Come Dine with Me

    • Episode 29 - Bury St Edmunds

      Four strangers from in and around Bury St Edmunds attempt to host their way to a £1000 prize. There's West Indian food, pecan pie and a night of fine dining before the winner is revealed.

    • Episode 28 - Newcastle

      First to host in Newcastle is larger than life nurse Charity, who plans to impress her guests with an energetic night and some Nigerian inspired food

    • Episode 25 - Cotswolds

      In and around the Cotswolds, club DJ Daniel, IT operations manager Blanche, actor and musician Kristian, and professional party planner Rachel compete for the £1000

    • Episode 23 - Reading

      The first host in Reading is singing teacher Victoria. Joining her are burger bar owner and wind-up merchant Barry, straight talking retiree Kathleen and French waiter Lamri.

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      Episode 21 - Glasgow

      In Glasgow, four rival cooks hope to impress their guests. Alongside traditional Scottish fayre there's Mexican food, and one of the hosts is a self-declared 'tricky customer'.

      This episode is subtitled46 mins
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      Episode 19 - Crewe and Stoke

      With a sing-a-long, carrot-gate and a terrible terrine, it's a turbulent week in and around Crewe and Stoke, but who will win the £1000 prize?

      This episode is subtitled46 mins
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      Episode 17 - Maidstone and Rochester

      In Maidstone and Rochester, it's a competitive week filled with fun, randomness and a musical surprise, but who will be crowned winner and take home the £1000 prize?

      This episode is subtitled46 mins
    • Episode 16 - South West London

      Four strangers from south west London try to cook their way to the prize. In a week filled with fine wine but dodgy prawns, who will be crowned the winner and take home the grand?

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      Episode 4 - Central Scotland

      In central Scotland, Jennifer hopes her night of hearty home cookery will impress. Linsay finishes the week with a trip to 'retroville', but can she keep her bodily functions to herself?

      This episode is subtitled45 mins
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      Episode 3 - Essex

      Confident clothes shop owner Sacha, perfectionist Farazana, outspoken disability awareness officer Gary and cat-loving Kelly battle it out in Essex

      This episode is subtitled46 mins
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      Episode 2 - Woking and Guildford

      Kicking off this episode from Woking and Guildford is professional cake decorator Mignonne, with a 1950s themed evening, but will her food leave her guests singing the blues?

      This episode is subtitled46 mins
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      Episode 1 - Brighton

      The award-winning daytime show is back. First up in Brighton, flight attendant Clint hopes his Italian menu and innuendo-laced wit and repartee will land him the prize.

      45 mins