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Hosts from all walks of life, from Dublin to Cork and Waterford to Galway, accept the culinary challenge, taking it in turns to throw a dinner party in an attempt to win a cash prize

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Hosts from all walks of life, from Dublin to Cork and Waterford to Galway, accept the culinary challenge, taking it in turns to throw a dinner party in an attempt to win a cash prize

Series 2 Summary

The culinary contest returns to Ireland for a second series in which five strangers compete over a week, taking it in turns to throw a dinner party, after which their guests secretly score them with a mark out of 10.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 1

    The competition arrives in Dublin for a celebrity special and the first host is singer and songwriter Brian Kennedy.

    He'll be wining and dining Ireland AM's entertainment correspondent Noel Cunningham, actor George McMahon, model Rozanna Purcell and showbiz hack Paul Martin.

    Brian is confident he'll win over his fellow celebs with his fine food and high-end entertainment of... spin the bottle!

    Brian's night starts with him not recognising one of his guests, then being faced with his worst nightmare - a tabloid journalist.

    The starter goes down well and Brian's entertainment of spin the bottle generates some shocking revelations.

    The main course and dessert get mixed reviews, and the banter, like the wine, keeps flowing. But then the atmosphere suddenly changes.

    Has Brian pulled out all the stops needed to win 5000 euros for charity? And will the underlying friction turn into a confrontation later in the week?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 2

    The host on night two of the Dublin celebrity special is Ireland AM's entertainment correspondent Noel Cunningham.

    He'll be cooking up a storm for soulful crooner Brian Kennedy, actor George McMahon, model Rozanna Purcell and tabloid reporter Paul Martin.

    Hoping to put on a sophisticated dinner party, Noel decides to enforce some rules and presents a bunch of peace lilies in the hope of keeping the bubbling feud between Brian and Paul at bay.

    However, with hangovers hurting from the night before, Noel will have to work hard to pick up the mood among his guests.

    If his food and conversation don't win over the guests, then maybe some traditional Irish entertainment will do the trick.

    With everything to play for, the question is: will Noel be able to bag 5000 euros for charity, or will it all end in disaster?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 3

    Night three's host in the star-studded celebrity special from Dublin is model Rozanna Purcell, a former Miss Universe Ireland.

    It's going to be a challenge for Roz, as she has never hosted a dinner party in her life. Joining her for the evening are singer Brian Kennedy, Ireland AM's Noel Cunningham, tabloid hack Paul Martin and actor George McMahon.

    Roz's bid to impress gets off to a great start as her four guests are left reeling by her menu theme: how I like my men.

    But in the kitchen it's not going so well. Roz forgets her weighing scales and fails to add the right amount of any ingredients. The pressure only mounts when a slip of the knife leaves her running for the bandages.

    However, Roz has a secret weapon and decides to stun her guests with her daring outfit. The atmosphere round the table is loud, brash and a little rude, much to the anguish of ever-proper Noel Cunningham.

    The evening is topped off by a dessert of raspberry possets that leave George more than a little red faced. But will it be enough to win Roz the 5000-euro prize for charity?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 4

    The penultimate celebrity host in Dublin is tabloid journalist Paul Martin, who is working out of his five-star serviced apartment above a hotel.

    Paul is going all out to impress his guests, Ireland AM's showbiz reporter Noel Cunningham, platinum-selling music artist Brian Kennedy, actor George McMahon and former Miss Universe Ireland Rozanna Purcell.

    As a self-confessed Michael Jackson fan, it's no surprise when Paul announces a Jacko-themed night, complete with magicians and a dance-off.

    But even with his top entertainment and fiery cocktails, Paul struggles to win over his biggest critics, Brian and Noel, who look to pull him up at every opportunity, not least when they smell burning food.

    Will Paul's lack of cooking skills let him down or will his utter determination and good wine selection pull off a winning night and pocket him 5000 euros for charity?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 5

    The last night of the celebrity special from Dublin sees actor and Panto favourite George McMahon hoping to shine.

