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A darkly comic drama series telling the story of six disabled characters sent to a remote British island for a fictional reality TV show

About the Show

A darkly comic drama series telling the story of six disabled characters sent to a remote British island for a fictional reality TV show

Series 1 Summary

Written by Jack Thorne (The Scouting Book for Boys), the series begins when the disabled Cast Offs are marooned.

As the camera crew follows their struggle with island life - from learning to build their own homes and grow their own food, to fights, births and falling in love - flashbacks reveal more about each of them and the year leading up to the moment they are left stranded.

  • Dan

    Episode 1

    Six months in a wheelchair, Dan is sweet, slightly naive, and liable to have his pants nicked and stuffed into a post-box.

    Or at least he is when he's playing with the local wheelchair basketball team (which he's only doing because his Dad thinks it's a really good idea).

    Dan arrives on the island (also his Dad's bright idea) and meets the other cast-offs for the first time. He begins a journey that will involve quite a few bumps in the road.

    Particularly bump-some is Carrie, who is three-foot-tall, but has an ego the size of a small country, and she seems to be able to read Dan's mind. This is going to be quite some ride for Dan.

  • Tom

    Episode 2

    Sardonic, dry and very funny, Tom is so idle he has never bothered to make an effort for anything. The important factor for him has always been the avoidance of work. So what happens when a lazy man has to try?

    There are two things occupying his mind: one is Sylvia, a girl back home who is also blind, but she's tricky and very sexy. And on the island, there's a hungry fox that isn't at all sexy, but very busy killing off all the chickens.

    Luckily, Tom is a bit handy with a shotgun. Let's hope he gets his act in gear, but will he get the girl or the fox?

  • Will

    Episode 3

    Will, played by Mat Fraser, is campaigning to become the disabled community's answer to Barack Obama. But on the island, the only person who's happy to listen to him banging on about disability politics is Dan, played by Peter Mitchell, and he's starting to lose interest. It was the same story at home - ignored by everyone, apart from his son Jake, played by Thomas Turgoose.

    Right now, the immediate problem is that the food is running out for the group. Will is insistent that they shouldn't ask for help, as he wants to prove that disabled people don't need assistance. Why can't the others agree with him? Elsewhere, romance may be blossoming between Dan and Carrie.

  • Gabriella

    Episode 4

    Wedding days should be filled with romance and hope. The trouble is Gabby is marrying a man who isn't romantic and really pretty hopeless. From the moment he proposed at the Costa Coffee counter in Chievely service station, Del played by Chris Curran, was never quite the full package husband material.

    The charge towards the altar is led by Del's uptight sister Sarah, played by Jane Scott, who is determined her brother's wedding should go without a hitch. But will her plans come unstuck when an unexpected guest arrives?

    Back on the island, Will has gone missing as fresh food supplies arrive. Dan tries to get a private moment with Carrie, but now that their fling is public knowledge she seems distant. Oh, and then there's the small matter of Gabriella's bump, the baby kind...

  • April - Cast Offs

    Episode 5

    April has a face that people stare at. And a private life that is kept so locked up no-one can see inside.

    Will discovers it's April's birthday and sets about cooking up a surprise for her, while the mystery of her life is unpicked. Back home April works in a laboratory with her best friend Kevin, played by Grant Gillespie, who insists on involving her in a game where they try a new experience every week. Will these new challenges backfire?

    One thing's for sure, April's unexpected birthday party will be a surprise in more ways than one. Elsewhere, Carrie and Dan's turbulent romance hits new and unforeseen rocks.

  • Carrie - Cast Offs

    Episode 6

    The thing about being smaller than everyone else means you have to shout to be noticed. The group are preparing to leave the island and Carrie can't wait to get back home.

    Looking into her future, Carrie is being taught how to be a childrens' entertainer by Darren, played by Mark Heap, who is finding her quite a challenge. When she goes to her friend Claire's house, played by Vicky McClure, to perform at a kid's party, she feels betrayed by the way things pan out. When an argument erupts, Carrie finally hears some home truths.

    Back on the island, a surprise guest looks to lighten the mood.

Cast Offs synopsis

A darkly comic drama series telling the story of six disabled characters sent to a remote British island for a fictional reality TV show

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