2003 - The Last Ever Episode
First Broadcast:

In the last ever episode, Barry Grant and Lindsey Corkhill return to the Close, Barry asking Jimmy for Lindsey's hand in marriage. The other residents of Brookside face a tough and testing time with Michaelson. And then the police arrive to investigate a body on the Close...

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    1. Terry Sullivan 1991 - Classic Episode Mon 7 Oct 1991

      What has happened to Sue and Daniel Sullivan? A full police investigation is underway and, as the house-to-house…

      • This episode has subtitles available.
    2. Brookside Close 1982 - The First Ever Episode Tue 2 Nov 1982

      In the first ever episode of the groundbreaking soap, Paul Collins and his family move into the Close and immediately…

      • This episode has subtitles available.

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Phil Redmond's classic, ground-breaking soap set in a housing estate on the outskirts of Liverpool. Brookside first aired on Channel 4 in 1982 and ran for 21 years.