Blitz Street

  • Episode 1

    The houses on Blitz Street are hit with the type of bombs used in the first days of the Blitz on London in September 1940

  • Episode 2

    The specially constructed street is on the receiving end of one of the largest bombs the Luftwaffe ever dropped on Britain: the SC1000, nicknamed 'The Hermann'. Presented by Tony Robinson.

  • Episode 3

    In the summer of 1944, Hitler sent over his new secret weapon, the V1, or 'doodlebug', a jet-powered pilotless plane packed with a powerful explosive. The V1 is detonated on Blitz Street.

  • Episode 4

    Blitz Street endures the most powerful bomb of World War II: the massive V2 rocket. The programme also examines why the blitz failed and the lessons learnt from the experiment.