Series 2 Episode 4
First Broadcast: 8PM Tue 31 July 2012

Beauty obsessed hairdresser Corinne Harrison meets teacher Simon Moore. Corinne spends up to £3000 a month on beauty treatments, has had two boob jobs and is considering a third, and liposuction.

Simon has Treacher Collins Syndrome, a condition which means his skull and jaw did not form properly in the womb, leaving him profoundly deaf.

Corinne tries to persuade Simon that her beauty regime is normal and natural. He learns why Corinne hates her nose and hair.

Then it's time for Corinne to see what it's like to live with a facial disfigurement.

Their meeting concludes with a trip to Jamaica, where Simon hopes Corinne will learn to love her Jamaican heritage and ditch her plans for more surgery.

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Series examining the extremes of discrimination, bringing together people often defined by the way they look; whether they have a facial disfigurement or an intense preoccupation with their appearance