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Light-hearted competition that provides a unique travel guide to Europe, as 14 tourists are brought together for an epic coach trip across the continent

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Light-hearted competition that provides a unique travel guide to Europe, as 14 tourists are brought together for an epic coach trip across the continent

Series 12 Summary

All aboard for another series of Coach Trip.

  • Episode 1 - Flanders Field

    The first day of the new tour finds the group making a sobering visit to Flanders Field, a World War I memorial site in Belgium, before taking in a round of Belgian beer tasting.

  • Episode 2 - Brussels

    Day two includes some very messy chocolate making before it gets wet and wild with scuba diving at the world's deepest swimming pool.

  • Episode 3 - Luxembourg

    The coach arrives in sleepy Luxembourg, where one tourist gets hands-on with a local pottery maker. Later Brendan is in his element on a Segway tour.

  • Episode 4 - Nancy

    The group arrive in Nancy, where Brendan's refereeing is called into question at human table football.

    Later, one tourist's dream comes true with a zip wire ride. But two other tourists' dreams are shattered at the vote.

  • Episode 5 - Dijon

    The group meet a very eccentric guide at Europe's first kite museum, and some unconventional locals at a blackcurrant museum.

  • Episode 6 - Southern France

    An action packed day on the coach in southern France, with the first new arrivals, a joke that goes too far at a sausage making class, and a policeman who gets carried away at a self-defence class, leaving Brendan nursing a nasty injury.

  • Episode 7 - Chambery

    Brendan is forced into hospital, leaving one of the tourists to take charge of the group. There's mayhem at a dairy farm. And it's up, up and away in some microlites. Then back to earth with a bump at the vote.

  • Episode 8 - Turin

    Brendan returns to introduce the group to the popular Italian sport of hitball, before exploring the delights of ancient Egypt at a world famous museum. Two more new tourists arrive, but how long will they last?

  • Episode 9 - Genoa

    Brendan has a brush with the law before one tourist wins an invite to the pesto world championships and another is crowned champion at the Coach Trip go-karting championships.

  • Episode 10 - Livorno

    There's a double dose of new arrivals as two new couples join the group to enjoy classic Italian fun at a pizza-making class and then a visit to the Vespa museum.

  • Episode 11 - Sardinia

    Two new tourists board the coach in Sardinia. Brendan lets the group loose at a market after an Italian lesson, then they make waves sea kayaking, but who will be in deep water at the vote?

  • Episode 12 - Sardinia

    A tree-top assault course leaves one tourist paralysed with fear, a Sardinian delicacy causes an upset stomach, and there's more upset at the vote.

  • Episode 13 - Nice

    The tourists have a tennis lesson in Nice and play with dolphins at a marine park. But with more waterworks at the vote will someone be waving goodbye to the coach?

  • Episode 14 - Cannes

    The group make their mark in Cannes with a sea-front mime class, Brendan judges a ballroom dance lesson and the tourists learn there's no such thing as a safe vote.

  • Episode 15 - Aix-en-Provence

    The tourists are on top of the world in Aix-en-Provence after a hot air balloon ride. Brendan proves he's an old master at a painting class, and the vote leaves one couple seething.

  • Episode 16 - Montpellier

    Cupid draws back his bow at a violin lesson, but can the tourists make sweet music? And things get messy as Brendan takes the group for a spin on a pottery wheel.

  • Episode 17 - Perpignan

    Brendan dishes out a slimy facial at a snail farm, and one tourist is a hero at a dramatic banana boating ride. There's a surprise departure and things get tense at the vote.

  • Episode 18 - L'Estartit

    Brendan skips down memory lane at the resort where his international tour guiding began. A volleyball game ends uncomfortably for one tourist, and someone storms out of the vote in a huff.

  • Episode 19 - Barcelona

    The group are overwhelmed by the majesty of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia before they make a splash at an iconic Olympic venue. And at the vote, will two more tourists' trips come to an end?

  • Episode 20 - Salou

    After a messy morning gutting fish for lunch, the undesirable sights continue when Brendan takes the group for a pole dancing class. At the vote, one couple is given both barrels.

  • Episode 21 - Valencia

    As the coach arrives in Valencia a new couple rouse the group's curiosity and the competitive juices are flowing in a paella-making class. Brendan takes the delighted tourists for a bungee jump with a difference, before tears flow at the vote.

  • Episode 22 - Benidorm

    In Benidorm, the tourists hit the big top as Brendan takes the group circus-training before an afternoon spent clowning around on jet skis. But there's not a dry eye in the house at an emotional and surprising vote.

  • Episode 23 - Alicante

    A tense group arrive in Alicante, so Brendan calms proceedings with a yoga class. A synchronised swimming lesson provides an eyeful, in more ways than one, and at the vote an indecisive tourist is left in no doubt as to the group's feelings.

  • Episode 24 - Almeria

    Another new couple climb aboard and hit the bullseye at an archery lesson in Almeria, much to the others' dismay. The group also try their hand at traditional rug-making.

  • Episode 25 - Sierra Nevada

    In Sierra Nevada, Spain, Brendan spends the morning talking to a door when one tourist refuses to speak to him. Then the group are shocked while visiting modern-day cave-dwellers at Guadix, before revealing their softer side at a local donkey sanctuary.

  • Episode 26 - Granada

    The group are left surprised by the dancers at a flamenco class, before the alarm is raised after a frightening turn of events at the Alhambra Palace. Brendan's busy day gets no quieter at a feisty vote.

  • Episode 27 - Cordoba

    There's fun and games down on the farm as the group go olive picking before they express themselves at a traditional Spanish folk singing class. But after the singsong there's a dingdong at the vote.

  • Episode 28 - Malaga

    Bad behaviour on the golf course leaves Brendan red-faced, and there are some truly remarkable results when the tourists paint each other at a Picasso art class. It's the last chance for a red card at the vote so who will make it to the final day?

  • Episode 29 - Marbella

    Day twenty-nine and the trip comes to an end in Marbella. The group go full-throttle by racing dune buggies and celebrate by creating some unique concoctions at a cocktail making class. But which couple will be crowned overall winners at the vote?

  • Episode 30 - Journey's End

    As the remaining tourists prepare to make the long journey home, Brendan looks back on his favourite and funniest moments of their six-week trip round Europe.

Coach Trip synopsis

Light-hearted competition that provides a unique travel guide to Europe, as 14 tourists are brought together for an epic coach trip across the continent

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