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Come Dine with Me

    • Episode 1 - London - Jane

      It's meal one of the competition in London, and Jane Furlong, a 45-year-old office manager, is cooking up a lavish five-course banquet for four total strangers.

    • Episode 2 - London - David

      It's debonair David Thomas's turn to play host. He's a man who believes in buying the best, so it's straight to Harvey Nichols to pick up his shopping.

    • Episode 3 - London - Sarah

      It's Sarah's turn to show off her hosting skills. She's laying on a Middle Eastern extravaganza complete with 12 starters but her chaotic style of entertaining isn't to everyone's taste.

    • Episode 4 - London - Rocky

      Rocky Scott doesn't believe dinner parties should be hard work. She relies on good, honest home cooking, most of which (in her case) can be bought from the shop.

    • Episode 5 - London - Paul

      It's the last meal. Cocky Paul has been boasting about his cooking skills all week, so now is his chance to display his talents.

    • Episode 6 - London - Moona

      Moona Messamri believes that her ten course Italian feast will wow her guests and guarantee her top marks but with such an extensive menu, has Moona bitten off more than she can chew?

    • Episode 7 - London - Bruce

      City slicker Bruce Mainwaring is planning to wow his guests with his stunning bachelor pad and extensive wine cellar.

    • Episode 8 - London - Pauline

      Things are about to get hot and steamy as fetish fan Pauline Morrison takes her turn to host dinner. She's hoping that her guests will be open to some saucy entertainment.

    • Episode 9 - London - Michael

      Innovator Michael O'Keefe takes a more relaxed approach to hosting. He believes success lies in perfect planning rather than slaving over a hot stove, so he's booked Caroline the caterer.

    • Episode 10 - London - Belinda

      Belinda's cooking a roast that she's cooked every Sunday for years, but the oven's on the blink, the lamb's overcooked, the Shrewsbury sauce takes on a life of its own and she's lost the parsley.

    • Episode 11 - Leeds - Vera

      Spikey-haired, leopard-print clad dinner lady Vera Liburd welcomes four complete strangers into her home to cook them something a little more sophisticated than the average school dinner.

    • Episode 12 - Leeds - Stuart

      Stuart Moss combines British favourites the full English breakfast and the curry to create the gastronomic hybrid that is the 'full English breakfast curry', but will he win his guests over?

    • Episode 13 - Leeds - Craig

      Craig MacAlpine tries to scoop the cash prize. He's super cool and suave and is planning a thoroughly sophisticated evening but will his formal manner stifle the atmosphere?

    • Episode 14 - Leeds - Pippa

      Pippa Hudson is practised in the art of entertaining, but there's a small problem with the guests: she doesn't like them! They are also in for a surprise: a naked portrait of Pippa.

    • Episode 15 - Leeds - Paul

      It's the turn of former army chef Paul Ulett to host his dinner. It's a nail-biting climax as the guests vote for the last time and the winner is announced.

    • Episode 16 - Stoke - Jane

      Opera diva Jane Bagley from Stoke kicks off with a menu that looks set to impress. Her obsession with lists should ensure nothing is left to chance unless her nerves get the better of her.

    • Episode 17 - Stoke - Sarah

      Real-life footballer's wife Sarah Adams-Lipa is passing off shop-bought starters as her own, but will her four guests work out her guilty secret?

    • Episode 18 - Stoke - Tricia

      Tricia Martin is an etiquette buff and seasoned hostess but her four guests are seriously underwhelmed by her house, dining room and menu - can she still win the £1000?

    • Episode 19 - Stoke - Lesley

      Lesley Blood puts on a three course chocolate-themed menu. But cracks appear in the group and the knives are out as the evening goes from bad to worse.

    • Episode 20 - Stoke - Father Brian

      Father Brian, the only male cook this week, entertains the four ladies but will his combination of Fanny Craddock, Basil Fawlty and strange dishes net him the £1,000 prize?