Being Erica

    • Episode 1 - Doctor Who?

      Trainee doctor Erica discovers that her first patient is Josh, who is about to sign his divorce papers after splitting up with her sister

    • Episode 2 - Osso Barko

      Rachel, the new employee at 50/50 Press, is constantly on the receiving end of Julianne's bad temper, which is exacerbated by her sister's visit to town and the death of a former colleague

    • Episode 3 - Baby Mama

      Sam and Erica's mother and father host a lunch for Lenin's parents to celebrate the baby news, but Barb doesn't seem to be taking it well and makes the event uncomfortable for everyone

    • Episode 4 - Born This Way

      Brent tries to adapt to the new macho regime at the company but struggles to fit in. Erica gives him plenty of advice on what to do but it fails miserably.

    • Episode 5 - Sins of the Father

      Naadiah realises that Doctor Tom is repeating his old patterns of behaviour outside the office, so she encourages him to return his ex-fiancée's calls

    • Episode 6 - If I Could Turn Back Time

      Erica and Adam are trapped in a cycle of arguments because he feels she is too controlling and she thinks he walks away from their problems too easily

    • Episode 7 - Being Ethan

      Erica bumps into Ethan in the street and they have lunch together. They discuss their similar recent experiences and end up bonding in both the present and the past.

    • Episode 8 - Please, Please Tell Me Now

      Kai struggles to keep an enormous secret from Erica. Julianne and Brent continue to hide their affair, even though Brent is keen to tell everyone.

    • Episode 9 - Erica's Adventures in Wonderland

      As Dave and Ivan's wedding day dawns, Erica lives out her relationship fantasies, but she is upset when she meets Adam's new date, Nicole

    • Episode 10 - Purim

      On her birthday, Erica gets a shock when she walks in on Brent and Julianne kissing and finds out the truth about their relationship

    • Episode 11 - Dr. Erica

      Erica begins to experience headaches and visions as her training comes to an end and she realises that she is becoming a fully-fledged doctor who can time travel at will