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US comedy about a talented but carefree New York detective who is taken aback when a strict new captain with a lot to prove takes over the running of his precinct

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US comedy about a talented but carefree New York detective who is taken aback when a strict new captain with a lot to prove takes over the running of his precinct

Series 1 Summary

The first season of the US comedy about a group of New York City police detectives, starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Charles

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    Jake Peralta is a talented but carefree detective at Brooklyn's 99th Precinct. He and his eclectic group of colleagues are used to having a commanding officer who doesn't make them work too hard or follow the rules too closely.

    But when tightly-wound Captain Ray Holt, a man with a lot to prove, takes over, he is determined to make his dysfunctional team of detectives into the best precinct squad in Brooklyn.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Gina, Rosa, Terry, Jake and Ray

    Episode 2 - The Tagger

    When Jake turns up late for morning roll call, an irritated Captain Holt responds by assigning him to a minor graffiti case and then closely monitoring his every move.

    But the investigation soon turns into a major headache when the vandal turns out to be the Deputy Police Commissioner's son.

    Gina's psychic friend Carlene visits the precinct to help the detectives with a drugs case, but upsets Charles by making a prediction about his romantic life.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake

    Episode 3 - The Slump

    For the first time in his career, Jake has a growing number of cases that he just can't seem to solve, and the other detectives are worried that his bad luck will rub off on them.

    Holt asks Amy to take charge of a community outreach programme for at-risk youth. When she enlists Rosa to help her but rejects Gina's offer of assistance, the decision comes back to haunt her.

    Meanwhile, Boyle helps Jeffords with a tough personal assignment that he just can't seem to complete.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Dr Rossi

    Episode 4 - M.E. Time

    Jake meets an attractive medical examiner, Dr Rossi, at a crime scene, but he annoys his colleagues when his attempts to get together with her cause a hold-up with an autopsy report.

    The police sketch artist is away from work due to illness, leaving Amy frustrated by a stalled bag-snatching case, until she discovers that Jeffords has hidden talents as an artist.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Charles

    Episode 5 - The Vulture

    Jake is frustrated when a detective from Major Crimes takes over a murder case that he is close to solving and steals his thunder.

    Determined to outwit 'The Vulture', he enlists his colleagues to help him find the murder weapon and close the case.

    Meanwhile, Captain Holt recruits Gina to help Sergeant Jeffords regain his weapons certification so that he can carry a gun again.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy, Terry, Jake, Ray, Rosa, Charles and Gina

    Episode 6 - Halloween

    On Halloween night, one of the busiest evenings of the year for any police precinct, Amy - who detests the holiday - is forced to put on fancy dress and go undercover on a street patrol with Charles.

    Jake makes a bet with Captain Holt that he can steal his precious Medal of Valor from his office before midnight, but in order to do so, he must adopt a disguise of his own.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake

    Episode 7 - 48 Hours

    Jake jumps the gun and makes an arrest without enough evidence, leaving himself only 48 hours to collect the proof he needs before the suspect is released.

    After an unsuccessful interrogation, he gets his colleagues to spend their weekend helping him crack the case.

    Meanwhile, Charles must play judge when Gina and Rosa argue about which restaurant makes the best pies.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Jimmy

    Episode 8 - Old School

    Jake is overjoyed when his hero, veteran crime reporter Jimmy Brogan (guest star Stacy Keach), spends some time at the precinct.

    But things soon go awry when Jake tries to act like an old-school cop and Jimmy decides that his comments about Captain Holt are 'on the record'.

    Charles and Sergeant Jeffords prepare Rosa for a day in court by teaching her to be less terrifying on the witness stand.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Boone and Jake

    Episode 9 - Sal's Pizza

    When Sal's Pizza, one of Jake Peralta's favourite haunts, burns down, the fire marshal assumes the owner is prime suspect in the investigation.

    Outraged, Jake does everything in his power to prove him wrong, even if it means stepping outside of his jurisdiction.

    Meanwhile, there's chaos at the precinct when a computer virus publishes everyone's internet browser history.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Hitchcock, Gina, Jake and Amy

    Episode 10 - Thanksgiving

    Santiago decides to host a Thanksgiving dinner at her apartment for all of her colleagues at the precinct, but the celebration risks turning into a holiday disaster when the catering falls flat.

    Then Captain Holt and Peralta have to leave in a hurry to catch a suspect who has stolen a large sum of money from the evidence lock-up. Can Boyle save the day?

