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Epic ten-part dramatisation of the Arthurian legend starring Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell Bower and Tamsin Egerton

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Epic ten-part dramatisation of the Arthurian legend starring Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell Bower and Tamsin Egerton

  • Camelot : Arthur leads his men into battle


    In the series finale, Morgan has taken over Camelot and is stoking the rumour about Arthur and Guinevere while playing the role of the concerned sister.

    Arthur is left alone to fight against Harwel and his men at Bardon Pass. Luckily, Arthur's men join him, but not before suffering some heavy losses.

  • Camelot: Arthur supports Guinevere

    The Battle of Bardon Pass

    Igraine is confused when she comes face to face with Morgan - who has shapeshifted as Igraine - in the Great Hall of Camelot.

    Meanwhile, Harwel has attacked one of Arthur's outposts, Bardon Pass, with the intention to draw Arthur out from Camelot in order to defend it.

    Leontes is furious with Arthur after confronting Guinevere about her feelings for him. Later, news of Arthur's disloyalty to Leontes spreads across the kingdom.

  • Camelot: Members of the court with bows and arrows

    The Long Night

    Morgan invites the people of Arthur's court to Castle Pendragon for a feast with a view of showing loyalty to her half brother.

    Several members of the Camelot party are reluctant to go to Pendragon, but Arthur insists that they should. On arrival, the party eat and drink heartily, and Arthur and Morgan swear oaths of loyalty to each other.

    The peace is disrupted when an attack is made on the castle and the courtyard is set alight. Arthur and Merlin put out the fires, but the castle remains under siege.

  • Camelot: Morgan (Eva Green)

    Three Journeys

    While Arthur's warriors are away, Guinevere hears her father is dying and immediately leaves to see him without an escort. Knowing that the lands are unsafe, Arthur travels with her.

    Merlin leads Kay, Leontes and Gawain away to Ector's house to retrieve his library, an essential tool for Arthur.

    Meanwhile, Morgan's support is growing and people are flocking to Castle Pendragon to have their disputes legislated by her.

  • Camelot: Igraine

    Lady of the Lake

    Arthur is frustrated that he can't be with Guinevere, and, in his grief, neglects his duties to the warriors.

    Gawain is angry with Arthur's lack of direction and shatters his sword. Merlin travels to meet the great armourer Caliburn to get a new sword for Arthur.

    Later, Merlin discourages Arthur from seeing Guinevere and similarly, Igraine offers a coded warning to Guinevere to stay away from Arthur.

    Morgan sets out for Camelot to find out more about Arthur and Guinevere.

  • Camelot: Guinevere and Leonates


    Guinevere's home is ransacked just before her wedding. She flees to Camelot to be protected by her husband-to-be, Leontes.

    When Guinevere arrives, Merlin recognises her as the woman from Arthur's dream and tries to get rid of them, but Arthur insists they must stay. Momentarily outwitted, Merlin says they can stay - if she and Leontes get married there.

    Morgan invites Arthur to Castle Pendragon so they can get to know each other better. But can she be trusted?

  • Camelot: Arthur and Guinevere


    Morgan has shapeshifted into Igraine. At Camelot, she is approached by an orphan Redwald, who clearly knows and loves Igraine.

    They play together and, in spite of herself, Morgan is a little charmed by him. Meanwhile, the real Igraine is held captive at Castle Pendragon.

    The men return in high spirits from a good day of hunting. But later, when they are sleeping, Leontes wakes suddenly - very unnerved, very unsettled. A wolf appears right next to him, paralysing him with fear.

  • Camelot: King Arthur


    Arthur and Kay learn that some villagers are trying to take the law into their own hands and hang Colfur, a man they accuse of murder. Arthur tries to establish the rule of law and begins a trial.

    Meanwhile, Merlin is having nightmares about the events at the lake and is suffering the physical after-effects of performing magic.

    Sybil tells Morgan that her new power won't be enough to take Arthur's crown; she must create her own power base.

  • Camelot: Arthur

    Homecoming/The Sword and the Crown Premiere

    King Uther's long-lost daughter Morgan unexpectedly arrives at his castle.

    Uther rejects Morgan's offer of forgiveness for banishing her 15 years earlier, so she shapeshifts into a scullery girl and poisons him.

    Merlin arrives too late but tells Uther on his deathbed that Arthur, Uther's secret son, must claim the throne. Morgan forms an allegiance with King Lot, the sworn enemy of Uther, and makes a bid for the kingdom.

    Meanwhile, Merlin goes to Ector and his wife, the couple to whom Uther entrusted Arthur as a baby, and he, Arthur's brother Kay and Arthur head to Camelot.

    Morgan tells Arthur and the enemy warlords that to install Arthur as King would lead to civil war.

    But when Arthur reacts to King Lot's goading, Lot brings forth the body of the man that Arthur killed and as revenge, murders someone close to Arthur.

    Later, Arthur makes a grand gesture to get the support of the kingdom. Lot's men gatecrash Arthur's coronation and Merlin keeps his eyes on Morgan.

    Please note that this is a feature-length episode combining the first two episodes.

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Epic ten-part dramatisation of the Arthurian legend starring Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell Bower and Tamsin Egerton

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