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Kelsey Grammer stars as Chicago Mayor Tom Kane in the political drama series for which he won a Golden Globe award

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Kelsey Grammer stars as Chicago Mayor Tom Kane in the political drama series for which he won a Golden Globe award

Series 2 Summary

The Chicago-set political drama starring Kelsey Grammer as Mayor Tom Kane returns for a second series.

  • Boss: Trey Rogers and Darius Morrison

    Episode 1 - Louder Than Words

    Tom Kane cements his mayoral legacy with groundbreaking ceremonies for the new, modernised O'Hare Airport terminals.

    Now he looks to the future, setting his sights on reviving a subsidised housing project. But while Kane's political prospects seem bright, he continues to battle for control over his illness.

  • Boss: Tom Kane

    Episode 2 - Through and Through

    Kane uses a tragedy in his personal life to further his political agenda.

    He also tries to heal his fractured inner circle by poaching Mona Fredricks, the senior aide of his nemesis, and hiring ambitious newcomer Ian Todd, but will they be enough to fill the void left by Stone?

  • Boss: Gerald McGantry and Tom Kane

    Episode 3 - Ablution

    Kane grows increasingly infatuated with his new senior aide, Mona Fredricks, allowing himself to get swept up in her passion for the subsidised housing project.

    Ben Zajac and his wife Maggie run the risk of alienating themselves from Kane when they take the reins of Zajac's gubernatorial campaign.

  • Boss: Tom Kane

    Episode 4 - Redemption

    Kane makes a turn towards a new way of doing things when he extricates the housing project from the corruption that plagues the city.

    Young aide Ian Todd does his best to hide a troubling secret.

    Kane's attempts to reconnect with his wife Meredith and daughter Emma by creating a harmonious family unit are disastrous.

  • Boss: Ben Zajac

    Episode 5 - Mania

    Kane orders a corruption sweep and arrests several members of his own political machine.

    Kitty crushes Zajac's campaign just as it experiences an upswing.

    Kane's symptoms begin to spiral out of control and he struggles to distinguish between his hallucinations and reality.

  • Boss: Darius Morrison

    Episode 6 - Backflash

    Kane's moves with the housing project escalate the situation from a state of unrest to rioting and looting.

    As Chicago burns, Kane secretly seeks treatment at an alternative clinic, where his past haunts him. In Kane's absence, his wife Meredith steps into the mayoral role.

  • Boss: Trey Rogers and Kitty O'Neill

    Episode 7 - The Conversation

    Kane's alternative treatment seems to have worked and he is back in control of the city.

    Meredith moves decisively into her role as Chicago's First Lady, but soon discovers her husband's obsession with his aide, Mona.

    Kane must improve the public's perception of him, even if it means sacrificing an old friend's career.

  • Boss: Darius Morrison

    Episode 8 - Consequence

    Kane keeps the city from bankruptcy by forming alliances with long-time enemies on the council but must decide whether he is prepared to make more serious concessions that could weaken his political machine.

    Zajac saves his gubernatorial campaign with an unplanned moment of sincerity, while Ian finds an unexpected way to strengthen his connections with the Kane family.

  • Boss: Ian Todd

    Episode 9 - Clinch

    Chicago is bankrupt and a team of receivers pour in to take control.

    But losing his mayoral power isn't the biggest danger to Kane, as various enemies including Sentinel editor Sam Miller are threatening to expose his illness and corruption.

    Does Kane have a plan in his pocket or will he go down with the city?

  • Boss: Tom Kane

    Episode 10 - True Enough

    Kane's mental faculties deteriorate to a new low, and Sentinel editor Sam Miller gets ready to break a story that will destroy him.

    But, unknown to Kane, Kitty represents the true threat as she decides where her loyalties lie.

    As the odds stack up against him, Kane is forced to reveal the unthinkable to stay on top.

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Kelsey Grammer stars as Chicago Mayor Tom Kane in the political drama series for which he won a Golden Globe award

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