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Chalet Girl

There was a time when working-class Kim (Felicity Jones) reigned supreme as a skateboarding champion; but that was before her mother's death changed everything for her and her dad Bill (Bill Bailey).

Now she's decided to give up her fast-food job and chance her arm (perhaps literally) with a new career as a chalet girl in an Alpine ski resort, where she hopes to win a life-changing sum of money in a snowboarding competition.

Obviously, as well learning how to transfer her skateboarding skills to the slopes, she'll also have to acquire the knack of deflecting unwanted attention from the resort's predominantly posh, testosterone-fuelled young male clientele. But among the predictable serial gropers there's one lad who catches her eye: the rather narcissistic Jonny (Ed Westwick).

Can Kim acquire the confidence to hold her own among the relocated Chelsea set? Will Jonny notice her? And can she teach the jet-setters a thing or two on the slopes and grab that big cash prize?

With supporting roles from Bill Nighy, as her boss, and Tamsin Egerton, as Kim's friend and guide to high society.

(2011) Cert: 12

Chalet Girl synopsis

Felicity Jones and Ed Westwick star in this bright and breezy British romcom in which a working-class girl must find the confidence to win sporting glory and the man of her dreams

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