Series 1 Episode 6
First Broadcast: 12AM Sat 8 November 1997

Events come to a gripping climax, forcing a showdown between the conflicting elements of the police and the drug barons.

Bollywood star Dillip Bhatt escapes from the safe house where he was being held by Mayberry and Inspector Marathe following his fake assassination at the hands of Tarun Dev. Spotted by Mahmood's men shortly after his escape he is gunned down. His death creates a crisis with Commissioner Singh ordering Mayberry home to England and forcing Singh to try and wrest back his diminishing authority of police issues from Marathe.

The property developer Kar, spotting an opportunity to seize the slum land that Mahmood controls, pushes Marathe into a move on Mahmood in an operation that doesn't go according to plan.

As Singh arrives to rescue Dev and Mayberry from Mahmood, Mahmood is allowed to slip through the police cordon. With their return to the UK Dev has to face Meena and her expectations about their relationship while back in Glasgow a surprise already awaits the police.

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Clever crime drama that travels from the streets of Glasgow to the beating sun of Bombay