    Joining him for dinner are singer Brian Kennedy, Ireland AM's Noel Cunningham, model Rozanna Purcell and tabloid hack Paul Martin.

    Having witnessed tensions bubbling all week between Brian and Paul, George is hoping to bring a sense of fun back into the proceedings and opts for a Gangsters and Molls theme.

    Despite George's current role as Aladdin, there is no genie in the lamp to help him out in the kitchen, and slowly but surely he unravels, unable to find anything and completely incapable of keeping his cool.

    Things don't get any better once the guests have arrived and, with 'the heavies' watching his every move, George crumbles.

    But his efforts in the kitchen are soon forgotten as tensions escalate between Brian and Paul. The guests are in for a shock when Paul commits the ultimate sin - criticising Brian's music.

    As George tries to restore order, is it too little too late to win the 5000-euro prize for charity?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 6

    The culinary competition returns to Dublin for another celebrity special and the first host is model Madeline Mulqueen.

    She'll be wining and dining golfer Rory McIlroy's ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney, rugby legend Shane Byrne, media mogul Michael O'Doherty, and former Miss Ireland Pippa O'Connor.

    Madeline struggles to contain her excitement as her guests arrive. During the meal, Holly is questioned about being a celebrity by association and, as the beer and wine flow, Michael defends the role of newspapers and magazines when Pippa talks about negative press.

    As if that wasn't enough, Shane's mullet hairstyle gets a roasting from Michael. The starter and main get mixed reviews, but Madeline's entertainment and dessert both surprise her guests.

    Has she done enough to win 5000 euros for charity? And will the banter between Michael and Shane boil over?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 7

    The host on night two of the Dublin celebrity special is former Miss Ireland Pippa O'Connor, the wife of TV presenter Brian Ormond.

    After her recent wedding, the newlywed has all the gear in the kitchen, but does she have any idea how to use it?

    Finding out will be media magnate Michael O'Doherty, model Madeline Mulqueen (who's got a secret crush on Pippa), former WAG Holly Sweeney and international rugby legend Shane Byrne.

    Shane brings a very belated wedding gift to Pippa's house, which only serves to embarrass Michael into making a confession of his own.

    Relations between Michael and Shane grow feistier as the publishing mogul moves from having a dig at Shane's hair to his weight.

    The entertainment proves a huge hit, but will the food live up to expectations? And will Madeline ever leave?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 8

    On the third night of the celebrity cook-off in Dublin, it's the turn of golfer Rory McIlroy's former girlfriend Holly Sweeney.

    She'll be wining and dining the glamorous Pippa O'Connor, model Madeline Mulqueen, rugby star Shane Byrne and publishing mogul Michael O'Doherty.

    Holly can shop for Ireland, but can the ex-WAG hack it in the kitchen? After criticising Pippa's dessert, the pressure is on Holly to deliver the goods.

    To liven up her night, 20-year-old Holly has picked a controversial golf and tennis theme. But does everyone share her sense of fun or will her guests be party poopers?

    The starter goes down well but the main course is not to everyone's taste. As the drink flows, the atmosphere gets heated, with Michael as happy as ever to stir things up.

    Has Holly done enough to win 5000 euros for charity with her dinner party, and are the knives out for Michael?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 9

    The host of the penultimate dinner party in the celebrity competition from Dublin is self-confessed Mr Nasty and magazine owner Michael O'Doherty.

    As Michael has nit-picked at other people's food and hosting skills all week, the gang are ready to wreak havoc at his house, especially Holly Sweeney, who has a plan to get back at him for not joining in her fancy-dress theme.

    Expectations are high for Michael's dinner, but Pippa wonders whether he will be able to deliver, given that he's a famous delegator.

    Lobster is on the menu, which is no surprise to the guests, but no one could have predicted Michael's girlish screams in the kitchen as he attempts to prepare the dish.

