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Channel 4 presents a new kind of pop artist

Viktoria Modesta: Prototype

Forget what you know about disability. Channel 4 introduces Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first amputee pop artist.

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Prototype: The Making Of

Find out more about Channel 4’s collaboration with Viktoria Modesta, the making of Prototype and how her amazing prosthetic legs were created in this inspirational short film.

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Born to be different

We were set up by an act of Parliament requiring us to push boundaries, champion alternative voices and make shows with titles like ''Paedogedden". And whilst that last fact wasn't specifically mentioned in the act of Parliament, the point is that from the very start Channel 4 was born to take risks.

May cause square eyes

Watch all the shows featured in the Born Risky trailer on 4OD as part of the Born Risky Collection.


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Channel 4 is unique

We were set up to experiment, provoke and entertain, and to put our profits into our programmes. You may love us, you may want to punch our lights out, but we make programmes we believe in. We can do this because we were Born Risky. That doesn’t mean “risky” as in naked abseiling, it means creatively risky. Like seeking out undiscovered talent, making films about taboo subjects or championing alternative voices. Born Risky means going where other channels can’t to create something new, alternative and different.