Cameron's Black Tory

Episode Guide

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is a dynamic entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who runs his own successful food brand, 'The Black Farmer'. Born in Jamaica and raised on the outskirts of Birmingham, Wilfred was one of 11 children, and his career has taken an unpredictable path.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Wilfred is taking on a new challenge. He has decided to conquer the world of politics and become an MP as well as 'the voice of rural Britain.'

This film follows Wilfred as he embarks on a journey to become a Tory MP in an overwhelmingly white marginal constituency in middle England.

In the summer of 2006, having made it on to Cameron's brand new Priority List, Wilfred was selected to stand in Chippenham, in rural Wiltshire, one of the tightest fought seats in the country.

Over four years Channel 4 has been filming Wilfred as he fights to become one of the few black MPs in Cameron's new-style Conservative Party.

Wilfred has dealt with small-town politics, the bigwigs in Central Office and incidents of latent racism on Britain's streets, as well as the BNP, who are fielding a candidate against him.

As well as managing all of this, Wilfred needs to get on-side with the Lords, Ladies, retired colonels and elderly members of the Chippenham Conservative Party Local Association.

This personal portrait explores the seductive nature of power and offers insight into a driven, charismatic man whom many regard as a maverick, but who is aiming for Westminster.

The cameras are with him on election night as he stands on the podium, after four years of back-breaking work, waiting to hear his fate.