    Madeline's hatred of all things from the sea comes to a head when the starter is placed in front of her, but she finds a novel way to cope with Dublin's finest lobster. However, things get frosty over dessert.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 10

    On the final night of the celebrity culinary contest, rugby star Shane Byrne hosts from his home in Arklow, County Wicklow.

    Shane is confident in his skills as a host, but has major concerns when it comes to the cooking. It's a good job that his wife has left a step-by-step guide for him to follow.

    As the owner of Ireland's most famous mullet hairstyle, Shane has picked the perfect dress code for his evening: Glam Rock.

    Pippa, Holly and Madeline can't wait to throw on some fancy dress, but will moody Michael join in the fun? And, if not, will Shane let him in?

    The food is plentiful, so is the wine, and when the conversation turns to dark deeds, Michael reveals a secret. Has Shane played a blinder in the kitchen or does he need his entertainment to turn the night around?

    All is revealed as the winner of the 5000-euro charity prize is announced.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 11

    The culinary contest is in Cavan and Monaghan and the first host of the week is 24-year-old PhD student and lecturer Tony Sheridan.

    He'll be wining and dining photographer Taine King, writer Patrick Walsh, pub landlady Colette McGahern and hotel worker Pauline Farrelly.

    Modesty is not uber-confident Tony's strong point, and he's convinced he'll win over his guests with a menu designed by his sister, a trained chef.

    His starter of posh beans on toast fails to impress his guests but the girls are more interested in Tony's relationship status.

    Entertainment comes from Tony's dad's pipe band and the sight of grown men in kilts causes quite a stir among the guests.

    The dessert was created by Tony's sister, but can he convince his guests it's home-made and will his hosting skills bag him the 1000-euro prize?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 12

    Hotel cleaner Pauline Farrelly has never thrown a dinner party in her life.

    While she tries to keep her menu simple, she is concerned that she might give her guests food poisoning, so she's bought in extra supplies of toilet roll, just in case.

    In an attempt to take the focus off the food, Pauline asks her guests to dress as their celebrity lookalike for the night.

    Pub landlady Colette McGahern shows off her figure in a revealing Liz Hurley-style safety-pin dress, but her refusal to even touch her starter rubs photographer Taine King up the wrong way.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 13

    Writer and bon viveur Patrick Walsh confesses to being a bit of a beginner when it comes to cooking, so he's opted for simple dishes and hopes to gain points by charming his four guests.

    As he's obsessed with Oscar Wilde, Patrick gets everyone to turn up in Victorian dress. Pub landlady Colette McGahern wears a fetching number, but Patrick manages to concentrate on playing host.

    During a chat about art, photographer Taine King and lecturer Tony Sheridan are at loggerheads. However, Patrick distracts them with his entertainment of Oscar Wilde stories and quotations.

    There's a dessert of banoffee pie, made by Patrick's own fair hand, but his simple soup starter and chicken main course may not win him many points.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 14

    Photographer Taine King is a self-confessed foodie, hitting the kitchen in an attempt to wow her guests with a sophisticated fine-dining menu.

    Her restaurant-style food includes scallops with black pudding and brandy cream, and duck confit, which has come all the way from France... in a can!

    Taine's food doesn't quite hit the mark with cleaner Pauline Farrelly, who spits the duck out at the table. Fussy eater Colette McGahern isn't a fan either, and barely touches any of the dishes.

    Super-confident Tony Sheridan surprises Taine with an unusual gift: a framed photo of himself. But it's not long before he and Pauline uncover some even stranger photographs upstairs.

    Taine's kitchen skills and exotic ingredients may go unappreciated by some, but has she pushed the boat out far enough to bag the 1000-euro prize?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 15

    On the final night, it's the turn of glamorous pub landlady Colette McGahern to host. Colette has kept her menu simple, hoping to win over her guests with a charm offensive.

    This works on her male guests, Tony and Patrick, but the ladies, Taine and Pauline, are harder to convince.

    While Colette is busy at the stove, her four guests are having a great time, but they soon find their hostess's eagerness to please a bit much.

