Big Ballet


  • Wayne Sleep

    Former Royal Ballet dancer and Big Ballet choreographer

  • Monica Loughman

    Irish prima ballerina and Big Ballet Mentor

  • Hannah

    Lost heart after being turned down for Performing Arts College

  • Anthony ‘AJ’

    Was put off by the reputation of ballet 'being for girls'

  • Jessica

    Turned down for theatre school because she was too big

  • Stella

    Stopped dancing aged 16 as she felt she wasn't the right size

  • Shona

    Started teaching dance at the age of 16

  • Donna

    Gave up dancing to pursue a nursing career

  • Rachel

    Returned to ballet classes after an 11 year absence

  • Christine

    Told she was too short to go to ballet school

  • Emma W

    Stopped ballet dancing when she was 18 after feeling out of place

  • Claire

    Gave up aged 14 as she felt she was the wrong shape

  • Mel

    Spent many years dedicated to mixed martial arts

  • Tanya

    Gave up on ballet after her parents urged her to go to university