Series 1 Episode 5
First Broadcast: 8PM Tue 16 April 2013

This final edition features more problem sleepers, such as the tag-team twins giving their parents the runaround, the naughty triplets who just won't stay in bed, bedtime with a family of seven children, and the parents of five children under five trying to get them all in bed by 9pm.

As the show revisits the families, will the advice they received on the live shows have made a real difference to bedtime? Will peace have descended among all the households or will it still be pandemonium when it comes to lights out? There's also a bedtime battle of the sexes as the experts try to bust the myth that a baby's cry will wake up mum easier than dad.

And with teenagers possibly being the most sleep-deprived group of all, the show looks at whether a sleep during school can help children to learn better.

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Jake Humphrey and Professor Tanya Byron broadcast live from the homes of shattered parents across Britain, helping to get their children to sleep