    The starter of black and white pudding isn't a big hit, the main course of lemon chicken doesn't win favour either, and a low point is reached with the dessert of semolina.

    The entertainment is provided by Colette, who sings a song about her own bar, before revealing the winner of the 1000-euro prize money.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 16

    The culinary contest is in County Kerry and the first host is hairdresser Audrey Logue-Duggan.

    Although she has never hosted a dinner party before, Audrey is confident that her simple but tasty menu will impress. Her first course goes down well with the guests, but the introduction of her dogs at the dinner table doesn't sit well with everyone.

    For the main course, Audrey attempts to cook steaks to each guest's preference, but admits she only knows how to do them medium or burnt. There's also a disaster at dessert, as eagle-eyed Melissa spots that Audrey has forgotten an important item.

    At the table, Stephen tries to turn on the charm with the ladies, while Melissa struggles to finish the food. Has Audrey done enough to win the 1,000-euro prize?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 17

    The second host in Kerry is cheeky cocktail barman and self-confessed ladies' man Stephen Leane. Stephen is confident he can win over his guests with a heady night of drinks and high fashion.

    However, his day starts badly when he forgets the crucial ingredient for his chocolate dessert... the chocolate. The ladies arrive dressed up to the nines and Stephen thinks his luck is in before music maestro Sean arrives.

    Stephen's porky starter goes down well with everyone apart from fussy Melissa, whose dislike of pig stems from the occasion when she gave her entire family food poisoning with a pork dish.

    Stephen's cocktail entertainment leaves talkative hairdresser Audrey and yoga queen Dervil quite excited. With his main course wolfed down and his dessert dressed down, what sort of score can Stephen expect?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 18

    On the third night in Kerry, the host is picky eater and all-round 'Little Miss Fussy' Melissa Perry. As an interior designer, she's fanatical about how everything, especially her food, is presented.

    On her menu is a repeat of a dish from the previous night: a rack of Kerry lamb. However, Melissa's guests don't have high hopes after seeing her eating habits.

    All week long she's been pushing food around her plate and night two's revelation - that she once gave her family food poisoning - hasn't encouraged the other diners.

    She's also set a dress code and insists that if you're not dressed up, you're not coming in. As dinner progresses, Melissa shows the group a new, bossier side to her personality and Audrey's volume continues to grow.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 19

    Holistic therapist and yoga teacher Dervil Fleming is taking the reins on night four in Kerry. She intends to host a relaxed and serene evening, in contrast with the week so far.

    In particular, her efforts will go into calming the 'terrible two', Melissa and Audrey. Asian cuisine is on the menu, including Dervil's own 'soup of life'. She gives a special blessing to each recipe in an attempt to make hers the winning menu.

    However, no amount of spiritual guidance will help picky Melissa's palette. She's not happy with the menu and worries that she won't eat anything.

    The night proves to be less calm and more chaotic than usual. In an attempt to 'centre' her guests, Dervil takes them on a spiritual journey in her studio as she teaches them 'laughing yoga'.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 20

    The final host in Kerry is music teacher and country man Sean Treacy. Sean's pinning his hopes on the 'Mona Lisa of cabbages' and an Irish singers theme. He sets out to find the best cabbage in Kerry for his guests and Sean knows a thing or two (or three) about his favourite vegetable.

    When Sean turns up to his Irish singers evening dressed as an Italian opera star, Audrey wastes no time in pointing out the inconsistency. In a first for this week's contest, Melissa actually finishes her starter.

    After a Mexican celebration, it's back to the food and the main course is brought to the table. However, Melissa can't bear the sight of it and ends up being sick in the lavatory. Can Sean redeem himself with his dessert or has he blown his chance of winning the 1000-euro prize?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 21

    The culinary contest is in Sligo and the first host is office manager Trish Buckley, who hosts a Hollywood glamour night for her guests.

    They are mature student Monica Cogan, surf instructor Dimitar Dosev, part-time shop assistant Maria Tesler and student Aoife McGowan. Trish is confident that her top-level cuisine will win them over.

