Celebrity Wife Swap

  • Edwina Currie and John McCririck

    Former Conservative battle-axe Edwina Currie changes places with 'Booby', the long-suffering wife of racing pundit John McCririck

  • Vanessa Feltz and Paul Daniels

    Debbie McGee swaps places with Vanessa Feltz. Vanessa struggles to come to terms with country life and Paul's magic tricks for entertainment. Can Debbie cope with late-night partying and early starts?

  • Pete Burns and Neil 'Razor' Ruddock

    Pete Burns, who shot to fame in the eighties with the hit single You Spin Me Round, swaps places with football hard man Neil Razor Ruddock's partner, ex-page-three glamour girl Leah Newman.

  • Freddie Starr and Sam Fox

    Notorious comedian Freddie Starr and his wife and manager Donna swap places with Page 3 pin-up Sam Fox and her partner and manager, Myra Stratton.

  • Sinitta and Bruce 'Les Battersby' Jones

    Eighties pop star Sinitta exchanges lives with Sandra Jones - wife of Coronation Street star Bruce Jones, aka Les Battersby - for a colourful week of Celebrity Wife Swap antics.

  • Jilly Goolden and Alexander O'Neal

    TV wine and food critic Jilly Goolden exchanges lives with Cynthia O'Neal, who's married to 1980s soul superstar Alexander O'Neal

  • Rhona Cameron and Stan Boardman

    What happens when comics collide? Scottish comedian and reality TV star Rhona Cameron swaps lives with Viv Boardman, the wife of 80s comedian and entertainer Stan Boardman.

  • Tessa Sanderson and Ron Atkinson

    Former Olympic champion Tess Sanderson swaps lives with Maggie Anderson, wife of Big Ron Atkinson, former football manager and TV pundit. How does Ron fare under new management?