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Berberian Sound Studio

Gilderoy (Jones) is a gifted foley artist who has lived a sheltered life in Dorking before his expertise at creating innovative sound effects sees him hired by an Italian film studio.

But this is the 1970s and his new employers specialise in the ultra-low budget, ultra-violent and exploitative films of the country's burgeoning giallo horror movement.

Thus, in a cramped audio studio in Rome, the Englishman comes to spend all day inflicting grievous damage upon vegetables with a variety of weapons and techniques; and the rest of his time feeling lonely and homesick.

And it's not long before the lurid onscreen violence, in addition to the exotic mores and moods of his co-workers, begins to take its toll on the mild-mannered man's mental health...

Strickland drew widespread critical praise for this singular piece of film-making, as did Jones for his excellent lead performance.

A Film4 production.

(2012) Cert: 15