Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 1AM Thu 21 April 2005

Two childless couples - one black, one white - are anxiously awaiting the outcomes of their latest attempts to conceive using IVF. But even before the baby is born, and unknown to both pairs of potential parents, serious doubts emerge among medical staff surrounding the circumstances of the transfer of embryos, doubts that threaten a major legal and ethical dilemma.

When a black boy is born to his white birth mother these fears are realised. After the shocking discovery, both couples have to confront a new, unimagined reality - and become obsessed with fighting for parenthood of the child they all feel it is their right to love.

Born with Two Mothers follows the traumatic emotional journeys of both couples as they lay claim to the same child.

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A provocative drama about an IVF mix-up which results in a white woman giving birth to a black boy