Christianity: A History

  • Episode 1

    Howard Jacobson examines the origins and consequences of Christian belief and argues that, although Christianity originated in devout Judaism, for Jews, it has been, for the most part, a calamity

  • Episode 2

    Broadcaster and former politician Michael Portillo investigates the role of the Roman Empire in transforming Christianity from an underground sect to the official religion.

  • Episode 3

    Theologian and broadcaster Dr Robert Beckford argues that Britain's conversion to Christianity in the sixth century is the single most important event in the country's history.

  • Episode 4

    Acclaimed war correspondent Rageh Omaar examines the legacy of the Crusades and the lasting impact on the relationship between Islam and the West.

  • Episode 5

    Ann Widdecombe MP examines the turbulent years that divided Catholics and Protestants in Western Europe five centuries ago during the period of the Reformation.

  • Episode 6

    Actor, playwright and broadcaster Kwame Kwei-Armah examines a new indigenous Christendom that has emerged in the developing world of the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Episode 7

    Scientist Colin Blakemore examines Christianity's relationship with science, arguing that science is the biggest challenge Christianity has ever faced.

  • Episode 8

    In the final programme, practising Catholic and leading barrister Cherie Blair considers the challenges facing the future of Christianity.