    At the start of her night, the diners are treated to a Hollywood-style red-carpet entrance, complete with screaming fans.

    The women instantly take a liking to ladies' man Dimitar and by the time the main course arrives they are queueing to be chatted up by the lone male guest.

    As the night wears on, Monica becomes more vocal. She's not impressed by the main course or the dessert. Will Trish forgive Monica for her bluntness?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 22

    It's the second day of the competition in Sligo and Russian-born Maria Tesler is hosting an animal-themed evening.

    As the guests arrive, dressed as their favourite animals, they are greeted with a cocktail and Monica picks up where she left off by telling the host she doesn't like it.

    During the starter, Bulgarian surf instructor Dimitar provokes interest by revealing what his second job is.

    Maria's main course is well received by her guests, but the rendition of her family history doesn't go down so smoothly, especially with Aoife.

    During the evening, Monica makes several remarks that hit a nerve with Trish as the 'cougars' battle for the attention of Dimitar.

    After the main course, the guests are treated to some bizarre entertainment that receives mixed reviews. Will Monica and Trish's rivalry come to a head, and can Maria and Aoife ever see eye to eye?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 23

    On day three of the competition in Sligo it's the turn of mature student Monica Cogan to host a dinner party for four guests.

    Monica's evening starts with a strange green man serving drinks for the diners, while Trish continues her shameless flirting with Dimitar.

    Aoife reveals an interesting fact about flexibility, much to Dimitar's interest, but when Monica reveals a similar piece of information it's not to the liking of her guests.

    Monica's entertainment of a game of swingball brings out the competitiveness in both Maria and Aoife. However, that's nothing compared with a fruit-based game that sends Dimitar home in a state of shock.

    Can Monica and Trish kiss and make up, and will Dimitar ever recover?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 24

    It's the penultimate night in Sligo and the turn of youngest of the group, Aoife McGowan, to host her glamour puss-themed evening.

    Quietly confident but not afraid to get some help from her mum, Aoife's attempting a posh nosh menu.

    The female guests glam it up, while ladies' man Dimitar arrives determined to keep his female dining companions in check with his outfit.

    Mixed reviews for the food and a clash of opinions between the host and straight-talking Maria lead to a frosty atmosphere.

    However, in an attempt to lighten the mood, Aoife arranges gifts and disco entertainment and manages to create four dancing queens.

    Two of her guests also end up wearing the dessert rather than eating it. Can the young pretender shine through, or will she end up wishing she had left it to mother?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 25

    On the final night in Sligo it's the turn of surfer dude Dimitar Dosev, the sole male of the group, to host.

    After a week of female company, Dimitar is keen to finally stamp some masculine authority on the proceedings, while still keeping up with his charm offensive.

    An ambitious menu that includes barbecued lobster provides Dimitar with a culinary challenge. However, it's his beach party-themed evening - complete with instructions to bring swimwear - that shocks his guests.

    On arrival, they are given individual wetsuits, much to the bemusement of the dolled-up ladies, before being told they are going for a surfing lesson.

    Has Dimitar put a dampener on the evening before it even starts, and will he be able to ride the tide for the boys and claim the prize, or will it all be a total wipe-out?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 26

    The culinary competition returns to Dublin for a third celebrity special and the first host is modelling boss Celia Holman-Lee.

    She'll be wining and dining reality TV star Geraldine O'Callaghan, actor and comedian Joe Rooney, former Miss World Rosanna Davison and showbiz photographer Brian McEvoy.

    Celia's tactic to win the 5000 euro prize for charity is to use her sense of style to paper over the fact that she's not a good cook.

    She decides to hold her Arabian-themed dinner party in the Moroccan suite of a swanky hotel. Unfortunately, this means she has to do her preparation and cooking in the hotel's busy working kitchen.

    The guests arrive in full costume but Joe is the odd one out. Rosanna and Brian seem to enjoy the meal, but Joe and Geraldine notice it doesn't live up to the ambiance of the evening.

