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Black Pond

Out walking his three-legged dog by Black Pond, Tom Thompson (Chris Langham) is approached by Blake (Colin Hurley), a widower who's clearly unhappy and behaving eccentrically.

Taking pity on the man, Tom invites him back to the large Surrey house he now lives in with just his spiky-natured wife Sophie (Amanda Hadingue); their grown-up daughters Jess (Helen Cripps) and Katie (Anna O'Grady) having left to share a London flat.

What happens next will, a few months down the line, bring them all under the intense, nightmarish spotlight of accusation and widespread notoriety.

Also starring the film's co-maker Will Sharpe as Tim, Jess and Katie's flatmate, and with Simon Amstell supplying some broad humour in his role as Eric Sacks, a sinister and fraudulent therapist.

Made on a budget of just £25,000 and shot in three weeks, Black Pond's edgy, innovative approach earned Kingsley, Sharpe and producer Sara Brocklehurst a Bafta nomination for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.

(2011) Cert: 15

Black Pond synopsis

The feature debut from writer/ producer/ director duo Tom Kingsley and Will Sharpe is a black comedy which tracks a spiralling nightmare that begins with an innocent gesture of friendship

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