Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

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Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Philip Seymour Hoffman stars alongside Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei and Albert Finney in Sidney Lumet's multi-Oscar-nominated crime thriller.

Ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Andy (Hoffman) certainly has - and it spectacularly trumps most people's.

He and his brother Hank (Hawke) are slowly drowning in a multiplicity of problems, the principal of which are financial. Then, just as they are approaching their wits' end, Andy makes a proposal: that they should rob a mom 'n' pop jewellery store.

Hank is shocked, until Andy persuades him it would be a dead cert and a victimless crime. But, as ever, these sorts of plans tend to take on a life of their own...

From the moment the crime is committed, the narrative alternately jolts forwards and back in time, with each new revelation turning the awful ramifications of the siblings' actions ever more nightmarish.

It's gripping stuff and the cast give fine performances, delivering a commendable conclusion to the late, great director's career.

(2008) Cert: 15

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead synopsis

The plans of two brothers to carry out a 'victimless crime' on a jewellery shop go awry

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