Celebrity Hunted

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    Episode 1

    The hunters track Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews' helicopter to the Isle of Wight; can a speedboat-racing friend save them? Steph and Dom Parker try to lie low but can't resist having a good time.

    Strong language throughout and some nudityThis episode is subtitled56 mins
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    Hunted: Meet the Referee

    Meet Hunted's referee, former Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin O'Leary

    9 mins
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    Episode 2

    Can Steph pack her bras in time when she and Dom think the hunters are closing in? Anneka makes her first mistake. Spencer walks into a trap. The hunters launch a social media campaign.

    Strong language throughoutThis episode is subtitled52 mins
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    Episode 3

    Jamie begins to crack under the pressure of life on the run. Anneka embarks on a bold mission to record her radio show in London. Jay and Siva try to disguise their boy band looks.

    Strong language throughoutThis episode is subtitled48 mins
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    Episode 4

    Can any of the remaining celebrity fugitives make it to the extraction point? Or will an ill-timed sunbed be Jamie and Spencer's downfall? Meanwhile, a selfie betrays Jay and Siva's position.

    Strong language from the startThis episode is subtitled52 mins