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Sarah Beeny attempts to save a near-derelict listed Georgian stately home and open it up as a luxury events venue

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Sarah Beeny attempts to save a near-derelict listed Georgian stately home and open it up as a luxury events venue

Series 2 Summary

Sarah Beeny and husband Graham Swift continue their battle to breathe new life into their listed 97-room mansion in Yorkshire.

This second series focuses on the couple's struggles to restore all the state rooms and further bedrooms of their Georgian house, on an increasingly tight budget. It also delves into the fascinating social and architectural history of Rise Hall and shows how to restore and decorate - on both a grand scale and tight budget.

Graham and Sarah are passionate about saving Rise Hall not just as a family home but also for the local community.

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare provides a rare glimpse into how the property guru juggles work, life, her family and an ambitious renovation project.

How will Sarah deal with a slew of problems, setbacks and the tribulations that viewers have seen her bemoan in other property developers over the years?

  • Episode 1

    Graham and Sarah tackle the old Regency dining room. When the house was built 200 years ago this was one of the most lavish rooms in the house. But for the last 11 years Sarah and Graham have been using it as a dumping ground.

    It's a huge challenge. Graham and Sarah research the origins of the room's ceiling.

    Graham creates a replacement for a stolen fire surround and uncovers some hidden decorative treasures that help the couple take the room back to its original colour scheme.

    But when they decide to host a full-scale Regency dinner as a charity fundraiser are they taking on too much?

  • Episode 2

    Sarah and Graham turn their sights on the grandest rooms of all at Rise Hall - the morning room and the drawing room.

    It's an extremely challenging and difficult task restoring the elaborate plasterwork and features on a tight time schedule.

    To complete the distinctive design Sarah and Graham go in search of a spectacular chandelier, and pay a visit to one of the world's oldest antique shops, as well as hunting for bargain antique furniture at auction.

    The stress of juggling family life, work and the restoration, is beginning to show. But the biggest strain of all is the conflict with the local council.

  • Episode 3

    Sarah and Graham take time out from the restoration of the grand state rooms to focus on a playroom for the whole family as the battle with the local council reaches breaking point.

    Deep inside the woods, Sarah and Graham have ambitions for a magnificent treehouse for the children. The family also plan to celebrate their summer with a family jamboree, but in the meantime the battle with the local council comes to a head.

    In the past century, nearly 2000 country homes have been lost across the nation. Sarah and Graham believe Rise Hall could have become another casualty, had they not taken on this massive project. But faced with staggering costs and spiralling problems with the council, they are thinking the unthinkable: the fight to save Rise Hall may come to a premature end.

  • Episode 4

    Property guru Sarah Beeny and her husband and business partner Graham Swift face a whole new restoration nightmare as the love/hate relationship with their Georgian country house continues.

    Having owned Rise Hall for over 11 years they're in the middle of a massive renovation project for which they employ a strong local workforce. The couple's lengthy dispute with their local council continues and Sarah and Graham are at the end of their tethers, so much so that they are considering selling their Yorkshire home.

    In spite of their worries, the couple are determined to press on with their mammoth task and decide to tackle three bathrooms with three very different challenges. For inspiration, they visit the workshops of a manufacturer of period sanitary-ware reproductions. Here they hold one of the country's largest collections of old sanitary ware and specialise in the restoration of rare antique bathroom fittings.

    Keen to meet the people linked to Rise Hall's past, the couple also invite two members of the auxiliary territorial services who were stationed at the stately home during WWII. A local collector opens the doors of his private museum to Sarah's family and even donates a period 'thunderbox' toilet seat to the estate.

    Graham and Sarah also plan to make Rise Hall once more a hub for the community. They have been approached by a local classic car club who would like to hold their next event on their grounds. Will the first ever classic car display at Rise Hall be a success or a total washout?

  • Episode 5

    Sarah and Graham continue their rollercoaster relationship with Rise Hall as they discover the extraordinary history of one of its rooms.

    The couple take on the challenge of turning what they believe are old servants' quarters at the back of Rise Hall into a pub-themed room. An expert conservationist reveals the hidden history of the room's panelling - it's Jacobean, which means it pre-dates Rise Hall by around 200 years.

  • Episode 6

    Sarah and Graham go into overdrive preparing their dilapidated Georgian mansion for a wedding reception. There are nightmares aplenty, including a freak wasp infestation, and one last twist that could prove to be heart-breaking.

    It's been six months since Sarah Beeny and her husband and business partner Graham Swift started the second phase of Rise Hall's restoration. Their attempt to rescue the dilapidated Georgian mansion has been fraught with problems and has come at huge expense.

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare synopsis

Sarah Beeny attempts to save a near-derelict listed Georgian stately home and open it up as a luxury events venue

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