as well as some extra chillis in mind for Bobby Davro, who rubs cream over his chest later in the evening

  • Episode 88 - Celebrity - Dani Behr

    Dani Behr's night to host goes badly awry when she is taken ill and ends up in hospital. But her guests are not convinced, suspecting Dani of having 'lazy swine flu'.

  • Episode 89 - Celebrity - Yvette Fielding

    Yvette Fielding is the first host in a week of celebrity dining also featuring ex-Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton, Catchphrase's Roy Walker and Corrie bad boy Les Battersby (aka actor Bruce Jones)

  • Episode 90 - Celebrity - Natasha Hamilton

    Second celebrity to host is ex-Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton.

  • Episode 91 - Celebrity - Roy Walker

    Third celebrity to host is Catchphrase host Roy Walker.

  • Episode 92 - Celebrity - Bruce Jones

    Last celebrity to host is actor Bruce Jones (aka bad boy Les Battersby from Coronation Street).

  • Episode 93 - York - Claire

    First in line in York is council worker Claire, who's hosting a Mexican evening and wants to see her guests sporting margaritas, sombreros and moustaches - even the women!

  • Episode 94 - York - Chris

    It's day two in York and aspiring playwright Chris may have bitten off more than he can chew, attempting five side dishes to accompany his main course

  • Episode 95 - York - Famida

    Glamorous 50-something Famida serves up a Caribbean menu in York. But will her flambéed dessert, requiring a blowtorch, prove a safe bet?

  • Episode 96 - York - Andy

    It's the last day in York, and the turn of straight-talking Andy. Could Andy's choice of squirrel pie turn out to be a bit of a blunder?

  • Episode 97 - Taunton - Sally

    Sally Jago takes a break from bee keeping and bell ringing to try and impress her three guests with an enormous Chinese banquet of five main courses and three desserts

  • Episode 98 - Taunton - Richard

    It's financial director Richard Smith's turn to host. Richard's chosen the Battle of Waterloo as a theme for his night, including a 'skirmish of duck and fish' and beef Wellington.

  • Episode 99 - Taunton - Nikki

    Nikki Neave is planning a Western theme on her night as host, including a ride on a bucking bronco

  • Episode 100 - Taunton - Paula

    Fussy eater Paula McShane is last to host in Taunton. Her menu takes her guests by surprise; could she be the week's dark horse?

  • Episode 101 - Edinburgh - Jacquie

    Bubbly entrepreneur Jacquie Sandison kicks off a week of competitive cookery in Edinburgh in haphazard style with a totally disastrous attempt at making Hollandaise sauce

  • Episode 102 - Edinburgh - Coranne

    Former teacher Coranne Denham is second to host in Edinburgh. But will Coranne's critical nature backfire on her?

  • Episode 103 - Edinburgh - Gordon

    Pilot Gordon Davidson is third to host in Edinburgh and he has his younger male rival, off-licence manager Terry Morton, firmly in his sights

  • Episode 104 - Edinburgh - Terry

    Last to host in Edinburgh is off-licence manager Terry Morton. Will he and Gordon lock horns again over cooking and hunting?