    Does Celia have the class to win high scores, or will her guests see through her 'emperor's new clothes' approach to hosting?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 27

    On the second day of the celebrity cook-off from Dublin it's the turn of former Apprentice star Geraldine O'Callaghan to show what she's made of. She can tear it up in the boardroom, but can she cut it in the kitchen?

    This busy North Dublin girl thinks there's far more to life than standing at the stove and struggles to get to grips with her starter and dessert.

    Then there's the tricky task of cooking for a vegan, former Miss World Rosanna Davison, including the job of soaking beans for eight hours.

    The night kicks off with Geraldine under pressure when her starter turns out to be a bit of a flop, though not as big a failure as her attempts at comedy.

    The stuffed chicken main course is more of a success, and things seem to be looking up for Geraldine until she manages to offend glamorous granny Celia Holman-Lee.

    With only her dessert to come, it's not looking good. Will Geraldine's magical entertainment save the day?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 28

    Day 3 of the celebrity culinary contest in Dublin sees former Miss World Rosanna Davison playing host.

    Vegan Rosanna hopes her menu will convince everyone that cruelty-free food tastes best. However, the carnivorous diners are filled with dread at the prospect of an evening of 'bird food'.

    Rosanna's meatless mission gets off to a shaky start as she manages to kill her blender and smoke herself out of the kitchen.

    Once the party starts, it's clear that Rosanna's pink and girly theme is a hit and actor Joe Rooney even upstages the beauty-queen hostess with his outrageous get-up.

    While her food doesn't get the reaction she'd hoped for, Rosanna has a secret weapon in the form of her entertainment, which goes down a storm.

    So does Rosanna's night have what it takes to win over her guests, or will they sink their teeth into the lack of meat when scoring her efforts?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 29

    On the penultimate day of the celebrity cooking competition in Dublin, it's the turn of star snapper Brian McEvoy to host.

    Brian is the first to admit that he's no Gordon Ramsay and, as he fumbles his way around the kitchen, it's easy to see why.

    Fortunately, his wife is upstairs and shouts words of advice, but Brian is much more at home talking about the celebrity photos that adorn his wall.

    When his guests arrive, Brian rolls out the red carpet and tries hard to be the host with the most. However, actor Joe Rooney and ex-Apprentice star Geraldine O'Callaghan seem far more interested in Brian's 'Wall of Fame'.

    Unsurprisingly, Brian's unadventurous food gets a lukewarm response from his guests and his night seems to be heading for failure.

    But he has a change of luck when former Miss World Rosanna Davison decides to call her father. After all, not every dinner party can boast a live performance from Chris de Burgh.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 30

    The final night of the star-studded cook-off visits Drogheda as comedian and actor Joe Rooney takes his turn to host, and he's determined to pull out all the stops to win over his guests.

    To throw them off the scent, prankster Joe has written his menu in a mixture of five languages. It has the desired effect as most of the diners haven't a clue what's in store.

    Joe is the 'dark horse' of the group, and his cooking gives an alarming insight into the workings of a comedian's brain.

    When modelling boss Celia Holman-Lee arrives, she lets rip on her thoughts about his menu. Can Joe manage to get his night back on track with a special song he's written just for his guests?

    At dinner, former Miss World Rosanna Davison shocks the group with her tale of a ghostly encounter.

    Joe's rip-roaring entertainment raises the roof, but will his food live up to expectations? And who will walk away with 5000 euros for charity?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 31

    The culinary contest is in Cork and the first host is 27-year-old hippy chick Keira O'Connell. She'll be wining and dining hairdresser Joe Byrne, ex-lawyer Fiona Buckley, beauty shop proprietor Mary Rossiter and second-hand shop owner Billy Galvin.

    Keira is confident she'll win over the diners with fine food and the off-the-wall entertainment of body painting. The starter goes down well with Mary and Fiona, but the bruschetta proves too much for Joe's low-carb diet.

