Bodysnatchers of New York

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Bodysnatches of New York

Toby Dye's chilling film tells the story of New York surgeon Dr Michael Mastromarino, who `harvested' hundreds of corpses without the relatives' permission before selling the bone and tissues for transplants. In 2008, he was sentenced to between 18 - 54 years.

Speaking for the first time on film, he talks about what really happened, how the operation ran and how, despite the risk of unleashing potentially tainted tissues into the worldwide transplant market, he continued his trade for four years. But Dye also examines the industry which relies of tissue and bone from corpses for medical procedures and asks how it is run, why is so little known about it and why, when it becomes public knowledge such procedures exist, there is such revulsion.

Bodysnatchers of New York synopsis

The chilling story of New York surgeon Dr Michael Mastromarino, who illegally carved up hundreds of corpses without permission before selling the bones and tissue on for transplants

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