Series 8 Episode 2
First Broadcast: 9PM Thu 21 March 2013

William's family are reunited after his first week at a residential school more than an hour away from home. The programme reveals how the family have coped with this change.

Meanwhile, Zoe's family take a short break 'to escape the doctors', before Zoe undergoes surgery to reposition her left foot so that she will continue to be able to walk.

Shelbie's just recovered from a life-threatening illness, and the family enjoy quality time together camping, where Shelbie gets to enjoy her favourite activity, swimming. But a week before they go on holiday her mum Vicki receives devastating news about a condition Shelbie may have been carrying from birth, but which has gone undiagnosed.

In New Zealand, Hamish goes on a boys' fishing and swimming trip with his dad Al.

Nathan, who has Down syndrome, went to a mainstream primary school, but as the time arrives for him to go to secondary school, his mum Tracey and dad Richard decide to send him to a school for children with mild to moderate learning difficulties, where he impresses academically and blossoms socially.

In the last series Emily - who was born with spina bifida - had major surgery to reconstruct her bladder and bowel. The surgery was a success and she starts secondary school in knickers rather than the pull-ups she wore for most of her primary education.

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