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Charles and Jake

    Episode 11 - Christmas

    Captain Holt receives death threats and Peralta is put in charge of his security - a job he enjoys and abuses as much as he can.

    Santiago attempts to get the precinct to take a Christmas photo for Holt, but a lack of enthusiasm and Diaz's refusal to smile defeats her efforts.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake, Terry, Amy, Ray and Rosa

    Episode 12 - Pontiac Bandit

    To catch the Pontiac Bandit, a car thief he has been tracking for years, Peralta attempts to make a deal with a suspect Diaz has just arrested.

    The station tries to accommodate a scooter-bound Boyle's every need when he returns to work after being shot in the line of duty, and Captain Holt struggles to find a home for two puppies.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake, Ray, Amy and Charles

    Episode 13 - The Bet

    Peralta and Santiago's ongoing bet about who can make the most arrests comes to an embarrassing conclusion.

    Boyle receives a medal after he's shot in the line of duty, but his pain medication loosens his tongue and he starts to reveal what he really thinks of his colleagues.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Gina, Rosa, Terry, Jake and Ray

    Episode 14 - The Ebony Falcon

    For his first task back in the field, Sgt Jeffords prepares to join Peralta and Boyle to infiltrate a gym where steroids are being sold illegally, but Peralta begins to have second thoughts about whether Jeffords is ready.

    Santiago and Diaz try to solve the case when Gina's flat is burgled.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake, Ray, Amy and Charles

    Episode 15 - Operation: Broken Feather

    While investigating a string of hotel robberies with him, Peralta is upset to discover that Santiago is considering leaving the precinct to work with his nemesis 'The Vulture' in the Special Crimes unit.

    Captain Holt and Sergeant Jeffords try to think up some strategies to make the precinct more efficient. Adam Sandler guest stars.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Charles and Jake

    Episode 16 - The Party

    Captain Holt invites the entire squad over to his house to celebrate his birthday, but Jeffords struggles to keep everyone in line, and Peralta and Santiago end up making a bad impression on Holt's husband Kevin.

    Boyle's love of food leads to a romantic connection with an older woman, and Diaz introduces Gina to some psychologists, who find her fascinating.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Ray

    Episode 17 - Full Boyle

    Boyle's new romance has increased his self-confidence, but Peralta is forced to intervene before his colleague goes 'Full Boyle' and gets way too serious, much too soon, with his girlfriend.

    Diaz and Santiago have trouble taking a costumed citizen crime-fighter seriously, and Captain Holt faces a challenge to his leadership.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa and Charles

    Episode 18 - The Apartment

    Peralta is in danger of losing his flat but has no money to buy his own place, so Gina does her best to help him find a new home.

    Holt and Jeffords organise self-evaluations for staff at the precinct.

    Boyle helps Diaz to get her own back on one of the weekend squad officers who makes a mess of her desk when she's not there.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake, Rosa, Amy, Terry, Scully and Charles

    Episode 19 - Tactical Village

    The officers attend mandatory training exercises in which all regional precincts compete. Peralta is determined to win, but he is distracted by jealousy when Santiago runs into a fellow officer she used to date.

    Captain Holt becomes addicted to a game on his smartphone, while Diaz is annoyed when Boyle fails to invite her to his wedding.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Charles

    Episode 20 - Fancy Brudgom

    Boyle asks Peralta to be his best man, but as well as helping out with cake tasting and choosing invitations, he must also persuade Boyle to start standing up to Vivian before the big day.

    Jeffords, Santiago and Gina start a tough new diet but struggle to stick to it, while Holt helps Diaz to make a sincere apology.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Terry and Jake

    Episode 21 - Unsolvable

    When Peralta gets the weekend off, he enlists Jeffords to help him tackle a cold case that everyone thinks is unsolvable. Can the two of them crack the 'impossible' case once and for all?

    Santiago plans a romantic weekend away with her new boyfriend Teddy, while Gina and Diaz let Boyle in on one of their best-kept secrets.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Lucas

    Episode 22 - Charges and Specs

    Peralta suspects a civic leader of money laundering but his investigation is shut down by the police commissioner.

    Determined to crack the case, he enlists Santiago and Captain Holt to help uncover more evidence, but risks suspension as a result.

    Boyle is devastated when Vivian ends their relationship, so his colleagues try to cheer him up.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine synopsis

US comedy about a talented but carefree New York detective who is taken aback when a strict new captain with a lot to prove takes over the running of his precinct

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