Series 1 Episode 3
First Broadcast: 8PM Sun 3 November 2013

The 'Almasty' is Russia's very own Bigfoot. It has been written about for over 300 years, and Russia's Almasty hunters claim there have been more than 10,000 encounters over the years.

The big theory in Russia is that it's a surviving hominid, possibly even a Neanderthal.

Mark Evans travels to Russia and investigates one of the highest profile Bigfoot stories in the world. It's the tale of Zana, the so-called Wildwoman - a living Almasty said to have been found in the remote Caucasus in the 1870s.

She was alleged to have had four children by her captors. Almasty hunters have tracked down her descendants and Bryan Sykes uses cutting edge tests to analyse their DNA and test the Neanderthal theory about Zana.

Mark also meets a giant among Almasty hunters, seven foot tall former heavyweight boxing champion of the world Nikolai Valuev, who is now Duma Deputy (the equivalent of an MP) for Kemerovo in Siberia.

Mark joins him as he checks out the latest hot Almasty sighting and meets the three kids who claim to have captured one on camera near a frozen lake.

Finally, in Moscow, Professor Sykes reveals the results of his DNA tests on Zana's relatives. The results are unequivocal, extraordinary and totally unexpected.

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Mark Evans and geneticist Bryan Sykes examine the legend of Bigfoot, using DNA testing to determine if he's a hominid, an ape or just a hoax