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Celebrity couples with very different outlooks exchange families, lives and partners for ten days. Watch the sparks fly as these stars collide!

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Celebrity couples with very different outlooks exchange families, lives and partners for ten days. Watch the sparks fly as these stars collide!

  • Tessa Sanderson and Ron Atkinson

    Tessa Sanderson and Ron Atkinson

    Former javelin star Tessa Sanderson moves in with Ron Atkinson. Big Ron had a glittering 50 years in football, but a racist remark cost him his job. What happens when Ron's wife Maggie swaps lives with Olympic legend Tessa? How does Ron fare under new management? Can Tessa get him to see the light?

  • Rhona Cameron and Stan Boardman

    Rhona Cameron and Stan Boardman

    What happens when comics collide? Scottish comedian and reality TV star Rhona Cameron swaps lives with Viv Boardman, the wife of 80s comedian and entertainer Stan Boardman.

  • Jilly and Alexander

    Jilly Goolden and Alexander O'Neal

    In this Celebrity Wife Swap, TV wine and food critic Jilly Goolden exchanges lives with Cynthia O'Neal, wife of 80s superstar Alexander O'Neal.

    Soul legend Alexander O'Neal hit superstardom in the 1980s with chart topping hits Fake and Criticize. Twenty years on and Alex plays to a smaller audience of loyal fans. Support these days comes in the form of loyal wife Cynthia, an ex-choreographer dedicated to looking after his every need.

    TV wine and food critic Jilly Goolden is one of the UK's best known food and wine critics. Renowned for her forthright opinions, she's been voted one of Radio Times most eccentric personalities of all time. Home life with husband Paul in a sleepy rustic part of Sussex is rather more conservative.

    Prepare for some big surprises in this Celebrity Wife Swap as both sides undergo genuine changes.

  • Sinitta and Les Battersby

    Sinitta and Bruce 'Les Battersby' Jones

    Eighties pop star Sinitta exchanges lives with the wife of Coronation Street star Bruce Jones, aka Les Battersby.

    Sinitta juggles her two small children with a busy career in the media, regular trips to the stylist, a healthy diet and a gruelling fitness regime. Meanwhile, Bruce enjoys lazy days in front of the TV and likes nothing more than spending his days - and nights - drinking in the local pub.

    How does Sinitta cope with being a traditional housewife and running around after Bruce? And what happens when she bans Les from smoking and going to the pub?

  • Sam Fox

    Freddie Starr and Sam Fox

    Freddie Starr captivated the nation in the 70s and 80s with his zany humour. After becoming infamous for his hell-raising hamster-eating exploits, Freddie has now settled down to a traditional life with his third wife Donna.

    While Freddie gigs, Donna is in control of the home and three children, sleeping for only a few hours each night as she tries to fit in her endless chores. Freddie firmly believes that the working man needs to be looked after, and his doting wife Donna is happy to oblige.

    In contrast, Sam Fox and her partner Myra Stratton devote all of their time to each other, happy sharing both their work and home commitments. Sam has a rigorous exercise regime, focused on keeping her in the spotlight.

    Sam might be the star on stage but at home she is more likely to be found preparing a dinner party for friends, while Myra is busy managing the hectic international schedule of her other half.

    How will Sam cope left holding the baby while Freddie waits for his tea to be delivered to his armchair, and what will Donna think when she steps into Sam's shoes, experiencing a life without children and chores?

  • Pete Burns and Razor

    Pete Burns and Neil 'Razor' Ruddock

    Pete Burns and his husband, Michael Simpson, swapped places with the hard man of football, the notorious Neil 'Razor' Ruddock and his partner, ex-page three glamour girl Leah Newman.

    Pete's used to being looked after by Michael who spends all his time keeping Pete happy. They spend all day every day together, with Michael acting as Pete's manager as well as taking care of the flat.

    There are no traditional roles in their relationship. 'We are completely unconventional,' says Pete. 'I am creative, spontaneous and utterly myself. My world starts with me - no one tells me what to do.'

    When Leah goes into Pete's house, she's thrilled at the thought of being waited on like Pete Burns, and being a man-woman. Within her own house, she is mother and wife. Razor believes in traditional roles - he brings in the money whilst Leah cares for him and her daughter.

    But this unusual swap proves more difficult than she thought...

  • Paul Daniels and Vanessa Feltz

    Vanessa Feltz and Paul Daniels

    Debbie McGee, wife of magician and entertainer-extraordinaire Paul Daniels, swap places with outspoken radio presenter Vanessa Feltz.

    Debbie spends one week in Vanessa's London home living with her musician fiancé Ben Offoedu, while Vanessa moves in with world famous TV magician Paul Daniels in his Reading based home.

    Vanessa Feltz leads a hectic lifestyle. Six mornings a week, she's up at the crack of dawn. But this doesn't stop her from leading a busy social life too, and most nights Vanessa hits the town with her singer boyfriend Ben, who is ten years younger than her,

    Paul and Debbie's lifestyle couldn't be more different. Having retreated from city life over 11 years ago, the pair now enjoy the country life in a peaceful hamlet. Far from bathing in celebrity limelight - the couple prefer each other's company. Having retired from her role as 'magician's assistant', Debbie now spends most of her time cooking, cleaning, and taking care of Paul and the house.

    As Vanessa struggles to come to terms with the idea of country life and Paul's magic tricks for entertainment, Debbie must cope with late night partying and early morning starts.

    Meanwhile, Vanessa is finding the quiet life with Paul a challenge, and is frustrated by his complete lack of interest in her life.

  • Edwina Currie John McCririck

    Edwina Currie and John McCririck

    Former Conservative battle axe Edwina Currie swaps her homelife for that of 'Booby', long-suffering wife of John McCririck.

    Ex-cabinet minister Edwina Currie loves being in the limelight, and her husband JJ takes second place to her demanding schedule.

    Edwina is unimpressed with the idea of men who might want her to look after them, and makes her views clear in no uncertain terms: 'I'd tell them to piss off.'

    Find out how these two very different wives coped with their new homes and husbands.

Celebrity Wife Swap synopsis

Celebrity couples with very different outlooks exchange families, lives and partners for ten days. Watch the sparks fly as these stars collide!

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