Cast Offs

  • Episode 1

    Six months in a wheelchair, Dan is sweet, slightly naive, and liable to have his pants nicked and stuffed into a postbox. He arrives on the island and meets the other cast-offs for the first time.

  • Episode 2

    Tom is blind, he's also dry and very funny, but so idle he has never bothered to make an effort for anything. Now he has to get his act together to shoot a fox and get a girl, will he cope?

  • Episode 3

    Will (Matt Fraser) is adamant that the group shouldn't ask for help even though their food is running out. Meanwhile, romance may be blossoming between Dan and Carrie.

  • Episode 4

    Wedding days should be filled with romance and hope. The trouble is Gabby (Sophie Woolley) is marrying Del (Chris Curran), a man who isn't romantic and is sort of hopeless.

  • Episode 5

    Will discovers it's April's birthday and sets about cooking up a surprise for her, while the mystery of her life is unpicked. Carrie and Dan's turbulent romance hits new unforeseen rocks.

  • Episode 6

    In the last episode of the series Carrie can't wait to leave the island and looks ahead to her future plans back home.