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Big Ballet

Wayne Sleep and prima ballerina Monica Loughman work with a troupe of plus-size amateur dancers to realise their dream of dancing Swan Lake

First shown: 6 Feb 2014

It's all over for our swans. Missed it? Catch up on the series and watch the full performance on 4oD

The Performance


Watch the whole performance of Big Ballet's Swan Lake exclusively on 4oD now

Wayne and Monica reveal how they felt on the day of the performance

Wayne Sleep and Monica Loughman talk about what they learned from their Big Ballet experience

  • Hannah

    Lost heart after being turned down for Performing Arts College

  • Anthony ‘AJ’

    Was put off by the reputation of ballet 'being for girls'

  • Jessica

    Turned down for theatre school because she was too big

  • Emma R

    Suffered a greenstick fracture during a performance at college


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