    There's a calamity in the kitchen when Keira forgets to use oil when roasting her vegetables, but her bizarre entertainment of body painting her guests goes down a treat, as Joe ends up comparing himself to the Sistine Chapel and Mary is likened to a parrot.

    However, Keira's Mount Everest dessert fails to reach the dizzy heights with her guests. Has it ruined her chances of winning the 1000-euro prize?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 32

    On the second day of the competition in Cork, flamboyant hair salon owner Joe Byrne plays host with a Mad Hatter-themed dinner party. A novice in the kitchen, he's hoping his charm can make up for his lack of culinary skills.

    However, Joe has already made himself unpopular with first host Keira O'Connell, having panned her cooking. Now Keira is out for payback and competitive fellow guest Billy Galvin is happy to stir things up too.

    Joe's food preparation takes second place to his beauty regime, with disastrous consequences... he forgets to pick up steaks for his main course.

    The guests arrive in full Alice in Wonderland attire, with Billy trying to outdo the host as the Maddest Hatter. Over the starter, Joe's 'home-made' bread raises eyebrows and Billy attacks his serving etiquette.

    As the evening progresses, Joe becomes less and less interested in cooking and his dessert gets mixed reviews. He is left vowing never to cook again and determined to get revenge on Billy for upstaging him.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 33

    On Day 3 in Cork, the host is beauty-shop owner and perfectionist Mary Rossiter. However faultless she wants her food to be, Mary crumbles when she starts on her dessert preparation and things go very wrong, leaving her with a bowl of chocolate slop.

    The guests have been told to 'overdress' and arrive expecting glamour and finesse from Mary, but their host is a shameless straight-talker and pitches right in with some blunt analysis of the diners.

    When she asks the guests who they would like to be reincarnated as, their answers prompt Mary to tell them how boring they are.

    Throughout the night, Joe and Billy bicker and squabble for dominance. The food goes down more smoothly than the chat, although Keira gags on the starter and the disastrous dessert is not a hit.

    Any tension in the evening is eased by the entertainment, provided by Mary's wedding-singer husband. There's dancing and a sense of fun that might win it for Mary, unless her frankness has already ruined her chances.

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 34

    The fourth host in Cork is ex-hotel waiter turned wheeler-dealer Billy Galvin. Billy has been very critical and opinionated all week, culminating in a clash with hairdresser Joe Byrne.

    Now he has a new tactic and is planning to transform himself into 'nice Billy' to charm his guests. Unfortunately, his dress code for the night doesn't go down too well with his fellow diners.

    His starter provides the first culinary disaster of the night, as lambs' kidneys fill two of his guests with horror, but the main course fares better.

    Joe decides to confront his host about why he's so quiet and uncontroversial during the evening. Do the guests buy into the new, improved 'nice Billy'?

    The dessert is Billy's last chance to show off his skills. He flambés bananas in some rum and brings the burning pan to the table, but the accompanying ice cream has long since melted. It's a chaotic end to the meal, but has Billy already done enough to claim the top spot?

  • Come Dine with Me: Ireland

    Episode 35

    The final host in Cork is well-to-do former lawyer turned nut trader Fiona Buckley, who has planned a posh dinner at her impressive Victorian house.

    She's hoping to let the food and décor do the talking, and has chosen a Black Tie theme for the evening. Billy Galvin turns up dressed as a butler, but the prize for the best outfit of the night goes to Mary Rossiter.

    The starter of smoked salmon goes down well until both Joe Byrne and Billy find one of Fiona's hairs in their food.

    Fiona's main course of belly of pork fails to impress her guests, and Keira O'Connell is repulsed by the hair visible on the crackling.

    The home-made mango ice cream dessert fails to lift the standard of the dinner as there are complaints about the amount of ice in it. Has Fiona's evening been good enough to win the 1,000-euro prize?

Come Dine with Me: Ireland synopsis

Hosts from all walks of life, from Dublin to Cork and Waterford to Galway, accept the culinary challenge, taking it in turns to throw a dinner party in an attempt to win a cash prize

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