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Brendan Sheerin takes eight strangers on the trip of a lifetime, where the guests must compete for luxury perks or risk being seriously downgraded

About the Show

Brendan Sheerin takes eight strangers on the trip of a lifetime, where the guests must compete for luxury perks or risk being seriously downgraded

Series 1 Summary

Brendan from Coach Trip takes eight strangers on a five day trip where everything is a surprise - from where you're going to what you're doing, and who you're doing it with

  • Episode 1 - Barcelona

    In the first week Brendan heads to Barcelona with a group of Brits. The guests soon find themselves dancing, designing fashion items and shining shoes.

  • Episode 2 - Barcelona

    More fun in the Spanish sun as Brendan leads the contestants on a Catalan shopping spree and paella-cooking class

  • Episode 3 - Barcelona

    Day 3 of Brendan's mystery tour of Barcelona and the challenges include a Gaudi treasure hunt, Cava tasting and some vineyard weeding.

  • Episode 4 - Barcelona

    Brendan's Brits abroad try their hands at telenovela acting before getting messy at a pottery school to determine who wins a night of luxury and who has to rough it in a cheapo hostel dorm

  • Episode 5 - Barcelona

    Brendan's tour of Barcelona reaches an end with some outrageous street performance on Las Ramblas, before the two finalists go head to head running open-top bus tours to win the £1000 prize

  • Episode 6 - Jamaica

    Brendan heads to Jamaica with a group of Brits, where Day 1 of their holiday with a difference features dancing, cooking and goat milking. But who'll win access to a five-star hotel?

  • Episode 7 - Jamaica

    It's the second day of Brendan's Jamaican holiday adventure and the challenges include beach Olympics, bobsledding and hair braiding.

  • Episode 8 - Jamaica

    More fun in the sun as Brendan leads eight contestants in assorted challenges to decide who'll win a night of luxury and who'll suffer a night in super-cheap accommodation

  • Episode 9 - Jamaica

    The mystery tour of Jamaica continues with more challenges to determine which two contestants will be bathed in five-star luxury and who'll be dunked in no-star misery.

  • Episode 10 - Jamaica

    It's the final day and Brendan sends the group on a jungle rafting race and then gets them rapping with the locals.

  • Episode 11 - Cancún

    Day one in Mexico features some mariachi band music, dancing and speedboat racing.

  • Episode 12 - Cancún

    It's day two in Mexico and Brendan hits the golf course to help find out who'll be enjoying deluxe accommodation at the end of the day and who'll be camping rough.

  • Episode 13 - Cancún

    The Mexican adventure continues with a golf buggy race, cocktail making and sunbed stacking.

  • Episode 14 - Cancún

    The penultimate day of Brendan's Mexican holiday features some sea kayaking, traditional cooking and fish descaling. But who'll end the day in the lap of luxury with a Mystery Upgrade?

  • Episode 15 - Cancún

    It's the final day of Brendan's Mexican adventure and to determine the overall winner he sends the group souvenir hunting and Mexican wrestling

  • Episode 16 - Istanbul

    A first day in Istanbul features belly dancing and tasting Turkish delight. But who'll be sleeping in the city's finest boutique hotel by sundown, and who'll be slumming it out by the airport?

  • Episode 17 - Istanbul

    The tour of Istanbul continues as Brendan leads his eight Brits in three more challenges: spice tasting, antique valuing and carpet sorting

  • Episode 18 - Istanbul

    Day 3 of Brendan's Istanbul holiday throws up more fun challenges. Later, when Brendan is taken ill, a local guide has to step in to lead a landmark treasure hunt.

  • Episode 19 - Istanbul

    Brendan sends his Brits fishing on the Bosphorous. The winners will enjoy a cookery challenge with the chance of landing the luxury upgrade, the losers must gut fish in order to avoid the downgrade.

  • Episode 20 - Istanbul

    Brendan's tour of Istanbul reaches its finale with some hilarious musical performances before the two finalists go head to head haggling in the Grand Bazaar to win the £1000 prize.