• Pilot Episode

    Comedy-drama directed by Danny Boyle, starring Brit Marling. An American visionary sets out to revolutionise the image of London's police force just as an outbreak of violence erupts...

  • Episode 1

    Start of a six-part drama about PR and the London police force, starring James Nesbitt and Brit Marling. The force are called to help out a private security firm trying to deal with a riot.

  • Episode 2

    Eager to justify Commissioner Miller's faith in her, Liz presents her vision for Metwork: the force's very own digital news channel that will rival established outlets

  • Episode 3

    Commissioner Miller decides to give Liz and her new ideas his full backing, leaving Finn worrying about his future

  • Episode 4

    As Liz finds herself under attack for her handling of revelations relating to the Commissioner, Finn takes full advantage to sideline her and position himself as advisor to Deputy Commissioner Inglis

  • Episode 5

    Banjo reassures a nervous Robbie ahead of the internal police investigation. And there's a vacancy at the top of the force, and acting Commissioner Charles Inglis is the obvious candidate.

  • Episode 6

    In the final episode of the series, as civil unrest erupts on London's barely policed streets, Charles Inglish and Franklin go head to head in their bid for the Commissioner's post.