Bob's Burgers

    • Series 1 Episode 1

      Bob relaunches his restaurant, but the health inspector soon pays his establishment a visit

    • Series 1 Episode 2

      Linda's mum comes to visit. Bob gets stuck in the wall while fixing a leak in the roof, leaving Linda and the children to entertain their guest and run the restaurant.

    • Series 1 Episode 3

      When a controversial film-maker places a cow outside the restaurant to make a statement, Bob is livid, especially when the cow scares his customers away

    • Series 1 Episode 4

      When Tina develops a crush on a martial arts instructor, she joins the class and ends up shirking her responsibilities at the restaurant

    • Series 1 Episode 5

      Bob reluctantly lets Linda and the kids stage a musical murder mystery dinner in the restaurant, but on opening night, an interruption changes the play's creative direction.

    • Series 1 Episode 6

      Tina is desperate to have her first kiss, at her 13th birthday party. Louise breaks the deep fryer and Bob takes a second job.

    • Series 1 Episode 7

      With a long weekend approaching, Linda spots an opportunity to make the most of the tourist traffic by opening a bed and breakfast

    • Series 1 Episode 8

      When Linda asks Bob to let her sister hang her paintings in the restaurant for Art Week, Bob finds he's forced to contend with the city's art council.

    • Series 1 Episode 9

      Bob and Gene start watching spaghetti western films but alienate Louise in the process. Tina expresses her aggression.

    • Series 1 Episode 10

      Bob is worried when his eccentric landlord (voiced by Kevin Kline) tells him that his rival Jimmy Pesto wants to take over Bob's lease so that he can expand his gift shop.

    • Series 1 Episode 11

      Bob and the family are forced to spend the weekend at Mort the Mortician's. Linda and Bob double-date with Mort and a female mortician he meets online.

    • Series 1 Episode 12

      When the annual Lobsterfest is cancelled, Bob opens his doors to the hungry festival-goers. The next morning, Bob wakes to find the town has spurned him.

    • Series 1 Episode 13

      Bob's baseball hero starts playing for the local team. But it isn't long before the dark underbelly of minor league sport threatens to corrupt the Belchers.