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Architectural designer Charlie Luxton helps people build dream homes that are both amazing and affordable

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Architectural designer Charlie Luxton helps people build dream homes that are both amazing and affordable

  • Building the Dream

    Series 2 Episode 11: East Sussex

    Charlie Luxton heads to East Sussex, where paramedic Steve and his partner Hannah are self-building a straw-bale house in a beautiful woodland glade

  • Building the Dream

    Series 2 Episode 10: Hull

    Charlie helps fellow architect Jamie Ashton and his fiancée Joanne Scurr to self-build the perfect family home in Hull without compromising on design

  • Series 2 Episode 9: Herefordshire

    Tim and Fliss hope to get on the property ladder by self-building their first home together on a tiny strip of family land, saving £70k

  • Series 2 Episode 8: Norfolk

    Gavin Panella and Chantal Schaul are self-building a little bit of continental Europe in the heart of Norfolk

  • Series 2 Episode 7: Devon

    Charlie Luxton heads to Devon to help glass-blower Siddy Langley self-build a combined home and studio. But flooding and huge interest payments on a loan put the project in jeopardy.

  • Series 2 Episode 6: Hampshire

    Royal Navy helicopter pilot Chris Bennett and wife Sonya plan on demolishing a rundown bungalow and replacing it with a modern, two-storey home packed full of eco-features

  • Series 2 Episode 5: Hertfordshire

    Mark and Gillian Webb plan to build a large, modern home in the style of a Georgian rectory in Hertfordshire

  • Series 2 Episode 4: Cheshire

    Charlie Luxton looks to help retired couple Steve and Chris Elliot realise their dream of a modern eco-home inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement

  • Series 2 Episode 3: Gloucestershire

    Charlie assists with an eco-build on the banks of the Severn. Ele and Steve George could save themselves £50,000 and it should be a fast build - but manufacturing hold-ups and bad weather don't help.

  • Series 2 Episode 2: Buckinghamshire

    Charlie Luxon travels to Buckinghamshire to meet Mark and Amanda Hepden who are self-building a traditional cottage in the heart of historic Stony Stratford

  • Series 2 Episode 1: Shropshire

    Charlie helps Richard Southgate and his wife Kate as they build a five-bedroom family home in the beautiful Shropshire countryside

  • Series 1 Episode 11: Yarm

    Charlie visits Andy and Mandy Boylett in Yarm, in the north east of England, where the couple are building a huge bungalow, complete with basement and sunken garden

  • Series 1 Episode 10: Warwickshire

    Mark and Abigail Smyth want to build a barn style home and by choosing to self-build hope to save around £130,000. Charlie has several ideas on how Mark and Abi could adapt their plans.

  • Series 1 Episode 9: North Somerset

    Charlie goes to the West Country to meet Kevin and Liz Davies, who want to build a new family home. Charlie's got some thoughts on their designs, but will Liz be prepared to lose her sink with a view?

  • Series 1 Episode 8: Hastings

    Charlie meets Liz and Robin Leonard, who plan to build a three bedroom home with views over the Sussex coastline

  • Series 1 Episode 7: Cambridgeshire

    Charlie heads for Over in Cambridgeshire, where he meets Sally and John Lane, who are planning to save £125k by building a kit house from Germany

  • Series 1 Episode 6: Perthshire

    Charlie meets Pete and Jen Chumley, who are building a five bedroom family home in rural Perthshire for themselves and children Niamh and Miles

  • Series 1 Episode 5: Wales

    Charlie Luxton heads to Wales to meet Josh and Rhian Cooper, who plan to replace a 1960s detached house with a stylish home on the cliffs overlooking the seaside town of Aberdovey

  • Series 1 Episode 3: Somerset

    Charlie Luxton meets Andrew and Vicki Dodden in Somerset, who have big plans to build their own eco-home out of an 18th-century cottage and save almost £150,000 by doing it their way

  • Series 1 Episode 2: Surrey

    Charlie goes messing about on the river with Bill and Angie Jenkins, who plan to knock down their cold, old bungalow on the banks of the Thames and build a new home to match the stunning location

  • Series 1 Episode 1: Hertfordshire

    Architectural designer Charlie Luxton helps people build their dream homes. In Hertfordshire, Adam and Vicky want to construct a barn-style house in Adam's mum's garden.

  • Series 1 Episode 4: West Sussex

    Charlie Luxton meets Ian and Steph Shaw who are self-building an oak-framed cottage in West Sussex. But is this what Steph really wants?