Celebrity Bedlam

  • Episode 1

    Lee Kern explores science and, in an outrageous and eccentric TV stunt, convinces David Van Day and Brian Belo that they are meeting human clones of themselves

  • Episode 2

    Lee Kern looks at the environment by staging a fashion show where the celebrities model clothes that they believe are made from the ultimate recyclable material - human leather!

  • Episode 3

    More celebrity pranking with Lee Kern. In this show, he looks at travel and adventure, convincing celebs that a robot called Tony accompanied Captain Scott on his trek to the South Pole.

  • Episode 4

    More celebrity pranking with Lee Kern. In this show he looks at health, persuading celebrities to believe that they will feature on DVDs handed out by doctors to break bad news to people.

  • Episode 5

    Lee Kern examines the topic of fame, asking whether celebrity egos have become too big and how desperate celebrities are to be famous, featuring Chrisine Hamilton and Lembit Opik

  • Episode 6

    More unbridled silliness from Lee Kerns in the last show of his epic prank series. In this episode, he manages to convince a celebrity that he is a dog seeking adoption!