Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 4.30PM Sun 15 July 2012

Big Dance 2012 is the UK's biggest ever celebration of dance, culminating in Big Street Dance Day.

World-renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor is taking on a hugely ambitious project by choreographing over 35 separate dance groups to perform together in one place.

The event weaves together over 1000 performers in one epic scale 40-minute work in Trafalgar Square: a unique and memorable event as part of the London 2012 Festival.

Presented by The Ballet Boyz, Big Dance 2012 features a dynamic and varied range of amateur dance groups working alongside professional dancers from Wayne's own company, Random.

With Channel 4 as partners of Big Dance, this documentary follows dancers from London communities - their movement styles ranging from salsa, Bollywood and hip hop to contemporary dance and ballet - as they create and rehearse the separate pieces of the Big Dance jigsaw.

The last-minute dress rehearsal in Trafalgar Square is less than two hours before the final performance. All of the hard work, talent and large-scale choreography comes down to this huge moment for Big Dance 2012. Can Wayne pull off this mass-movement dance event?

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Wayne McGregor choreographs over 35 dance groups to perform a 40-minute dance piece in Trafalgar Square for the London 2012 Festival